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  1. Thanks Tom, im going to go this route based on what you say and my preliminary thoughts of trying just that. The system is 1500 gallons (reef) so there is a lot to lose if a mistake is made. Appreciate it Tom! btw: thank you everyone who replied with their experiences and suggestions on a method of getting this done. Very much appreciated.
  2. Your experience is what I had but lost more fish and rose anenomes. I’m thinking of doing a lower dose and leaving skimmer on but very low.
  3. I’ve had bad luck using red slime removers in reef tanks where I have killed anenomes and some fish despite using the product as directed. I’ve heard Anti-red is better to use and apparently there is one made by Sera and one made by Aqua Medic. It was also told to me that these products claim to leave skimmer on while in use. Anybody with any experience with these products on a heavily stocked reef tsnk?
  4. Congratulations! Get great use out of it!
  5. I’m still so confused with the different tanks your asking about. Sent email for you to call us. 410-703-5383
  6. Platinum Sponsor I am bringing frag tanks Sunday for the meeting. If you have anything below that has your interest PM me by tomorrow 3pm. 20x20x6” $180 20x24x6” $190 20x20x8” $200 20x24x8” $220 18x18x6” $175 16x16x6” $160 They are an all in one configuration with an overflow and return area for 1/2” bulkhead. Some have clear bottoms and some havehave black bottoms. Black frag racks included. They are framed in 3/4” and 1” material in some cases. I’m only bringing a couple so let me know what you want. You can call me as well 410-703-5383
  7. NAGA

    New sump

    Take a look at our website
  8. Really would like to get this sold. Tank and steel stand no scratches.
  9. Thanks Rob. Your right it would be.
  10. We build steel stands. Email us for a quote
  11. SpectraPure liter meter 3. $50 Dolphin 5000 gph diamond series pump $250 Dolphin 4000gph diamond series pump used 2months $200 Tunze 6205 powerhead $200 H&S calcium reactor big one $150 Kessil 350W pendants $175 each. 8 available with goosenecks. Sump 48x20x18” new have pics I can text to you $350 reg $500
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