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  1. I have babies every month or two with my pair. Haven't tried raising them anymore though since they are always so hard to catch. I got a couple of long spine urchins hoping they would be easier to corral if they are in them but theres only one this go around inside the urchin. And 2 hosting in a sebae of all places that's doing its periodic deflation. https://youtu.be/bk2XA3ib9NE
  2. No worries. I was told by the manager which has been a long time friend when I questioned why the new 40 breeder we picked up had a noticeable wobble when placed on a very level stand. Out of curiosity I asked a fish room person at another chain store and was told they do the same. I have photos of a frag tank I ordered from a local shop with a horrible silicone and alignment job from Deep Blue that I had replaced. Seconds do get sent out from manufacturers and they do get sold to people that don't know better, don't care, or don't pay attention. Sometimes at full price and sometimes at $1 per gallon. That's the only reason I suggested people pay very close attention to these tanks. Especially larger ones. Even 20 gallons is a lot of water to come home to all over the floor.
  3. I wasn't trying to convince anyone of anything. It's great you have such firm belief in honest business practices with regards to chain pet supply stores.
  4. Pay close attention to the silicon, glass alignment, and squareness on these tanks when you see them for $1 per gallon. I've heard from both petco and petsmart employees these tanks are "seconds" from manufacturing and the $1 per gallon sale is how they get rid of them.
  5. Nice. I didn't like the black storms too much when I first saw the "press release" for them but they are growing on me.
  6. Nice looking clowns! Surely we can't be the only proud clown papa's and mama's. Come on folks. Lets see those clowns!
  7. Figure these type of threads are always fun so... Here's a pair I've had for a while. Female is a "blacker ice" I got from John at Blue Ribbon Koi and the male is a "frostbite" I picked up at Tiki Corals in Richmond.
  8. I have one of those UFO lights like posted above from Ebay and they do work very well for growing cheato.
  9. I've never had any trouble out of the ones I've kept. Even the pair I had for a few years were model citizens.
  10. The tank is coming along pretty well. I have added some corals, gorgonians, and inverts as well as have all of the fish besides a couple new additions in QT. The coralline algae is filling in nicely since the last shot. Once the coralline covers everything it won't matter but after installing some of this nice black background material I had to a future shrimp tank for my girlfriend today I'm kicking myself for not putting it on the display and frag tank.
  11. That looks like brooklynella to me also. It's pretty bad. I've had about a 50/50 success rate on treating fish with it in the past the rare times I've gotten it. It's the sole reason I have a QT tank now after years without one. I had some success using Rid Ich Plus initially followed up with metroplex. Honestly I could have just gotten lucky though. Good luck! http://chucksaddiction.thefishestate.net/disease.html
  12. I bought a IceCap ATO from bulk reef supply for my current tank and I have to say I like it. No more float switches and the sensors are easy to clean.
  13. I have used this in the past when trying to get rid of dictoya. Worked great. https://www.apifishcare.com/product.php?id=609#.W4KXnHMpAwA
  14. Display - 120 gallon Marineland Reef Ready (48"x24"x24") - (2) MP40wQD for water movement - ATI Dimmable Sunpower 8x54 watt (2) aquablue special, (3) blue plus, (1) coral plus, (1) purple plus, (1) true actinic Frag - Deep Blue 30 Rimless Reef Ready (24"x24"x12") - (1) MP10wQD for water movement - ATI Dimmable Sunpower 4x24 watt (1) aquablue special, (1) blue plus, (1) coral plus, (1) true actinic Sump - IceCap 48XL Reef Sump - Reef Octopus Classic 202-S protein skimmer - Grey Seas Aquatics Kalk Stirrer - Sicce Silent 4.0 Pump (display return) - Sicce Silent 3.0 Pump (frag return) - Sicce Silent 1.5 Pump (feeds UV sterilizer and discharges into refugium) - Coralife Turbo Twist 6X Ultraviolet Sterilizer - (2) 250 watt Eheim Jager Heaters - 150W UFO LED Grow Light (over chaeto and caulerpa in refugium section of sump) - IceCap Auto Top Off Controller - Reefkeeper Lite
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