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  1. I also had a great experience with Laurel Glass and Mirror. Great price and everything was cut exactly to my specs. I used 1/4” for my baffles.
  2. The 3152 does not have the electronic eye, it only has a float switch. The pump is supposed to stop running after a specified period of time though, so it sounds like a problem with the controller. I would reach out to Roger Vitko through the Tunze sponsor section on Reef Central or Reef2Reef. Roger is very helpful and will take care of you.
  3. I have an orange oscellaris that was hosting in BTAs for 6+ years in an older tank. The last year was after its mate had died. Then I transferred everything to a new tank 2 years ago and added a black & white as a new mate a couple months later. It took a year for the orange to go into the BTAs in the new tank even though they were the same BTAs it was hosting in the other tank. Now the orange is hosting for the last year but the B&W still won’t go into the BTAs after almost 2 years. They hang out together all day and then sleep separately at night; orange in the BTAs and B&W in the corner.
  4. I have that feeder too. I liked that you can put exactly the amount of food you want for each feeding. What I didn’t like was that it requires an air pump be attached to it to keep the food dry. The one time I used it without an air pump, the food got too moist and stuck to the feeder tray. The Eheim has a built in fan that runs during each feeding.
  5. As others have mentioned, the Eheim works well. Like epleeds, I had to block off part of the hole so less pellets would come out. A simple piece of tape did the trick. For larger tanks with a lot of fish, it shouldn’t be a problem, but I have a 30 Gal with several smaller fish. Due to having a rimless tank with a screen top, I couldn’t use the included mounting bracket. So I made a custom mount out of scrap pieces of acrylic I had laying around. I also use a feeding ring so the pellets have time to sink instead of going down the overflow. Definitely recommend setting it up several days in advance and monitoring it before you leave like others have suggested.
  6. There are a couple of threads in Randy Holmes-Farley’s reef chemistry forum on R2R asking about this. Randy says it doesn’t matter and that the bottle in question is just a dye. Others said they got different results depending on whether they used 2 or 4 drops. I would try each kit based on the instructions included with each specific kit and see if the results are the same or different.
  7. Saw this article today and thought I’d share. https://m.phys.org/news/2018-03-ultra-thin-sun-shield-great-barrier.html
  8. I’ve never purchased these from BRS, so I can’t say for sure what the price used to be for the 1 gallon container. But the clearance section of their website shows $14 as the clearance price and $20 as the old regular price. Then you are comparing the bulk clearance price of the old product to the price of the pre-portioned mix to make 1 gallon of mixture, which is $7. It would be more fair compare to the new 7 pound bag, which costs $23 and makes the same amount of mixture as the old 1 gallon container. So for the equivalent amount of product, the regular price went from $20 to $23, a 15% increase. Your description above makes it sound like they tripled the price. Disclaimer: I do not work for BRS and have never purchased that product. So I don’t know if the 1 gallon container was commonly available for $14. But even if it was, comparing same size containers would be a 64% increase, not 200+%.
  9. Try directing the flow to hit the anemone from the side rather than head on if you can. Flow is the only thing that’s ever worked for me. I’ve seen suggestions of putting ice in a ziplock bag and holding it against the foot or base, but that didn’t work for me. Ice melted before the anemone released.
  10. Are you directing the flow at the foot or are you pummeling the whole anemone? I’ve always had the best success directing the flow at the foot to encourage them to move. Then you have to grab them while they are on the move. I’ve always gotten mine to move within a day or two, but my last one took about two weeks. That one was stubborn.
  11. I like my tail spot blenny because he looks comical. I also enjoy my yellow watchman goby. He is the keeper of the cave along with his buddy the serpent star. He also doesn’t stir things up much at all.
  12. I use OXO brand silicon dish mat. You can get it at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. Saw it in a BRS video. I think BRS sells it as well.
  13. Yes, I was a little nervous when I saw him hovering over the goby in the first pic. I watched closely for a few days and the goby seemed hang out under the serpent star quite often. The second pic in the cave was a week later and they seemed quite cozy. They've been together over four years now, so the serpent star has had plenty of opportunity to attack if wanted to. Those pics were from December and they are still best buds.
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