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  1. you might call john at blue ribbon koi. they specialize in ponds and saltwater. and dabbled in freshwater for at least a while. i assume the pool sand is a filter media likely also used in koi ponds since large koi ponds use similar filtration setups to pools...
  2. never seen someone with a candy basslet. let's see a.pic of that! glws
  3. Purple Torch looks exactly like that. Except I'm not sure ive seen a "wall" style purple torch, just branching.
  4. Interesting history of public aquaria with a lens of conservation. Not all points are well-defended, but I found it an informative read. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2019/04/new-aquariums-struggle-to-succeed/587938/
  5. Thats such a boring non-PaulB fish. That money must be burning a hole in yoyr pocket. What was the coral?
  6. No! Everyone stop with the advice. OP just.wants to rant... You made the right decision.
  7. Interesting...Hard to see what's going on in the pic
  8. Anyone else feel like we have too many pinned threads in the general discussion? Seems odd to have to scroll half way down the page on my phone every time to see the new content. Many are 5+ years old and have several pages of posts for a few good nuggets of reference material (that are discoverable via a topical search).
  9. I used to buy the 1 foot squares of tavertine because they were essentially 144 1 inch squares or 36 2" squares for $15. And they had some color to them. Leave them sit in a bucket of water with a heater for a few days and the glue comes right off. The squares are thick and heavy which was nice for taller frags.
  10. So are you still pursuing this? The dates on the pics are all from ~5+ yrs ago. Kinda confused on the storyline. You mention not good roi...was that more at first or now too? Seems like you are rescuing pretty rough stuff. Do you just offer to take them from stores with any purchase or offer $5 or something? For every one of these successes in 2013 were there 25 losses? Is it 10:1 now? Saving any one of those corals is worth celebrating. And your tips make a lot of sense. Trying to understand the broader context/journey. Thanks.
  11. Great writeup. Thanks so much for re-posting. Still happy with it? Did you get anything else with it (stand, plig n play package, etc)? Anyone have experience with their skimmers? I am looking at one of their plug n play systems on Amazon.
  12. Would love to read madweazls review but link says members only. Shouldn't it be in vendor reviews?
  13. The plants are way more interesting looking than i imagined. Now I understand why you wanted to give this a shot. Cool experimemt. Hope it works. What are you using for light for the plants?
  14. Oho no! Murphy's law always seems to strike with the worst timing when it comes to reef tanks. Hope it doesn't smell like low tide for your company. Keep us posted.
  15. Does "sand mode" let any air out of the tires?
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