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  1. I will be housing fish in it. Looks like most dechlorinizers lower your ammonia too which is maybe something I do not want.
  2. Does the waste still have chlorine or does that get filtered out? I’m thinking of using it for my aquaponic system I’m building. Does anyone here have one running?
  3. This is a stupid question but does anyone know if the waste water is chlorinated? Im trying to find other ways to use this water as I find it extremely wasteful. It’s weird before I had a kid I coulda cared less. But now I find myself caring and I can’t turn it off.
  4. Sigh ... One of the worst parts of the hobby is making water.
  5. Seeing this tank the other day makes me want to tear my crap down and start over.
  6. Lol it happens. Definitely been guilty of that. Mostly bc I hate sticking my hand into the water.
  7. Seems like the main variable is the direct flow. I’ve had Sps die from too much direct flow. Can you move them to another location? Keep in mind it usually takes a few weeks to see any change in color. Also, sometimes things just die or dont well from one tank to another.
  8. An observation I’ve made is when I feed my fish some will poop and the other fish will go after the poop thinking it’s food. If this is done on purpose it’s smart to trick the other fish while they eat the food. But that also makes the other fish very stupid for eating poop.
  9. If you’re lookong for someone to hold some back up frags for you I might know a guy I gotta check out this tank one day. I’m redoing mine and need some ideas for ls
  10. I say go for it. Most tanks don’t stay running long enough for tangs to reach full size. You can always relocate the fish if it gets too big.
  11. Has anyone heard of this app? https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-embed-fix/naolkcpnnlofnnghnmfegnfnflicjjgj?hl=en
  12. Who's selling water? This person is a genius.
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