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  1. Gadgets

    Red Dragon 1500 Pump Replacement

    Is it the motor block or impeller. I think premium sells the motor block for $250.
  2. Gadgets

    Dosing containers - what do you use?

    I'm using the vertex libra short vessels. Beautiful construction and they look amazing.
  3. Hey! I bought that scold from you and I sold it to someone on WAMAS. I regret selling it too. :(
  4. Nice what are the all white ones called? Are they percula or occelaris?
  5. Gadgets

    300g SPS and Gigantea Anemone Tank

    Thanks for granting my request!!!!! I LOVE this tank!
  6. Gadgets

    Red Haddoni Tank. Happy New Year 2014

    I hate Flat Worms But I LOVE that Haddoni!!!!! LOL You have the healthiest Carpets I have ever seen! I wanna see an updated vid or you Gig!!! PLEASE!
  7. Gadgets

    ERC LIVE SALE 12/8

    Just get it Brad. i saw it in person the other day. the picture does it NO justice. IT IS HOT!!!!!!!
  8. Gadgets

    ERC LIVE SALE 12/8

    Wish I could of participated! I had to work today. :(
  9. What are you gonna do for lighting?
  10. Gadgets

    APEX firmware 4.30

    Hope they can get your be-8 back quickly. I'm thinking about buying another just to have in case something like that happens.
  11. Gadgets

    APEX firmware 4.30

    Awesome! I forgot to mention that mine is connected directly to my router. Glad it worked for you.
  12. Gadgets

    Power outage plans?

    Just have a vortexes battery backup hooked to MP-10s on the nano and main tank.
  13. Gadgets

    APEX firmware 4.30

    I just did the update over wifi. Worked perfectly and faster than using Ethernet. I just upgraded to the new MBP retina and the new Airport Extreme. Wifi update was a breeze. I guess they don't recommend it because it can become an issue for people without a reliable wireless connect or crappy router. You should just give it a go if you have a decent router. Hope this helps.
  14. Gadgets

    ERC LIVE SALE 12/8

    Sorry to hear bro. Hope all is well.