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  1. Thanks for the update. I just got mine in the mail I ordered during black Friday a couple of days ago. Looking forward to actually getting all calibrated and using it this weekend.
  2. D805

    Fluval Spec V

    5 gallon build
  3. D805

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Looking good. Digging the GSP on the floor. How close to the rock is the GSP? That stuff spread like wildfire, but you know that. lol
  4. D805

    Green Birdsnest Hitchhiker (Need ID)

    Maybe a Medusa worm.
  5. D805

    D805’s Red Sea 260

    Thanks man. I' currently running running 2 Blue + , 1 Coral +, and 1Actinic, along with my two AI Hydras 26. AIs on at 11 and off at 9. T5s on at 1 off at 7.
  6. D805

    Rock Flower Anem Help

    I think is might be too much light or flow. Mine are sitting at about 100 par or less and not in any direct flow. They have stayed put for the most for the last year.
  7. D805

    Awesome cheato fixture

    I have the 150-watt version that I have yet to hook up. Looking forward to the results.
  8. D805

    Instant Ocean on sale at DFS

    Nice. darn mine got delayed. I forgot I ordered some salt till I saw your post.
  9. D805

    Band Saw near DC?

    Hacksaw worked well for cutting through the Pukani in my tank.
  10. D805

    Instant Ocean on sale at DFS

    I wish I could of got on that deal. Picked up some Reef Crystals instead.
  11. D805


    Sunday 11am-5pm Monday By Appointments Tuesday By Appointments Wednesday 3pm-7pm Thursday 1pm-7pm Friday 1pm-6pm Saturday 1pm-6pm
  12. D805

    DYI Tank Stand question

    Beautiful work. I've been contemplating making a floating canopy like that for mine. How do you attach it to the wall?
  13. D805

    Match Alkalinity

    You could always use Muriatic Acid to bring down the Alk to the desired level you want. I just tried this for the first time as I increased the volume of water to my main display by almost 40%. I use RC which Alk tested for me at 11.9 when mixed up and I usually keep my Alk at 8.2. You will have to aerate your water for a good 12 to 24 hours as the acid drops the Ph of the newly mixed up saltwater. I know @madweazl uses muriatic acid on a regular basis, i'm sure he could shed some more light on the process.
  14. Beautiful tank man. You dosing 2 part or calcium reactor?