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  1. They do ship corals from OZ. They are, in my experience, more expensive than corals shipped from other locations. At the wholesale level they tend to put restrictions on some pieces ie. to buy a single aussie gold torch you must by 6 green torches etc etc. I would expect something labeled "Aussie" would be more expensive in a retail setting. Is the piece really from OZ? How much do you trust the seller. I have never purchased a coral just because it had "aussie" in front of it. When I make a purchase I look at health/color/seller etc. I also always ask how long have you had the coral. Personally I am not interested in buying anything from a retailer that "just came in". No matter how nice the piece, the risk of the coral dying, not to mention pests and eggs, is much higher than buying a piece that has been tanked or farmed in an aquarium for a long period of time. PM me if you are looking for nicer leathers/Zoas/shrooms at way better prices than what I just saw on the site mentioned above. The most recent softy added to my tanks was 9 months ago. All The rest have been thriving for years in my system....
  2. Goni's are very aggressive, Duncans are not. It is most likely already an issue, I would move one.
  3. I would just raise it through water changes, esp since you don't have a lot of corals, Test your new water and make sure the ALK is > 140 ppm. your alk will rise with the changes. Maybe do an extra change every week to raise it. Good luck.
  4. How big is your tank? Do you dose 2-part?
  5. 90 ppm is low ( about 5.01DKH) normal range in ppm is 145->155 (8.1-8.6 DKH). You should be able to safely raise it .5->1.0 DKH daily 10->19 ppm. I would be concerned with your tank temperature, 86 seems really high IMO. I run my tank at 77-78. At 82 my lights will shut off for 30 mins. I would monitor your ALK everyday for a week and see how much your tank is using on average per day and adjust your dosing.
  6. I see greens and reds on mine when they are about the size of dime. Red comes first, then green on mine.
  7. Weld-on 16 is the thicker version. Hard to tell the gap? You could also use a thin piece of acrylic to cover the gap. I have use both methods with good results.
  8. Looks like serpent star to me
  9. I used PVC glue. seams to hold very well.
  10. No worries, when you are ready i'm sure I can fill your tank with frag and colonies...
  11. I'm not a store, but I usually have between 200-300 hundred frags ready to go. At a brunch until 2pm. Located in Leesburg, PM or text 7032440849 to schedule an appt. I have 2 others coming at between 7-8pm so anytime between 2:30 and 7 works for me.
  12. Does anyone know if PVC sheets in HD are reef safe? I was thinking of building a scrubber out of some pieces I have left over from some other projects.
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