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  1. I will check if the salt sale is coming up soon but its typically during the spring and fall when the salt gets marked down
  2. They are flat bottomed where the aussies are a cone bottom, similar to a funnel
  3. Elegance over the years have really received a bad name due to the Indonesian ones. The Aussie Elegance are very hardy and thrive in captivity compared to their counterparts from Indo. The easiest way to tell is by the skeletal structure on the bottom. The Aussie Elegance has a distinct cone bottom and be sure you only purchase one of those if you do indeed get an elegance. Let me know if you have any additional questions as I'd be more than happy to assist.
  4. I finished up my masters degree and took a full time IT position with a gov't contractor and the last few months were quite hectic. I am finally settling in to everything and can start devoting more time back to the business now. I really was looking forward to macna, especially being so close and not having to travel far like we did last year with Denver but with the new job I couldn't pull the week off for macna and sold both our booths. You will start seeing plenty of corals popping back up on the site and here on wamas in the coming weeks!
  5. Hey Ashley, I'm in the process of moving everything to a new set of systems so I have not posted much up recently. The new systems are almost done cycling and once completed I will begin posting stuff up for sale on the site and having individuals out again. It should not be more than another 2 weeks or so. In the meantime, if there is something specific you are interested please send me a pm or feel free to give me a call. Thanks, Richard
  6. Sorry guys, have not got a chance to put anything up in a while. If you are looking for anything specific please feel free to shoot us a pm.
  7. We have some great Rock Nems in stock and available for Pick Up at the meeting. They are about the size of a Baseball and great coloration! Red's- $40 Greens- $30 Zebras- $25 Limited # available so if you would like to reserve some for pick up at the meeting please post up in the thread!
  8. Stop by and say hello! We have a booth at the show. Its going to be fantastic!
  9. We just uploaded over 200 new pieces to the site. A great mix of frags and colonies. $20 Flat Rate Shipping on all orders, free shipping over $150 7 Day Guarantee on all orders! Everything is priced on the site www.exoticreefcreations.com
  10. We just added some scolys to the site last night! 7 day guarantee on all livestock! Exotic Reef Creations Master Scoly $750 Shipped Orange with Gold Center $375 Shipped Unique Bleeding Apple Scoly $225 Shipped Mini Warpaint Scoly $145 Baby Blue Streak Scoly $165 Shipped
  11. Happy St. Patricks Day! Over 100 New Pieces Added To The Site! $20 Flat Rate Shipping Cont. U.S. Free Shipping on all orders over $150! Use Code STPAT20 to take an additional 20% off your order as well! www.exoticreefcreations.com
  12. If you see them for $25 don't think twice about grabbing them up. Most of those crazy st.Thomas mushrooms are fetching $300-$400 per mushroom.
  13. Very excited to see this coming together, can't wait for more pics!
  14. Red Mushroom Colony $60 Zoanthid Mini Colony 2 1/2" $40 Zoanthid Mini Colony 2" $50 Zoanthids 1" $50 Yellow Green Zoas $25 Yellow/Golden palys $35 Zoanthid Colony 3" $50 Zoanthid Colony 3" $65 Zoanthid Colony 3 1/2" $70 Zoanthid Colony 5" $90 Pastel Wellso 4" $175 Wellso 4" $120
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