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  1. On the right side, that is a 2” flex PVC. It leads to a flow sensor and the. Up to a split where I run 2 1” pipes for the return. I really like flex pvc. It is much more forgiving than solid pvc in terms of how carefully you have to make all the angles and connections, since it can just bend.
  2. My wife would really like that tank. In some ways she misses the nano. Yours is packed and looking great!
  3. I had a few setbacks. The first is the most devastating. My yellow belly regal died. I’m not entirely sure what happened here. He didn’t eat as vigorously. Maybe because my other fish are just too aggressive at feeding time. So I upped the frozen clams to twice a day. I didn’t think he was skinny at all, but I found him one morning not coming out for food and he got worse and I lost him by that night [emoji22] The other setback was that my phosphates bottomed out and hit 0 despite feeding tons of frozen food twice a day. I made the mistake of increasing the fuge light an extra hour or so of runtime and it really just eats nutrients like crazy. That caused a tiny bit of dinos to pop up, which caused my first STN event in this tank. I lost a PC Superman, which kept falling and getting blown around, and a few small frags are really questionable right now. Everything else is recovering after a calculated dose of trisodium phosphate. Here’s the nutrient destroyer.
  4. I’ve had a few questions now about the box from various folks. Here’s a picture that might help. It runs to an IO port, like a breakout box would, but there’s no need for a breakout box since the switches are already integrated. I’ve been using it quite a bit in the last week. I really enjoy having these physical buttons.
  5. There’s already Alexa integration for Apex. I don’t really want to run Alexa or Google in my home.
  6. Are you sure you don’t want a refugium or live rock section? Also, I know you don’t care about them that much, but 2 7” socks are going to clog up really quickly. I use 2 7” mesh socks and they last maybe 3 days before they start overflowing.
  7. No. 3D printing seems like something I would like. If I had the time and energy for another hobby. They are buttons wired to the IO port on one of my Apex Neptune PM1 modules. I have the buttons programmed to do certain actions. Like shutting off flow pumps, skimmer, return, etc. The toggle switches are set to turn things on and off until they are flipped back. The momentary buttons are used to start timers for things like feed timers. If anyone wants contact info, LMK. It was $65.
  8. Fish pics, because my corals are too small to be interesting. This guy is looking great! But he is bullying my rhomboid into hiding [emoji36]
  9. A few things. I wouldn’t run the biopellets unless you have a crazy high bio load. Mine sits in a box these days. Skimmer and Refugio’s are more than sufficient for me, without overstripping the water. Your main pump is a little undersized. I know it says 1400 GPH, but after head loss and if you are trying to power a manifold for the reactors, you may be much lower. Shoot for at least 300-400 gph through the sump. Also that MJ pump might be annoying. They aren’t quiet compared to your other pumps. Or is that only for mixing?
  10. I’m a big fan of the cut rocks. I suggest watching the BRS series on YouTube. In particular, I think they discuss aquascaping in the WWC and BRS method series. Here’s my latest. I have some of those double cut rocks. They’re from Marco Rocks, but BRS stocks a ton of it. You can tell which pieces they are. Pretty flat, and super easy to drill for frag plugs. Love it! Start a build thread as suggested. Put a piece of cardboard down the size of the inside of your tank and start putting rocks together. We can offer some advice.
  11. I know! I’m really excited about my acros. The ones that have been in longest are really starting to color up nicely.
  12. Re-scaped pics Left side Center Right Other random pics From the left side down the tank
  13. Re-scaped. I have a lot more places for coral now. Up close with my rhomboid Tough to see, but I added floating shelves. The overall look was definitely inspired by [uSER=31993]@d2mini[/uSER] Here’s a brighter picture
  14. Thanks! It was a giant mess before. Half the room is also our storage room for the house. My stuff had spread to the other side and vice versa. I’m hoping it will stay organized now.
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