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  1. One week away! We’ve got some really nice corals on tap for this years event.
  2. Hi first contact, Entrance is free for paid CMAS members but there will be some reduced cost frags for CMAS members. We are still working out the prices, but they are usually low sps for $15-$20 depending on the size and number of frags we can get out of each colony.
  3. Your Welcome, hopefully we see you guys there.
  4. Hi All, In response to the many questions we have received about the CMAS Frag Fest, here are the details of how it works. The Frag Fest is a fundraiser for CMAS and the proceeds are used to fund our website, and other events we hold during the year. A paid CMAS membership is required for reduced admission. WAMAS members and the public pay the higher price. Everyone in attendance receives the same great prices on the fragged colonies. The club purchases some great looking colonies directly from the source about a month in advance. There is a mixture of SPS, LPS, Zoas, Mushrooms and other softies. This year’s selections came from Kupang, Indonesia and Vietnam. The corals are held several weeks to allow them to acclimate. The Day of: · Upon entrance to the Frag Fest, attendees are given a group letter and and a sequence number within that group. For example, the first person in line will be group A - #1, then group A - #2, etc. Further down the line Group B will start and the sequence within that group will start over. This grouping allows the “first choice” group to be rotated through the day. · Everyone will be given a list of colonies to be fragged for the event, and prices. Use this list to decide in advance which frags you are interested in. · Once it appears everyone has signed in, a poll is taken for a count of frags desired from each colony. Initially ONE frag of each colony is an attempt to allow ALL attendees the opportunity to purchase a frag from that colony. · Frags size is dependent upon size of the colony, and demand. · Attendees will be called up to select frags by group and order number with that group. · The order in which groups are called up with be rotated to allow each group to have the opportunity to make first choice. For example, group A will be called up first for the first colony. Group B will be called for the second colony, and so on in rotation throughout the day. · While groups are called to the table, members chat amongst themselves and enjoy refreshments. · Payment can be made whenever you are done for the day. New for this year: · There will be a silent auction for some choice LPS corals that don’t take kindly to fragging, and some donated aquarium starter kits. · Paid CMAS members can choose from a selection of $1.00 frags, limit 5 per customer. None of these are the corals that are being fragged at the event. · There WILL NOT be an end of the day “Fire Sale” to clear out the leftover corals. · The event will be at the John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL) as in the past, but the building is different. Please check the map.
  5. A few of the corals that will be fragged up this plus a few that will be for a Silent Action.
  6. Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society (CMAS) 2018 FRAG FEST! Check out the flyer for details or our website at: http://www.cmas-md.org/forum/cmas-events/20837-frag-fest-2018-saturday-february-24th-1-4-pm
  7. Awesome I hope to see you guys there. Raffle prizes are going to be pretty sweet as well, RO/DI system, Algae barn stuff, gift cards and coral frags from the vendors.
  8. These are the confirmed Vendors so far: 1) Mr. Chalice 2) Jason Fox 3) Graham 4) John Coppolino Corals 5) Frags 2 Fish 6) Premier Aquaculture 7) Chris Roberts Coral 8) Coral Emporium 9) Kingpin Corals But vendors have been contacting us daily so more may sign up by then, 4 Day to go! I hope to see you there!
  9. CMAS is proud to announce our first annual Fragtoberfest! We have reached out to our local and national salt water vendors and manufactures to bring them to you all in one place at one time. Guess Speaker: John Coppolino "Building an SPS Monster - Extended Discussion with Q&A" Home display aquariums over 1,000 gallons are a rare sight, with reef displays of that size being rarer still. Home SPS displays in this realm are almost unheard of. This presentation shows my journey building my "Forever Tank" in the "Forever Home" my wife and I recently built, using my 25+ years of experience in the hobby. This system includes a 1300 gallon SPS display, 240 gallon anemone/soft coral display and two six foot frag/off display tanks and totals nearly 2,000 gallons. Also built into my home are a large fish only display, many fish QT systems, a separate coral QT system, and a water makeup system that includes vats to store makeup water plumbed throughout the ground level of our home. Live vicariously through me, and perhaps learn some pointers you could use on any size system you might be designing. About John Coppolino John’s innate passion for aquariums was nurtured growing up on an island on a lake in Northern New Jersey with a fish loving father and a mother allergic to everything with fur and feathers! A saltwater hobbyist now over twenty five years since age 11, John began working at a large regional aquarium store as soon as he obtained working papers in high school, resulting in a house full of tanks before going off to college. In college he went on to study reefs in Bermuda, the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador where he lived (and met his wife!) for about two years after obtaining his B.S. in biology. John now lives in Northern Virginia with his wonderfully supportive wife and two young children, and keeps about 2500 gallons of saltwater aquariums, most being reefs. In addition to publishing articles and speaking at conferences, including three past MACNAs, John has spoken to reef clubs in over twenty states. His systems have been featured in publications in Asia, Europe, and the United States. These include the book “The Coral Reef Aquarium” by Tony Vargas, which profiles two of his systems, including a 10 gallon “kitchen nano” from over ten years ago, and his SPS system he recently moved. John is also one of just two people to have received the prestigious Reef Central Tank of the Month for two different systems (September ’04 and January ’11), where he is known by his username and childhood nickname, Copps. In the summer of 2013 John started building his largest system yet, with a 1300 gallon SPS display, a 240 gallon anemone display and two six foot frag tanks that are installed in the “forever home” he and his wife recently had built. In addition to his reefkeeping at home, John travels yearly with work to Hawaii and Guam, where most free time is spent underwater. Check back as we add more vendors to our list of attendees. Vendors: Jason Fox Local coral vendor and CMAS member Graham John Coppolino Corals Thank you to our Nation Sponsors: Algae Barn Bulk Reef Supply Kessil Live Aquaria/ Dr Fosters
  10. Tom, I have the 60" blue pops running in my ATI 6 bulb for the last 3 months, over all I'm happy with them. The only draw backs so far is that there seems to be a bow in the bulb not enough to effect the firing of the bulb but it is noticeable. Color is good but to my eye but not the same as Radions, but I think that is from it not being a single point light source. For the price I think they are a good choice compared to the Reefbrights. They do make other color bulbs, but I have not used them, I like the mix of ATI bulbs and POPs.
  11. Hey Matt I always wanted to do a display macro algae tank, a planted saltwater tank of sorts. That tied into your main tank would also help with nutrient export. I would stock it once it was up an stable with Mandarin gobies and pipefish. I think that would be pretty interesting to watch. Plus moving the tv downstairs would help too.
  12. Hey Wade, I'm the president of CMAS and we have been talking up MACNA for months. Most of our members are WAMAS members to so most already knew.
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