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  1. I recently build a 2x4 stand for a 40 gallon breeder as well and used that template as a starting point, however I used less vertical 2x4 as I thought it was overbuilt. With that said, the 40 gallon breeders have an external frame that bears all the weight, and I believe you need to have that black frame sitting on the stand rails and supported by the vertical legs of the stand. I would not want to build the support at 44 x 22, cover it with plywood, and place the tank in he middle. As that template is drawn up, the wood carries the full weight of the tank, the fasteners just hold the wood in place, I would encourage a similar design.
  2. I would assume within 10 or 15 minutes. Most people have 20x flow per hour at a minimum, which would turn the tank over once every 3 minutes.
  3. Also new to the hobby and wondering about the ricordea coral, do they become a nuisance like blue and pink mushrooms?
  4. That is what I was thinking as well, enough volume to hopefully be stable, but no so big as to be overwhelming. Still trying to pick out a stock list, thinking clown fish, pink streaked wrasse, not really sure what else. Would appreciate some suggestions.
  5. I am going to put IKEA cabinet doors on the tall part of the stand, I have my ato container on the bottom, middle shelf is apex and electronics, top shelf is random fish supplies. I will cover the sump portion with the same doors, but use magnets instead. Overflow and return were drilled, using eshopps eclipse small overflow, was easy to set up but it a little louder than i anticipated. Tanks is set up as a peninsula, on one side is my desk and monitors, the other side is a reading area. YHSublime, I picked up the live rock from you, thanks again!
  6. I have two a360s, waiting on mounts.
  7. Wanted to share my tank build and keep a diary of my progression in the hobby. This is my first marine tank and I am looking forward to learning more. The display tank is a 40 gallon breeder with a 20 gallon long sump. Everything is DIY, my helper is in some of the photos, so that includes building the stand, drilling the tank, building the sump, and plumbing everything up. First water was last weekend, now cycling the tank and waiting. Cutting and building: As it sits now, planning on using Ikea cabinet doors to skin the frame and cover the bottom trim. Also waiting on Apex to clean up the wiring and associated equipment. Quite a process, one at times I wish I had not started, but now very much looking forward to filling with coral.
  8. Circling back on this, picked up the glass today and want to put in a good word for Laurel Glass and Mirror.
  9. Alright, finally found a place that would do it for ~$10 per piece. I'm going with glass. FYI, I'm using Laurel Glass and Mirror.
  10. Do you remember how thick the acrylic was?
  11. I need to purchase some glass for baffles in a sump. My research has indicated that most people use 1/4 inch plate glass, however I am finding it hard to source this at a reasonable cost. One place quoted my $80 for three pieces of glass cut to 11/5x8 inches. Another quoted me $40 for a single piece at 12x 36 inches. Does anyone have a source for 1/4 plate glass, either cut or as a sheet? Are there other options besides 1/4 plate for sump baffles?
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