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  1. If you feel confident that a tang would help then get a small one. Keep it until it gets big and then trade it in for another small one. The cost would not be terrible since you would probably get a year from the tang before you need to trade it in and really....at the end of the day how valuable is your stress relief? Maybe run a little GFO, manually remove what you can, an toss a beautiful yellow tang in there! I hear the tang police sirens in the distance but in my mind I would bend the rules to reduce my stress and stay in the hobby.
  2. Madweazl can you post a link to the bucket deal. I. Can find the boxes but I prefer the bucket. Thanks
  3. I have had my new 75 DT set up since October 18 and everything has been running pretty good. I soaked my dry rock for about 6 months before I set the tank up. I added new sand, about 40lbs of dry rock and one or two pieces of live rock from my old tank because they had coral stuck to them (see the big birdsnest in the top middle of the tank). Here goes... please be easy on me... I have only changed the water twice... once was 20 gallons around Dec 15th and then I did 10 gallons on Jan 5th. System volume is around 95 gallons. Here are todays test results: pH- 8.0 API test kit KH- 5 API test kit CA- 440 Salifert PO4- 0 Salifert PO4- 0.03 Hanna Ultra Low PO4 My system: 75 G DT Skimz UP34 Sump Vertex 180i Skimmer I run one sock and clean it under the tap about every three days I use RODI water that I make and it has had a TDS of 1 or lower since I started this tank I feed once a day and rotate between pellets, flakes and frozen daily I have one small clown, one small purple dart fish and one medium black cap basslet (basslet has only been in the tank 2 weeks). Small CUC that probably needs to be replenished soon Question is do I need to address the KH or should I leave well enough alone?. I have some KH Buffer that I used once or twice in an old tank about a year ago but I hesitate to use it since things have been stable in my tank.
  4. As weird as it sounds I get those same symptoms from brushing against my birds nest coral. But mine itch intensely for a day or two then disappear. Nothing else that I handle irritates me but if I bump that birdsnest I will be in trouble for a few days!
  5. I bought this Ricordia (?) and this SPS today at the great Black Friday sale at Supreme Reefs. Ben or other can you help me identify the exact name of these two corals? Hard to tell but the Ricordia is bright orange with a green mouth and the SPS is yellow with green hints and Ben told me it was a good starter SPS when I bought it today.
  6. wow.... ask and you shall receive.... fantastic answer madweazl!
  7. This is a rock flower that I bought at Blue Ribbon Koi last weekend. They also had about 20 awesome clams when I was there but I have no idea what s left.
  8. Mine was placed on on a small rock on the sand bed. I have a 75 gallon tank with AI Prime above each side of the tank so I dont think I have too much light going to it. It decided to crawl under the small rock I had and is half buried under the sand. I think I am going to move it to my large rock work and see if it will attached and be happy there.
  9. Reef Escape is more expensive but my understanding is that they do an in-house quarantine with copper treatment when they receive fish. You also have Supreme Reefs just off the beltway which has a very cool operation going with fish but largely focused on corals and some really high end corals. It could a little out of your way but you have Blue Ribbon Koi near Manassas and Capital Aquarium in Manassas. BRK has a great selection of fish and corals. You also have Quantum Reefs which I have only been too once a few years ago and I dont recall good or bad about that LFS. In a nut shell I really like Reef Escape and Blue Ribbon Koi for fish and I really like Supreme Reef and Blue Ribbon Koi for Corals.
  10. I bought a stunning RFA but it doesn't want to stay out an look good. It is trying to shove itself into the smallest crack it can find on the rock I placed it on. Is it normal for them to try and hide for a little while? I am hoping he ends up sitting out and showing off. Here is a pic of the one I bought!
  11. I believe brs is running a 25% off sale on them right now. That is the full extent of my knowledge of these lights...... haha
  12. So I finally moved from the 36 to my new 75 last weekend. I used new sand and mostly new pukani rock. The rock had been curing in heated circulated trash cans since march 26th so I hope to avoid any extra cycle problems. I moved my corals and fish and some rock to bins and filled them with the old tank water and threw in a heater and pump. Broke down the old tank and set up the new. I had about 75 gallons of newly made saltwater heated and ready to go. I put the cured rock in, 40 lbs of new sand ( no old sand transferred)and filled the tank with water. I put some old rock (only about 5-7 lbs of old rock) and returned my corals and fish to theDT. I used the old tank water to fill my sump (I was careful to match salinity and temp). Turned the system on and it has been running great. Everyone seems happy and about two days ago I started getting the brown diatoms on the clean rock surfaces. I am hoping this is caused by the new sand. I am sure the diatoms will be gone in a week or two but I have anxiety about what other nuicence algae blooms I am gonna have to deal with!
  13. Here is the thing. As I unscrew the cap the water begins to flow out since the plunger is in the down position. If I were to unscrew it and grab the plunger the event would already be over as the returns would have drained out the side with the cap...and a gallon of water with be on the floor. I think the shop vac is the way to go here. Hopefully I get enough time to try it today.
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