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  1. you're welcome Forrest. thank you for taking time to post up. enjoy!
  2. all pallets are in. tysons pick up is this sunday 09/23 at 11am if you'd like to pick up at tysons please confirm via text or PM otherwise your order will be waiting for you in silver spring. thank you!
  3. anyone near winchester or martinsburg: eric/pizzaguy who lives in winchester has very kindly offered to pick up your salt and hold at his home for your pick up convenience so place orders knowing you got another pick up that is closer to you! thank you eric!
  4. we have IO instant ocean and reef crystals 200 gallon boxes up for sale. for IO instant ocean boxes which are regularly $48, now available for only $33 each! for IO reef crystals boxes which are regularly $62, now available for only $42 each! once all boxes are in, one pick up will be scheduled for tysons corner for those interested and the remainder of folks can pick up in silver spring at their convenience with 24 hours notice. I am going to close this group buy in a little over a week, 09/16 estimated arrival date is 09/20 PM me to secure your purchase/boxes - thanks folks!
  5. absolutely ben! thanks for the post!
  6. welcome and thanks for sharing. I was following on r2r and now see you are local on here - awesome!
  7. +3 what they said. vinegar, vodka, sugar, a mix, is much easier and less maintenance than pellets and gear necessary
  8. welcome to WAMAS. let us know if you need anything!
  9. yeah the pouch feeder really doesn't work well for any of my nori eaters. with the grazer there is significant closed pressure/tension so you can put two or three sheets and shut it and there is no way to yank sheets out of the holes as it's held tight all the way around and plenty of room for natural grazing behavior from even large-mouthed messy nori eaters.
  10. have you tried the innovative marine gourmet grazer? i've never had an issue with them. my regals and achilles go bonkers for nori and not even their very feisty and unapologetic eating habits seem to be an issue for it. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/gourmet-grazer-auqa-gadget.html i have several in use and would be happy to give you one for free to try if you like. feel free to PM me if interested. thanks for the share, keep the updates coming!
  11. hey alan, any update on the dinos and params currently?
  12. thanks for sharing and hope all gets better with that concussion, sir. here it is for easier viewing.
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