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  1. tpallas

    Tom's 11.4 Reef Build

    We've been running the tank without a controller since 2015....since we're going on our honeymoon in a week, I installed an Apex to take care of everything. Makes life a lot easier! I added the autofeeder which is essential as we'll be gone 3 weeks....also ordered some upgraded MP10 quiet drives and the Apex wireless unit so we should be all set from an equipment standpoint. Although, we've been running the AI Prime for about 2 years now....huge upgrade over the Sol, but I'm really thinking about that Radion!
  2. tpallas

    Tom's 11.4 Reef Build

    Thanks buddy! Still going strong....the dropoff is now a freshwater tank and now thinking I'm gonna upgrade this tank, or a new one, to SPS. Oh no I retired that a couple of years ago....current have an AI Prime on this one, thinking of going to Radion.
  3. tpallas

    Tom's 11.4 Reef Build

    4 years later I realized I never updated this thread....here's the latest!
  4. tpallas

    Living Room Nano Peninsula

    Hmmm....you could easily fit a 200g tank in that room....
  5. tpallas

    ArtFully Acrylic AIO-50

    Very nice! Following. I'm a fan of Tunze products myself. What livestock do you have in the 28g?
  6. Don't listen to him....
  7. Prepare yourself for some wet armpits! Have the same issue on my dropoff. I use an ATI T5/LED hybrid on mine, similar footprint. I love it.
  8. Nice! That really looks great.
  9. Nice! Challenge to scape. Build a rock tower!
  10. tpallas

    Brad's Mangrove Sanctuary

    Yeah, in the spring I'm going to put some into pots outside and see how they do.....way to impatient too wait for them to grow in saltwater.
  11. tpallas

    Bartop to Dresser Top

    Your wife must really love you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. tpallas

    YHSublime Office Nano

    Lookin good in the hood!
  13. tpallas

    Ben's 45g shallow reef

    Nice job on the cable management, I was worried for a minute your house would burn down.
  14. tpallas

    need help setting up RO/DI in DC

    Do those hoses just screw off? Make sure you turn off the water before trying.
  15. tpallas

    Brad's Mangrove Sanctuary

    Bonsainut.com is a great resource. I have a good base for a tree that started ramifying 9 months ago, and is still pliable. I'm working on that to a more traditional bonsai potting, but obviously with much higher water content. I'll grow it inside this winter, but outside in summer. It generally takes a while for a tree to get into shape - the tree is only put into its final display pot once it's finished. I'm putting that to the test with my experiment. Generally with bonsai the easiest way to do that is to put it in the ground and train it there for 5 years - pot growing is much slower (no pun intended). Obviously with mangroves we are limited but you may have great luck in California growing one outside in a very muddy pot, you should give it a shot!