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  1. You will have to find the source of the metals in the water. Once you remove it you will need to do a big water change to bring them down. Also, using GFO without a good understanding of your tank needs, will drive everything else out of control and nuke your tank. Your Kalk will help you maintain pH while keeping calcium and alk stable (just dose it all at once, use it as you re-fill evaporation).
  2. Tahitian moon sand... you can ask me anything about it lol, you can take a look at my post: Simply put, take the sand out of your tank and do a 100% water change (please read my post above). The corals that survived didn't have any growth in 10 months... after removing it everything is growing fast!
  3. I would use the the shotglass idea.. but it will take time!
  4. Wow, long time I do not post new pictures! Here are some that I took today 😊. enjoy
  5. Dont go for zero phosphate or zero nitrates... it's even worse.
  6. Awesome!!! Here are some pics. Do you think the UV can be used in an IM fusion 40?
  7. Yes. My tank is low in nutrients and Ive been using carbon dosing too. Ive been dosing nitrates as well, but looks like I need to do some adjustments. Great! There are some articles in the Reef2Reef forum that may help identify them if you can take some pics. Where are you located?
  8. Hey guys, looks like I will never enjoy my little reef 😂. Apparently I have dinos and they are now getting over my birdnest. Anyone with a microscope that can help me identify the type of dinos? Alexandria VA.
  9. Tiger pods are not the best. They do not reproduce when they reach certain population number and the form they swim, they will be gone in seconds in a DT.
  10. Got another pics today and I think it is covering the lower edge now. Looks different since somehow I changed my old white balance settings.
  11. Whats the calcium and magnesium levels?
  12. Hi, I got this nice frag from the last meeting and I am not sure if I am going crazy, but I took this photo 2 days apart and see some growth!
  13. I was the Avast gift certificate winner at the latest WAMAS meeting. I just placed my order! Thanks for being a WAMAS sponsor.
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