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  1. wdytat

    Heater Recall

    My PetSmart was pretty open to the exchange options. I had the 100w Pro and a 100w Stealth. I took a print out of both announcements - PetSmart and UPG. I explained that the older 100w was not on the PetSmart announcement, but it was in the UPG list. They said I could exchange for another 100w they had in stock, get credit, or get cash back. I just went with credit since I was getting stuff. I was given 32.99 each. I was pleased with the process. Especially since the 100w Stealth had been out of service for a few months - used it in my mixing barrel and it caused shocks.
  2. wdytat

    Heater Recall

    Just had success returning one of the 100 watt Pro's that are in the PetSmart recall, and they also accepted a 100 watt Stealth (old model- ETP100) that is noted in the United Pet Group advisory. Of course, there was not much to choose from in regards to replacement units.
  3. wdytat

    Heater Recall

    http://www.royalpetsupplies.com/marketinginfo/VendorNotices/MARINELAND_Stealth_Pro_Heater_line.pdf and http://petsmart-mail.com/P/v3/Microsite.asp?E=1524;812537;1930616628;25;02&R=T1_ONL&A=1007
  4. Just removed all of the PMs from the database
  5. I'd take it if I were closer. Been looking to get a mantis tank up, but got side tracked after trying to get one from BZA.
  6. wdytat

    can someone post some pics for me

    Looks like you are at your threshold for attachments on the WAMAS forum. You have a couple images (BMP files) over 1Mb in previous posts. You could convert those to JPG to save quite a bit of space, or just delete them. Right now the WAMAS upload threshold is a total of 6Mb. You can go here to delete some of your attachments if you want to go that route. http://www.wamas.org/forums/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=attachments You get a little more space in the gallery, so you could use it. Or take advantage of a 3rd party file upload service as epleeds mentioned.
  7. wdytat

    Need Help with Camera Choice

    Sent PM on a D80 I am looking to sell. Comes with 2 lenses (neither are macro), a case, and other goodies. Also have the SB-800 flash and a nice LowePro case. A bit more than your noted budget, but just in case.
  8. wdytat

    TapaTalk for WAMAS

    As noted in the Website Issues forum (link below), WAMAS is now on Tapatalk. Open Tapatalk on your mobile device and search for WAMAS. http://www.wamas.org/forums/topic/35878-wamas-is-on-tapatalk/
  9. Sure wish I was closer. I could use a 40 and refractometer (if they have them).
  10. wdytat

    posting pics with new site

    The button to embed your images from the gallery is not available right now since that was a custom setup. When time allows, it may come back into play. Until then, upload your image to the gallery, go to the image, click on "Share Image". A list of options will appear. Copy the BBCode entry. And paste it in your post. You could copy the Image Link entry and paste that in the Image URL box too, but no need really. Another option is to upload your link to another site and insert its URL in the Image URL box. The picture size restriction should not be different on the new system.
  11. wdytat

    Can't reply to PMs

    Invision's intent was to save you from having to go back and forth between inbox and sent messages. It is all in one area now. You can still save your discussion of a sale or trade, but you are now saving the entire conversation rather than just one message. You can create folders and move your conversations into them as you feel fit. I understand the concerns. I can only hope Invision improves the system in the next release. Until then, hopefully you all an adjust your messaging practices to fit the new system. Or pester Invision that they need to fix things to your liking
  12. wdytat

    Can't reply to PMs

    Unfortunately, there is no way to revert to the old version's methods. I'm hoping Invision comes up with a "forward" or "re-invite to conversation" method. Of course, one fix would be to up the amount of messages one can have.
  13. wdytat

    Can't reply to PMs

    Is this for PMs that have a red X next to them in the listing page? Or for all PM conversations? The new PM system is a bit different. It is now set up as a conversation (or a topic). If you send a message to another user, they will become part of the conversation. If they delete the message, the conversation is over, and you cannot reply. You have to start a new conversation. If this issue is for all of your PMs, I'll need to look into it more.