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  1. Oh, I got this! External canister filter with tubes going way too deep into the tank. Fitting popped off the canister in the middle of the night. Wife woke to “sucking “ sounds. Came down and stepped (splashed) into water. Siphoned 110 gallons of saltwater on the second floor of the townhouse. Two floors of carpet, drywall and ceilings, AND went into the ductwork and had saltwater pouring out the furnace! A good $18k-$20k worth of damage. Thank goodness for USAA. And yes, the fish did live in the inch of water they were down to. Corals, not so much. Oh, and in the new house 8 have had enough salted moisture in the fish room that had pitted the (supposed) stainless steel gas lines causing them to leak lots of propane into the basement. What we put up with for the addiction....,
  2. Sorry I couldn't make it out this year. Looks like I missed a good one. Stupid children getting in the way of my hobbies.... Doug.
  3. can also shave off the frozen cubes for smaller mouths if needed. Brine are pretty easy, don't fear. Thanks for keeping up updated. Be happy to buy some from you when the time comes.
  4. Added a few more inhabitants today. 2 clowns. six line, and blood red shrimp. I need to fix the login so the school can begin posting these themselves and as questions. Eric, I will hit you up at some point when down that way. If ever up towards P-ville, let me know. Thank you very much for the offer!
  5. dbartco

    Ported Pics for dbartco

    These are pics ported over from old system
  6. natural gas or propane? Look a connections. They say stainless steel tubing, but it can rust and get pinholes. I found that out....
  7. The tank at Cedar Lane Elementary is back! The tank spent a number of years at Cedar Lane in Ashburn, then was moved to Emerick Elementary in Purcellville, and is now back in the Cedar Lane Library. It was requested back by the Principal, especially for the autism and special needs students that LOVE spending time in front of it. And, after many years of persuasion, my wife has agreed to take on some of the maintenance and care (She is much more meticulous than I, so this should be a good thing!). Maybe some reefkeeping after some 20 years has rubbed off! Tank is a ~60 gallon 36x18x20. Lighting is 4x24W T5, ~15 gallon sump, Mag 5 return on a (broken) sea swirl. There is not currently a skimmer on the system, but trying to wrangle a small footprint cone skimmer for it. I had not run skimmers on it in the past, but the wife will know how to deal with it should a problem arise. There is a hang on filter that us mostly used for carbon clearing of organics from the water. have another Maxijet propeller on there for circulation. EboJager heater. Current stock list: tiny sailfin tang, matted file fish, coral beauty, serpent star, pencil urchin Corals : purple mushrooms, gorgonian, looking for softies Possibly coming soon: Nemo's - (there just has to be!), maybe a royal gramma or something, Hate begging, but always looking for donations... There is a growing brochure book on the front of the tank with laminated color pictures of inhabitants, fish specs, care requirements, and map of region, Rocks are not aquascaped as well as we originally placed because of an evil damsel I put in there that needed to be fished out We're looking forward to Q&A on this forum!
  8. i''l also offer some advice. I like doing the donut thing with large corals. Leave some of the top. I have cut the entire capitulum off smaller ones, and the stalk seems to recover fine. But with large ones, I have sometimes had the stalks wither away. I don't think they get enough nourishment or something when that happens. The top capitulum itself always seems to do fine.
  9. I will be glad to take some pieces if you have extra. I will be reintroducing a school tank at Cedar Lane Elementary, and will be looking for some donations again. The amount of care at the previous school was "lacking", so my wife now took up the task to put it in a new (old) school, after many years of me prodding!
  10. 3 cheers to reefaddict!!! Great job. Way to beat up on Dave!!!! and I guess some appreciation for the lights too....
  11. All too often, we only see the "thank you's" right after our meetings, then sit 3 months until the next one. Thought I needed to wait to post up my sincere THANKS to BRK for sposnsoring the club a little later this time. I was the recipient of many BRK gift certificates donated at this year's Fragfest. Got some beautiful ricordias. Lets hope we have them as a resource to us for many more. Much appreciated John. Doug
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