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  1. Everything goes well. I did a 75% water change in the hospital and qt tanks. I got a Quoys parrotfish yesterday and added him after the water change. So far he is just chilling in a corner. Doesn't seem to be doing badly. Just kind of hiding behind a pvc tube. Breathing is normal and hes alert so I am just going to assume hes getting used to his surroundings. The PBT is an absolute fool and was trying to show a fish 2x its size its the tank boss and the parrotfish was having none of it. Hopefully he makes it through he did well at Reefescape for 3 weeks so I am hoping he is just stressed. The copper in the ht should be like .10 ppm or less by now from the cuprasorb and water changes. The display tank goes well in its fallow stage. Soft corals are growing at plague status even though there are hardly any nutrients. I have a little bit of cyano as a result so I am going to feed more. The lps are happy but only the hammers and blastos are growing. Sps are hit or miss but I chalk that up to them taking longer to adjust on growth. Knock on wood the only coral that didnt do well was half of a monti frag that got bulldozed by an urchin onto a Lobo. The logo won in like 5 hours. Still waiting on someone with a ton of zoas. My berghia culture is going they must have eaten the first wave of aiptasia i put in there. There is no aiptasia left and unless hermit crabs are the secret weapon Id say so far so good. Gona add like 15-20 more aips. Only seen 2 of the 14 berghia but they are nocturnal.
  2. Well no socks, no fish and still feeding the fallow tank twice a day has my nitrates at 2ppm and phosphates at .02ppm. Have had the fuge light on every other night. Probably going to keep this routine once the fish go in. I am hoping the levels stay there or slightly higher and I can dial in the fuge running time to keep it steady. Need to check my alk again. Only fell from like 8.5 ish to 8.2 over a few week span. I dont really have alot of hard corals in the tank so I am not surprised it hasn't fallen to much. The tank is like a pod a palooza. Its insane. I have had pods in my previous two systems rocks for a while but never really alot. I thought I had diatoms on the glass buts its just pods everywhere.... if the fish returning in a month doesnt dent their population(i don't have any pod eaters but they are piggies so who knows) I may strongly consider a mandarin or leopard wrasse. Its insane in there. Grosses out the girlfriend. The fish are all doing well in the copper. Havent checked the level of copper in a week but it was .5ppm and I havent changed water or anything so I am sure its still at that level. But I will before they enter their last 10 days or so of the treatment. Funny side story. When I broke down the tank real quick to catch everything i put all the rocks in buckets/44g brutes. I have quite a few crabs and didnt really pay attention to where they went as I knew they were holding onto the rocks. I placed all the rocks back in and just did a small water change while I was at it. I had about 5g in one brute and carried it upstairs to dump it. (Theres a drain at the end of our driveway). I dump the brute a few feet from it and start wheeling it back in. I faintly here a "click" "click" "click". Lo and behold the water was kind of murky from the rocks being in there so I couldn't see well and there was my strawberry crab! Just sitting there on my driveway in the summer heat clicking away at me with his claws. Pretty sure I panicked and said oh s*** a crab and my neighbor who was working on his car was real confused. I used a rock from the flowerbed real quick and scooped him up and ran downstairs. Dropped him in the tank. He stared me down the whole time he sank to the bottom. Went under a rock. That was about a month ago. Its mostly nocturnal but will emerge like the starfish for easy food at feedings but I didnt see it since then. And today after feeding it appeared! I felt so bad the bucket it was in I dumped like a good amount of super salty water. (Longer story) and it sat in there while I worked in my cold basement. Who knows what the salinty and temp were. I felt so awful and thought for sure I killed it but marine life has proved to me time and time again its quite resilient especially if you have a healthy specimen to start. Picture is faint but its in there. Side note. Tuxedo urchin found a coral frag that I never knew existed? Maybe was on a rock I picked up from someone. It started off totally white but now it has polyps on it.... completely intend to leave it as its hat.
  3. Yeah the socks have been ditched as of today. Tho I may put them back in in hopes they turn into a nitrate factory. I measured 1ppm nitrate and .01ppm phosphate lol so I need it to get a little dirtier. But yeah any time just let me know I am super flexible with work and not to far from most folks.
  4. Thanks. To be honest I had seen nothing but RSRs and the occasional IM or JBJ but hadn't seen a Waterbox. Epleeds reached out to me and we got to talking. I think they are both very comparable. But imo the fact that the Waterbox comes with Hydras instead of Red seas Leds was a plus. Not because the Red Seas are bad just because they aren't as common. Hydras are everywhere with proven results in a mixed reef. The RSRs and WBs seem extremely similar in quality. The only thing that would differ is maybe slight style preferences. The tank is fantastic. The seams are beautiful, the starfire glass on everything even the ato is a huge plus. Even the overflow is starfire glass which I dont think RSR is but thats not really a big deal. I really cant offer any complaints on the tank. The stand is well put together as well water spilled on it doesnt absorb it just sits until you wipe it off the stand doesn't seem as "heavy" as the RSR stands but I think they are MDF whereas WB is plywood coated in some magic substance. The sump space has alot of room to work in. I am a decent size guy and have no issues. One plus over RSR in the sump is WB not using proprietary filter sock. One negative is if your socks clog the chambers overflow weirdly. Hard to explain in person. But I am about to stop using the socks. I had like 2 nitrates and wana see what effect not having the socks in has. WB customer support is fantastic. I can say so far I am happy with it. If you would like to see it in person that totally works to I think thats easiest as the WB vs RSR debate just comes down to a few things preference wise! I have had a few folks come by already and a few more wanting to see it!
  5. Sorry shouldve been more specific. Meant like these Caracanthus guys on the right side
  6. Curious if anyone has any input on the Coral Crouching gobies lifespans. I have only ever seen them for sale at what seems like their adult size and was wondering if they are like other gobies and are relatively short lived. Couldn't find much online.
  7. I didn't want to stock corals this fast but since I am fallow now seems logical to skip QT and add some corals straight to the DT after a dip. Will pick up the last of the large corals for the tank at fragfest. I really wanted two more easy sps colonies to put in the top middle on the left and right sides. Zoas are growing like weeds now and the SPS still seems happy with white tips. My next objective is cord management. It is uh not pretty back there but should be safe and everything is plugged into a surge protector. As the first side note I intend to build my own controller after I am not fallow anymore and get my cords straightened out. I have what is called a "DJ powerstrip" and I intend to modify it a little and connect it up to a raspberry pi or something else. Will make the app/software myself and see how far I can take it as a Diy project. Second note I have redone my stock list way to much but this is what itll be now. Existing Ocellaris Pair Flame hawk Starry blenny Pbt Hippo tang Royal gramma Sapphire damsel Pair of bangaii cards To add Quoyi parrotfish 2 yellow coris wrasse Trio of leopard wrasse (will get all small females and hope one turns) Pair of coral grouchers (will post some questions in general) Either a male lyretail or male squareback anthia 1 more uncommon wrasse Pair of longnose hawkfish
  8. Sorry to hear about your tank glad you were able to save most of your livestock! Does Cobalt advise placing a mat under their tanks? I only ask because I have read a few times certain Marineland rimless cubes that Marineland recommended not placing a mat underneath. I spent entirely to much time reading about this all a month or so ago with my tank. I recall most rimless tanks dont actually even need support under the front panel because the sides take the beating. I would guess honestly there was some amount of stress put on that panel by a previous owner ,a defect or something hit the glass like a rock falling or something. But the pressure points potentially from the tank not being flush on the stand could cause all sorts of weird things. I would also be curious as to how it was kept by the previous owner. Yours being a crack and not a seam blowout is really weird.
  9. Totally moved the rocks again lol. The sea fan is giant so I put it somewhere where it has a ton of room to itself and probably a little more flow and light. I have been slowly upping ny mp40s. I had them at like half power for a while because I mostly had lps and easy softies. They are probably both 80% and the few easier sps in there seem happy. I haven't really begun to take to many close ups yet but I will shortly. The inmates in the hospital tank are doing quite well. I had the cupramine at around .3ppm they claim .2- .35 works but I began to up it again to .4 ppm. Will probably maintain it around there for 30 days. Then Ill put some cuprasorb and carbon in there and observe them for another 2-3 weeks. So will be about 9 weeks fallow. Once I am done I may try to find a small frag tank to qt inverts and corals. Plus I already have most of the corals growing. Will probably keep the 40b as a backup hospital tank/qt. But I want to buy a large like 150g rubbermade and keep it in a back room. Just in case anything ever goes wrong with my tank I have somewhere than can hold a large volume.
  10. Not sure if you already decided but I have a Waterbox 230 all set up and running. I work from home alot so I can make just about anything work. I live in Potomac Falls VA. About 40-45 minutes from Frederick MD.
  11. Had to finish moving stuff around and getting the tank actually set up. Leaving the rocks as is probably for a while. Had to change like 25% of the water in the hospital tank to keep ammonia down. But everything progressing well. I subbed out one of the eheim heaters for a Finnex with the temperature control. Next up is still to find a skimmer and build my controller. Going to wait a while for corals. Got alot of great pieces to fill the tank in so now I can start to really figure out the chemistry. Only other corals to add will be zoas and mushrooms to take over the rocks and a little bit of sps ideally(i like alot of the encrusting montis) and an easy colony like a birdsnest to get some more height.
  12. Added a bunch of corals over the weekend. Have the tank in a good place. Have maybe one or two frags of sensitive ish SPS. But the rest are all easy softies or LPS. Hadn't really had anything swinging to much before so am curious to see how I hold up this week. Since I have a zillion softies in there now and no fish I am probably going to run the fuge lights every other night or so. Having a nice variety of some of the same softies should help me dial in my lights a little better. All the fish in the QT tank seem fine. They were a little lethargic this morning but am hoping that was from the light coming on and they will eat later if not Ill try dropping the cu a little bit. Intend to upload a ton of pictures later.
  13. Also as an added interesting point. I didnt do a water change after draining the tank. I have now checked the copper in my display with 3 different test kits and it is indeed around .03ppm. This is still fascinating to me because I have found a few studies where death in certain inverts was quite high at that concentration. Maybe I have super hardy individuals or maybe chelated copper really isnt that bad at that dose. It doesn't really mean much since .03 isn't a dosage for any medication but its quite interesting that I am having no adverse effects after weeks now. Randy Holmes Farley has measured cu in his tank and its runs at around .018 and he has no adverse effects. I intend to keep an eye on it while I am fallow and see what happens.
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