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  1. Will do! I know for short breaks things are running as normal, but I haven't checked for summer yet. I'll be sure to find out. Also, something I'd love help with if anyone is interested: Suggestions on equipment. All my tanks have very basic heaters and filters, but that's it. I plan to apply for grants from different sources so I can hopefully get additional equipment or even upgrade to better equipment. Right now I know I want to apply to get funds for a RO system, since with so many tanks buying water isn't economic and using the deionized filter tends to go through the canister obscenely fast and that's supposed to be for the chemistry department not me...so suggestions on equipment I should aim for would be appreciated!
  2. MaeganWink

    Donations to Schools

    Wow, that's amazing! I'll send you a message. I greatly appreciate you thinking of my class.
  3. I'm aware. The head of our Science Department is trying to get us special permission to get into the school over breaks, not just for the fish, but because other critters are here too. I've been getting my water from a local saltwater store. I've been getting it as fresh, though, because it's my students' jobs to monitor water quality. I don't have an autotopoff. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has them.
  4. I think my ability to edit is gone again, so for now I'll update this way. Tanks are set up and have had fish for a week and a half now. We have a invert-friendly tank, a fish only tank that will eventually have a small puffer in it, and a clown + other friendly fish tank that will eventually have clowns. For now, what's in each tank is as follows. Invert-Friendly tank: Pajama Cardinals (3)(temporary, will eventually go to clown tank) Firefish Longspine Urchin Peppermint Shrimp (3) Nassarius Snail (3) Turbo Snail Scarlet Red Hermit Crab Clown and Friends tank: Spotted Hawkfish Molly Miller Blenny Peppermint Shrimp (3) Nassarius Snail (2) Turbo Snail (2) Scarlet Red Hermit Crab Puffer tank: Striped Fanged Blenny Coral Beauty Dwarf Angel Tiger Pistol Shrimp Watchman Goby The clown tank will be getting a light and coral donation today I think as well, but I'll update about that after I see how things fair.
  5. Hello! Just to start off, thanks to everyone in general for being so helpful! I noticed today that there is something growing from the live rock in one of my students' tanks. I'm trying to make sure it's not something I need to be worried about. I know you can get both good and bad hitchhikers on live rock, so help identifying would be much appreciated! I've attached a picture I took. From what I've been seeing online it looks like it might be a Glass Anemone, but since I'm inexperienced, I wanted to double check.
  6. Thank you! Now I can keep things a bit more up to date.
  7. MaeganWink

    Donations to Schools

    Wow, I saw the date but not the year, I'm so sorry. Way for me to pay attention, goodness. Thanks for pointing that out!
  8. MaeganWink

    Donations to Schools

    If this offer is still open and you're not in a rush to rehome, one of my student groups really wanted a clown. I'd likely have to wait a week or two to pick up, though. If this isn't open anymore, no worries!
  9. I thought I could edit my topic post, but I've having trouble finding the option...so as soon as I figure that out I'll edit with updates but... Update: First I want to thank Kyle Gustafson for being willing to donate a good amount of equipment. Honestly he's a lifesaver in that regard. In other news, I got my funding finalized and it's...not idea. The school has given me $150 and is not allowing me to fundraise since all of this is considered "classroom material". That means everything beyond my budge will be out of pocket (and that's not including what I've already spent out of pocket. SO that means our gameplan has to drastically change. So if anyone has any suggestions on affordable, but interesting organisms, please let me know.
  10. MaeganWink

    Water Chemistry Help

    The salinity values do seem to be high when I check the students' notebooks...so I'll have change some of the water to decrease the salinity to see if that helps. Thanks for pointing that out, both of you! We'll see if that resolves the problem.
  11. I'll check them out, though if they only eat frozen mysis that may be a problem...the issue is no one is here on the weekends to feed them, so that's why we were investigating the copepod option, hoping we could dump in a good population of those to last them the weekend each week. I know sea horses need to eat frequently and I definitely won't let me students get them if we can't make sure they are taken care of appropriately. Good to know about the tang. Again, I don't want to get anything we can't care for appropriately. And I agree about the invertebrates...I think they are super fun to watch and I think the students will love them. I'm definitely interested in the sand sifting starfish once our water is set up appropriately. My students are excited for that one. I don't know about the yellow tail damsels - we're trying to keep most of the organisms relatively peaceful. Also I heard they are best in groups of 3 or more, is that true? I have a donated refractometer already, but thanks so much for the offer! If you're trying to get rid of it I can take it, so that more than one group of my students can water test at once, but I don't need it if you were just offering to make sure I had that aspect covered. To both of you, thanks for the support. I've only been on the forum a short time and everyone has been very friendly and helpful, it's a great resource for me!
  12. MaeganWink

    Water Chemistry Help

    Hello everyone, My students are setting up their saltwater tanks in the classroom. Currently they are at the stage where we've added the saltwater, live rock and sand, and are cycling the tanks. I've had them do some water testing to check the values of the water as time goes on to see what to adjust; the main issue I'm seeing is that the water's dKH is high at 12. The main recommendation I'm seeing is water changes, but is there something else I can do? If the problem is my water source, I'm not sure a water change will help... Other information to note: -We used de-ionized water from the Chemistry department as a base with instant ocean for the salt -Multiple groups of students have gotten the same results, so it's not a testing error in that sense -I'm using API testkits -Outside of bacteria in the live rocks and sand, there is nothing alive in the tanks at the moment. Any suggestions?
  13. Marine Science Saltwater Tanks Liberty High School Introduction: I teach Marine Science (among other things) at Liberty High School in Fauquier County. As a semester-long project I have students manage 50+ gallon tanks. This is the first semester, so my 3 small groups of students are setting up our first 3 tanks from scratch. The tanks will be passed on and maintained by the next class of students when the new semester starts. This is a student driven project, meaning most of the research, problem solving, and work falls on the students. I am supporting them and doing legwork where they cannot. Funding: Around $200-300 from the school, all else out of pocket currently Tanks: Two 48 x 13 tanks guessed to be 50-55 gallons One 36 x 12.5 tank guessed to be 50-55 gallson All were donated. One has a leak we hopefully managed to patch. Patch successful! Current stage: Water testing and cycling Needed Materials: Organisms Incoming donations: Coral and snails from a fellow teacher Lights and other equipment from Kyle Gustafson Desired Organisms (things my students specifically want): **This section is relatively obsolete due to budget constraints, so as soon as my students revamp their plan this will be updated** Peppermint shrimp Sand sifting starfish Clownfish Pajama Cardinals Yellow Tang Tanks are not big enough Gobies Sea horses* Note: Not all organisms are going to be in the same tank. *I am fully aware Sea horses are difficult. My students have done a lot of research and are determined to give it a try if I can get the funding. The plan would be to set up a separate tank as a refugium for copepods so that we could add in populations before weekends when we can't actively feed them. If you have other suggestions, I'm open to them. I'll post pictures when I get the chance, though there isn't much to look at right now.