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  1. Is it saying you don't have permission or is it some limitation of the client you're using that you can't upload photos?
  2. Is the frag tank hooked in to your main system with the sump and display?
  3. What light do you have over your frag tank and where you keeping it?
  4. That's really cool. I like it a lot. Clownfish heaven.
  5. Are you trying to use 2x4 as finish, visible wood? Most builders use it for internal structure that isn't seen so the rounded edges work fine.
  6. I also don't have a table saw that can handle plywood sheets, but a circular saw with a new blade and very careful measurements and clamps and fences let me do it on my porch instead of using the splintery and inaccurate cuts from the store.
  7. Thanks to everyone who came out. It was a really great meeting and good attendance especially for Maryland. We had a few new members today. Also, thanks to Nikki, our speaker, who did a great job. I liked the flow chart, and I think you should publish that somewhere. It laid out very clearly what to look out for. Thanks to the frag sellers for coming out and for Dr Mac from Pacific East and Johnny from BRK for both making the trip and bringing great stuff. We're planning to have a social event in the next couple of months out at BRK, so stay tuned for that.
  8. We are in. Enter on the entrance along Denfeld that is farthest away from Connecticut. We have a wamas sign out front.
  9. I can't fix the image on my phone, although it shows for me. Maybe one of our moderators or officers or ex officers can fix the permissions.
  10. See everyone in a few hours. We're getting everything ready at the moment and still adding raffle prizes. Since we haven't been to this school in a while our treasurer, Scott, put together this cartoon of how to enter the school:
  11. Frag Packs and gift certificates from Supreme Reefs added to the raffle! Thanks Ben!
  12. Platinum Sponsor, Reed Mariculture has donated sampler packs of their feed products to our raffle. Come on out! Two chances to win! Pack #1 ($84 value): Pack #2 ($73 value):
  13. Pretty bold having a great big nem that could decide at any point to go on a walkabout in a 20g tank full of SPS.
  14. Added three $50 gift certificates from Aquarium Depot to the raffle.
  15. It won't drop the current, if that's what you're asking. It will increase the voltage though. Do you not have a dimmer? Rapid should sell one.
  16. I used a normal 25 foot USB cable for aquabus to connect the AutoFeeder upstairs to the apex downstairs. It works with any USB cable, I think, but not USB device voltage, as you know.
  17. Also, make sure they are well seated on a good heatsink.
  18. Hook a dimmer up to it and don't run them over 60 percent.
  19. The Neptune forums are a good place to ask how much current you can draw from one of your aquabus connections on what I assume is an Apex classic. I know I have seen it answered a few times. 35mA does seem extreme to me. Why not just get your voltmeter to see which of the 4 pins have 12v on them?
  20. Are they wired in parallel or in series? Normally leds are wired up in series, and that's the only way you can add them up like you are doing. I am not familiar with this driver, but you should make sure you have enough leds in the series string to meet the minimum voltage. I assume the driver can internally limit the current? If it is just driving 1400mA through them, that may be why you are popping them. My experience says that is too high a current for most high output leds. What leds are you using? Most should be limited to 1000mA.
  21. I'll have the t-shirts at the upcoming WAMAS meeting. My plan is to sell them for $15 each. I'll have both colors and a range of sizes.
  22. Bump for the meeting coming up in 2 weeks! I'll be updating the meeting thread in the next couple of days. I'm hearing from members who would like to set up tables to sell corals. If you'd like to sell corals at the meeting please send me a PM. I can go over what you need to bring and what is expected when you're selling.
  23. What happened to the tank that the BTA and SPS all croaked?
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