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  1. Picking up some hydra26hd’s for my Redsea Reefer. Does anyone have there light schedule that is or Will successful for a mixed reef?
  2. I just have a question regarding the color you guys run on your Kessils. I have the color topping out at 40 now as I prefer the blue look. But I’m wondering if I should go more white. My colors have just been moved to my new tank, which is why they aren’t opening all the way. But I was running 50 color before. Just wondering if that could be why. Thanks for the info.
  3. Just an update on the Nano. I have since added the clown that I had and pick up a new one from HOT for her to have a buddy. I also moved the corals and some sand and marine pure to cycle the tank. I have yet to run the reactor, as the tank has had no trace of phosphates. The only thing I have not moved over is my CUC. Should I add them now, or wait till the tank starts to have some algae? Only thing let on the build is to finish making a control panel for the spectral and Mp10 controller.
  4. I’ll take one of the 2 headed hammers if still available. 

  5. Awesome, I’d love to see pictures for inspiration.
  6. Hi All, So as my wife and I and slowly doing renovations to the house, I had to shut down my Reefer 350 for the floors and paint to be finished in the living room, I am moving my livestock to a Nuvo as the tank was relatively young about 8 months. Equipment: Tank: Nuvo 20 Stand: Homemade Skimmer: Ghost DC skimmer Reactor: IM Minimax running GFO Heater: Cobalt Neotherm 100watt Powerhead: Vortech Mp10 Qd the plan is to tank a cup of sand from the old tank and a rock and some marine pure for to start the tank and move the clowns and coral over next Wed when the heater comes in from BRS. Here are are a few pics of stand and tank. Plan on making my first meeting Saturday and meeting many of you. Also im open to any recommendations and help along the way as a novice Reefer.
  7. Thanks fro all your Info. I plan to get another eventually. Right now I'm just trying to get everything dialed in. I don't have a ton of corals in my current setup. but it will look like much less in the system haha
  8. Just Curious how you like the Ice Cap Gyre. I am thinking of getting either the Maxspect or Ice Cap. Is yours loud at all?
  9. I’m upgrading to a 4ft tank and want to get a new power head. I’m torn between the Gyre and MP40. Tank will be a mixed reef. I heard great things from both. I like the look of the Gyre but heard noise complaints. This tank going into the living room noise is a big factor but i awesome want it look good and function well. I’m looking and only getting one to start and possibly another later.
  10. So I just pulled the trigger to upgrade my Red Sea Reefer to a 425xl I plan to use the rocks that I have but also buy 50lbs more. My question is I’d like to go with a 2-3 island effect in the reef. I have one island already epoxied and I love it so I’ll move that over. I am buy dry rock. Is it possible that I i deconstruct my other island add some new rock to it, and build it outside of the tank that I will still have enough beneficial bacteria or will that rock drying out cause a mini cycle. I have a block of marine pure. I’m just wondering if I can build it outside the tank, or if I should try to construct it with saltwater in the tank to not not lose any beneficial bacteria. 250 is about 6 months old.
  11. So I'm planning the build for the larger Red sea Reefer, and I'm considering getting my feet wet w/ an aquarium controller. Possibly either the apex classic or the jr. Just want to see if any of you use one and think if I'd be happy with the jr, or will need to upgrade? I have currently have and will be using the Kessil 360we's and spectral controller, so I feel that the apex will be used for pump, powerheads, heater, possibly doser, etc. If you do use, what do you find to be the best features of the apex
  12. Also with moving all rocks and some sand, and a marine pure block i should not go through cycle correct?
  13. Awesome thanks for the advice, I’m going to be pulling the trigger, the 350 is 93gallon volume, my plan is to keep my skimmer: Deltec 1351 and 2 kessil a360we. I know I’ll need a bigger pump. Do you think the skimmer will be enough for that tank?
  14. That’s not to bad, do I use any of the old water? Or make new saltwater? Can I move the rocks and run the old tank with no rocks for a day or so?
  15. i am considering purchase a new tank, moving from a Red Sea Reefer 250 to 350 because the I got the okay from the wife to move tank and we have the perfect spot for a 4ft tank. Before I spend the money and buy the tank. Is there a theard on moving livestock rocks etc? I’d like to get the bigger tank, but I’m very hesitant with moving the live stock. I plan to use the same lights on the tank and all the rocks. Just looking to see how hard the process is?
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