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  1. I was at the CMAS meeting. They had a meeting the other weekend and split up several Aussie colonies they ordered. $20 chunks. They do it yearly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a couple frags left over from the colony posted and a really nice frag of an Aussie blue and white table. Others I just picked up from a fragfest, growing out.
  3. Corals grown in Aussie and Indo are sensitive because the farms are using ocean water pumped in or in the ocean. Other frags you purchase from aquacultured tanks or members seem to do better for the obvious reasons at some point they have undergone many changes in parameters moving tank to tank.
  4. I'm interested in the light you posted are you interested in any trades?

  5. Looks like others are getting onboard with this. Maybe some future experiments coming up.
  6. Tank looks great, very natural looking and pretty!
  7. Using a custom Clearview lid from Adam at Atrfully Acrylic.
  8. In small environments two fish that are identical or even look the same are likely to be territorial. They don’t have an ocean surrounding them. It’s like putting them in a cage fight. Clowns are usually the exception of the rule and some worse then others. On reefs you see lots of single fish and big schools (dividing aggression), seldom two fish. This probably makes more sense if you’re married!
  9. There’s another blue or blue green tort! I’m going to just name my corals by color. [emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Initial thought was ich, but no mention of spots. Tangs/angles are more sensitive to it.
  11. Lower light might do the trick. Let it settle for at least a couple days in the lower light. Likely if you try different other things it’ll just continue to stress.
  12. You probably ruled it out, but was there a sharp temp drop or increase?
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