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  1. Thanks for the tips on mushrooms. Seems like no secret gluing technique. Previously when I glued they all popped off. They were secure, but maybe the slight flow was enough. Used a floating basket with rubble in a frag tank.
  2. So... that’s a good point with mushrooms. I’ve tried gluing some and they all broke off and they were secured firmly. I’d like to frag and glue an OG Bounce any tips? I’m thinking a floating basket with rubble. I’ve used an upside down closed container with rubble before. Any better ideas? I’ve had good luck with zoas. Just squirt the glue out and push them in making sure the mouths aren’t covered. I’ve lost a couple, but overall success. I for one, love the glue you guys sell and it’s cheap. Definitely picking up some.
  3. Sandwich method also let’s you mold a base as opposed to using a crap ton of glue. Are you guys selling glue at the next meeting?
  4. Locktite is good, but such a small size. I’ve found all the gel reef glues are essentially the same. As mentioned above reef apoxy is great, even better when used with gel glue. Sandwich the apoxy between glue and works well. Best deals are the tubes sold at the swaps, cheap. I usually pick up 2-3. If you’re careful you can easily recap and the tubes last a long time.
  5. Red slime? aka cyano? If so chemiclean works wonders.
  6. Luckily more fish have become captive bred. I was happy to see the recent release of yellow tangs. No doubt the hobby takes a toll on reefs. I’ve worked at a store in the past that focused on keeping fish alive. Still you’d end up with a percentage of dead on arrival, and irresponsible buyers.
  7. I use two icecap 1k in a frag system. I don't think they are noisy, but I have other noisy stuff in that area. If the noise is only on the higher setting, or transition period, may want to consider using a real slow speed in the day, and ramp up at night (if you have a controller). This provides a gentle flow with less agitation to the polyps as they soak up the light and then hit the dead spots at night to remove detritus.
  8. Don’t forget you’ll probably want to get a reeflink.
  9. I have a 165 gallon display. I’m using two mp40s and two wavs. Using the wavs since I have an apex and found a good deal on them. Money not an issue I like the mp40s. Mine are placed higher and hit the glass and blow forward down. Rock work with plenty of empty space in the back. I don’t know what I’ll do when I start growing larger colonies and probably redesign. Considerations: I have gentle flow in the day something around 10% different pulses, I do a hard tidal swell and varying strength to something like 75% max pulsing varied settings at night for a couple hours.
  10. +1 for salifert. I tried Hanna thinking the process would be easier, it wasn’t.
  11. 20k halides without t5. My glass is dirty though.
  12. Depends on who you ask. 10-14k is yellowish. My 20k halides don’t wash out color and is a light blue. When they’re off t5 blue plus does as a deep blue. Ive used blue plus mixed with coral plus to get a nice mix not too dark as well. I don’t like a total “black light” effect.
  13. Haha sorry forgot to tell you she was on an early schedule feeding pellets around 9am and lights off by 3pm in the frag system. Glad to see her in a good home!
  14. I have marinepure blocks. They’ve been in my system for a year abd full of nitrifying bacteria. Not sure if they will fit in your system, 8”x8”x4” (Edited. No sales in General forum.)
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