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  1. have any zoes for s.w.a.p.?

  2. I've personally seen goldflake angels in a sps dominated system. All inheritance were feed frozen food and nori daily.
  3. Thank you, looking forward to hearing more about coral and fish restoration efforts.
  4. RIP to the purple tang. Just out of curiosity, what did you do to help reverse the HLLE?
  5. I gave it a nice back rub (algae scraping) and and massage (water change)
  6. Hey Chuck, thank you! I have been folowing your tank build. Your system looks great too.
  7. Happy Valentine's to my love!
  8. The two I am most interested in currently is Melafix and Dettol.
  9. Haah. I read it as natural sea water.
  10. Other than the commercially available products such as Revive, Coral RX, etc... what have you tried for dipping corals (softies, LPS, and SPS)? From Bayer (which I use) to H2O2, or Dettol to Melafix, it seems like people are willing to try anything these days. Sucess stories and failures are all welcome.
  11. I ordered my ballasts via ERC. On a pinch, I can check to see if I still have a spare you can use (80w). Unfortunately, I'm in Crofton, Md though.
  12. Do you have the regular type, or dimmable? My ATI fixture had the same issue a few years ago. I had to take off the case and change the ballast. No issues since. Wiring it was pretty easy as long as you orient the new ballast the same way and replace one wire at a time.
  13. It looks great. Planning on fragging soon?
  14. Teal no name acro it is.
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