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  1. Go with the 100mm, you would not be disappointed! Also get a top down box from BAO too, don't get the one from Avast.
  2. Hi Francis,

    I'm interested in your RODI if it's still available. Couldn't pm you, probably your inbox is full.

    Thank you,


  3. Yup, it was the JKR Grafted Mille, I got a gorgeous piece from you and it was growing good in my frag tank. Then I made a stupid mistake moving it back and forth from frag to DT (T5s - LEDs) and I lost it :(.
  4. Hi Maegan, I have an ocellaris clown currently in my QT. If you need him, just let me know
  5. That's a very neat set up!! I love that dimension. I might have to build one just like that to replace my current one :D
  6. Thank you guys so much for the advise. I'll probably look into some workbench this weekend. I have been very careful with that magnets and always have a spacer between them whenever I took them out after cleaning. I might dropped it accidentally last night so the spacer fell off and the magnets stuck together :(.
  7. I tried >_<. That's how I took them apart under water with 3/4" glass in the middle. They are incredibly strong. I'm thinking about getting some clamps from HD tomorrow ....
  8. I bought the AlgaeFree Great White to clean my glasses a few weeksnago. I know how strong those magnets are and I have been very careful about it. Last night, I took it out of the tank after cleaning and put a big piece of hard foam (originally came with it) in the middle. After doing WC today, I realized the magnet some how was stick together :(. I probably touched it somehow while I was cleaning and moving things around. I've been trying for hours to seperate them but had no luck. Does anyone know how to seperate them? Thank you very much in advance, CK
  9. Wow wow wow!!!! They are coloring up insanely!!! I might have to get that light fixture too :D :D
  10. A lawn mower will solve your problem within a day or you can manually brush them off
  11. LoL, now I'm feeling it :D. I first thought it was the clowntang since he's the most aggressive. The funny thing is the smaller yellow tang is still doing fine with them. It's just weird... smh
  12. Thanks guys! I had no luck of catching the purple tang but I somehow managed to get to Yellow Tang out. I put him in a acclimation box and the purple tang went crazy around that box ).
  13. I dont have feather duster but I have a brittle stars . I'm in Alexandria . Lmk of you need them.
  14. Thanks Jon, I will try to get him out of the tank as soon as I get back. It's going to be a pain getting him out. The weird thing is he just attack only that yellow tang, I have another smaller yellow tang in there and they're just fine... This is the weirdest thing I've ever experienced since starting this hobby...:(
  15. I came home after dinner last night and found out my yellow tang was in a bad shape. He was beaten up badly. It was a total surprise for me 'cause they are all seem fine just 3 hours before. In the morning, I've realized my purple tang was the bad guy. He looks for that specific tang around the tank and beat him badly. I have another yellow tang and different tangs and they have been living peacefully together for almost 2 years. I have no idea how this kind of behavior could be developed. It just came out of no where suddenly. Anyone has any advice or similar situation? Thanks guys!
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