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  1. BtmDweller

    Custom aquarium builder?

    Artfully Acrylics in Manassas
  2. BtmDweller

    Mystery Herbivore Deaths

    Initial thought was ich, but no mention of spots. Tangs/angles are more sensitive to it.
  3. BtmDweller

    Toadstool Coral won't open

    Lower light might do the trick. Let it settle for at least a couple days in the lower light. Likely if you try different other things it’ll just continue to stress.
  4. BtmDweller

    ICP Test Results are in...

    Great post!! No black sand it is.
  5. BtmDweller

    Mystery Herbivore Deaths

    You probably ruled it out, but was there a sharp temp drop or increase?
  6. BtmDweller

    Lid for the Tank

    Agreed the netted material works best and common to find.
  7. BtmDweller

    Pod Hotel

    Looks like the square box wouldn’t be much of a detritus collector. However, if you have space for a refug chaeto would likely host more pods. It looks like it comes with shelves. I’d be curious to see how many come out in each one. I’d be nice to take one out every so often and shake them out in the display.
  8. BtmDweller

    Folks with Interest in Dive Trip

    Ok, I’d likely be interested. I was an active NAUI instructor for about eight years.
  9. BtmDweller

    DRASTIC Cal/Alk drop.

    That’s really low in a short period and without a heavy coral load. Something seems wrong on the tests. Many of the LFS will test water for you, see what result they have to compare. Also, I would increase testing frequency. I test on a daily basis starting until my paras are stable. After one to two times a week. Too many variables when following the suggested dosing amount. It should be a start point and continually adjusted.
  10. BtmDweller

    Stung SPS

    To help growing over the algae I’ll scrub with a brush, a cheap toothbrush works well.
  11. BtmDweller

    Folks with Interest in Dive Trip

    Where are you trying to go to?
  12. BtmDweller

    Cornbread Corals

    Just wanted to relay and mention the positive buying experience I had with Cornbread Corals. Shipment delayed and DOA due to inclement weather. They responded quickly to each email and resent quickly. Purchased a golden jawbreaker acro for $100 and they resent a large frag a second of the same for free. Customer service excellent. Prices on site a bit high, but sometimes WYSIWYG can have a good deal. Also bought through eBay auctions.
  13. BtmDweller

    Starting the tank back up!

    Running MH/T5.
  14. BtmDweller

    Coral ID

    Not sure of the funny name but looks like a blue and green laptastrea.
  15. BtmDweller

    Server CPU/RAM/MySQL Upgrade *Complete*

    Appreciate you supporting us!