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My Reef reached 48 years old today

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I moved it three times, the last move was 8 months ago.  I moved 60 miles and transferred everything from my old 100 gallon tank into a new 125 gallon tank.  The old tank was 40 years old and the front was very scratched.  I wanted a larger tank anyway and that old one was built into a wall and I couldn't remove it anyway.
Since this tank is 6" higher, I need some more corals to fill it but corals have been scarce in LFSs lately and there are none around here so I have to drive long distances to get some.
I didn't lose any livestock in the move.

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I have been feeding an awful lot since I moved and now my nitrates creeped up to about 20, which is fine.  Before I moved here I built a Sulphur denitrator  just for an experiment but I never used it.  It is a cool looking thing and I think, if I get time I will fire it up as an experiment.
I love to experiment.  I live near the sea and can easily change as much water as I like especially now when the sea is full of ice bergs. :rolleyes:
I built this thing out of some sort of  reactor, calcium I think.  I couldn't install it sooner because my tank had no measurable nitrates.  Now I have been feeding this stuff (I forget what it is) but it is red and mushy.  I use it for my pipefish and anthius that don't eat larger food.  The corals also seem to eat it.  But it makes a mess and just this week I started rinsing off the "juices" from the stuff.
I  think it is the cause of my fast nitrate spike.  The nitrates are good because now, I can try to lower them with this thing.  Or, of course, it may crash my tank and I will have to dump out all my dead fish and use the tank for duck billed platypuses. :eek:

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