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  1. I mean, I have a 14 gallon setup that is currently empty. It used to have a mantis shrimp but I left it all running after he passed because I wasn't sure how quickly I'd get a replacement...So if you're desperate there's that, but it's not set up specifically for that sort of thing. Hopefully there's someone with something more specifically tailored for this that can help you, though!
  2. Super sad, found my mantis shrimp dead this morning. Water parameters fine, snail and hermits that were in there as food were fine. He had already completed a molt recently, so I don't think it was that (unless they molt like once a month). He was eating silversides fine, even if he wasn't actively hunting the things I offered him. I'm assuming it was just some sort of invert disease or condition...but if anyone has ideas, let me know. RIP Mike Tyson.
  3. Nah, the snails are nassarius I got from the shop. It's not the snails I was trying to identify, it was the anemones xD
  4. It looks like this one http://www.wildsingapore.com/wildfacts/cnidaria/actiniaria/snail.htm Buuuut I can't find anything else on it. I guess I should remove them. Very sad. xD
  5. Found these cute snails with little anemones attached to their shells! I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of anemones they are? They don't look like Aptasia to me. I just want to make sure they won't infest the tank before I let them loose. Right now they're in a critter carrier in my tank, so separate but still getting the same water through tiny slots. Any ideas?
  6. First I want to say I appreciate all the encouragement. It's certainly been a crazy process and probably not something I would do if it weren't for my class. Updates: The Clown n' Friends tank sprung a leak a few months ago. I tried to fix it (as I originally had when it first leaked), but the leak was too great to accomplish with organisms inside. SO instead I had a back up 55 gallon that I swapped out with it. This meant I had to move all the fish to other tanks temporarily (I couldn't get the new tank in that same day but the old tank wouldn't hold enough water overnight) so that was chaotic. Got the new tank set up and moved most of the fish back, though a few decided they were going to live in new homes and refused to be caught. Also have lost a few fish, all new additions that didn't pan out. One Talbot's damsel got into a fight and died of his injuries, and two different species of file fish passed due to not eating well (at least that's my best guess). Also one out of my Benggai trio disappeared over spring break. I'm assuming maybe the other two paired up and then beat him into the grave, but not sure, never found him or a body. New balance of organisms is as follows... Clown n' Friends Tank Ocallarius Clowns x 2 Pajama Cardinals x 3 Spotted Hawkfish Royal Gramma Fanged Striped Blenny (snuck over in a rock from puff tank) Scarlet Red Hermit Nassarius Snail x a lot Turbo Snail x a lot Green Sea Urchins x 13 (will be finding new homes for some of these) Xyenia Green Star Polyp Fighting Conch Some other unidentified coral Invertebrate Friendly Tank Peppermint Shrimp x ??? (haven't seen them all since the chaos of the leaking tank) Longspine Urchin Chromis x 2 Firefish Benggai Cardinal x 2? Aptasia Eating Filefish x 2 (bonded pair, captive bred) Engineer Goby Molly Miller Blenny (refused to be moved back to clown tank) Emerald Crab Fighting Conch Scarlet Red Hermit Nassarius Snail x 3 Turbo Snail Puffer Fish Tank Valentini Pufferfish Tiger Pistol Shrimp Watchman Goby Talbot's Damsel Yellow Chorus Wrase Rainford Goby Coral Beauty The new urchins are all from a Urchin Embryology Lab I just did with my students. Very fun, plus we get to keep them. I also have a smaller acrylic tank (I forget the exact size) that houses a Mantis Shrimp! He's super awesome and the students love him. He's a quirky little guy. Still working on my getting the 55 gallon bowfronts set up in a whole system. My uncle plans on helping me with the plumbing since he used to build tanks for a living. I am still looking for a light that I can use over the two bowfronts to grow hard corals, but that's a lower level priority. Here are some pictures.
  7. Interested in the bubble tip anemone, the cleaner shrimp, the serpent stars, snails, and hermits all depending on price.
  8. So the one tank in particular is still giving me problems. I'm still getting readings of about 80 with nitrates. All fish seem fine, though some of my corals seem unhappy. Last week I added purigen to all my filters, which helped the other tanks but didn't seem to make a difference for this one. I rearranged rocks looking for anything rotting, haven't seen anything. All fish are accounted for. I'm honestly at a loss for the source. Aside from a couple of small corals, I haven't increased the bioload from the past 4-5 months when everything has been fine. Could excess algae cause a nitrate spike? Not sure what else to do. I plan on doing a larger % water change once I get my R/O system in (should be any day now), but until then it's not feasible for me to go to the store to get that much water. Any other thoughts or suggestions?
  9. So I had my students do a 20% water change today. How soon would I be able to get accurate readings for nitrate and salinity levels?
  10. Not the best picture, but we've got a pair of clowns in one of our class tanks. There are no anemones in the tank at the moment, since the water isn't really stable enough, but the one clown LOVES to nest in this one coral. It's rather hilarious...and luckily it doesn't seem like the coral is any worse for the ware so.
  11. I am working on grants, it's just there is redtape on my end (school has procedures I need to go through) to apply for grants, so I haven't completed any yet, including the one through WAMAS. But it's definitely on my list, especially for equipment, since WAMAS would actually understand the need, while other grants might go "but you already have equipment even if it's subpar" xD
  12. Yes, they are all similarly stocked. I know the HOB filters aren't the best, but they're all I could manage to start, considering my school only gave me $250 to do all three tanks...I've gone well into my own pocket money at this point xD Grants are an option I'm working on for improving equipment, but it is what it is at the moment.
  13. It is possible, but these are highschoolers. They know if they are caught messing with the tanks it's an immediate referral. So I would hope not, but...
  14. Went from under 15 to as high as 60-80. Each has an HOB powerfilter. I only changed the filters after I got the off readings, not before, so I I doubt that's it. Also, if that were the case, wouldn't it have affected the other two tanks? All three have the same HOB powerfilter on them. The other two are getting readings of less than 10.
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