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  1. Well the tank is coming up on being a year old. Decided to break down get a ATI water test just to see how things are looking. For the most part the tank has been doing great.
  2. Looks like it might be the output from your DI canister. Probably an elbow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Very cool. I saw a video of this at one of the Reefpaloza. Sure will simply testing a lot. How long does the Salifert Ca test take?
  4. Thanks for the update. I just got mine in the mail I ordered during black Friday a couple of days ago. Looking forward to actually getting all calibrated and using it this weekend.
  5. D805

    Fluval Spec V

    5 gallon build
  6. Looking good. Digging the GSP on the floor. How close to the rock is the GSP? That stuff spread like wildfire, but you know that. lol
  7. Thanks man. I' currently running running 2 Blue + , 1 Coral +, and 1Actinic, along with my two AI Hydras 26. AIs on at 11 and off at 9. T5s on at 1 off at 7.
  8. I think is might be too much light or flow. Mine are sitting at about 100 par or less and not in any direct flow. They have stayed put for the most for the last year.
  9. I have the 150-watt version that I have yet to hook up. Looking forward to the results.
  10. Nice. darn mine got delayed. I forgot I ordered some salt till I saw your post.
  11. Hacksaw worked well for cutting through the Pukani in my tank.
  12. I wish I could of got on that deal. Picked up some Reef Crystals instead.
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