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  1. It's tough to tell from the pictures, but maybe ball anemone? I think they're also referred to as ball-tipped anemone. They stay about the size of a dime/penny, live in no-light areas, and are fun little filter feeders. I used to have a bunch of them in my last tank.
  2. I'm looking online, watching videos, looking at other pictures, and I'm thinking that perhaps that observations that I'm calling "symptoms" might actually be the "side effects". the closing/rotting/melting polyps might be due to zoapox?? The images below are from a video I found talking about zoapox - I circled in red what my polyps also look like during the beginning.
  3. I don't know. I don't typically test my water (hold the mob and pitchforks back ). I'm not entirely sure what, if anything, my course of treatment would be different if I tested or not. I do about a 20%-25% water change every weekend. I know I have a little cyano, but nothing terrible, so some nutrients are obviously elevated. However, everything else in the tank for fish/corals are doing great, just a recent outbreak with my corals. I'm leaving tomorrow for two weeks, so I have one shot to try to do a dip to "fix" this. I'm trying to figure out if it might be fungal (so I should do something like a Furan 2 dip), or if I should do my more "standard" zoa dip (first an HP solution, with a rinse off in lugols). I realize some of the polyps in the images just looked closed, but something's not right with them. Right in the middle of the Rasta colony, the white dot was an open polyp two days ago. Last night it was almost looking rotten. If you look at the center of that colony, there are three open polyps looking like "Orion's belt"...just above the right-most one, that polyp looks aweful, and is "typical" of what I've seen happen. Skirt disappears into a whitish film, center almost looks rotten, then it turns fully into a little white dot, then completely gone.
  4. My zoanthids just took a bid turn for the worst. A couple days ago I noticed a few polyps closed constantly. Then tonight I came home from work to find a bunch closed, some completely melted away, others just a little white nub where it was open two days ago. One or two had a brown fuzz on them - but it could have been cyano. Whats going on? Oh, and I leave out of the country for two weeks on Saturday 😬. Is this a fungus issue? I’ve never had a zoa crash this fast before. I’m thinking a dip is in order (at least the ones I can peel out of the tank/rock). I pretty much have one shot to dip tomorrow evening - what should I do? Furan 2, HP/iodine?
  5. I don't know, the guys in the bottom picture sure do taste great though!
  6. I disagree. He’s got the female already. Two female clowns in a tank almost always ends up with a single female left and a dead fish. There are very few reports of female clowns turning male. The progression happens the other way: male to female. Even IF it would have been the female to jump and you’re left with the male, you’ll still have best success with trying to repair by putting in a smaller clown than the one you have. The already established fish will exert dominance, and dominance for clowns also equals female. So adding a smaller one will by nature be more submissive, and you’re mimicking nature’s natural progressions rather than trying to go against the grain.
  7. Nem might be majano, looks too beefy to be aptasia. They are both equally undesirable though. I forgit tk me mention the vid. Spaghetti worms are a bit thicker from my experience. Might be some tentacles from a micro bristle star? I’d keep that last one.
  8. If it were me: I’d get rid of the slug. If it eats the thing I just bought, I’d be upset. Rehome, or flush, but not for me. Same with the white thing. I don’t trust things I don’t know what they are. Finally, nem: is watch it carefully, but it’s brownish and not a standard hosting nem, so it’s likelihood of long term staying in myvtank would also be low. BUT, that’s just how I’d do things. Everyone’s different and has different ideas for their tank. The critters are neat, but I just try to minimize risk.
  9. Your statement is false. It’s not magic for every disease, but it can help. See article below showing garlic affecting the growth rate of fish in a controlled experiment. Search “google scholar” for terms associated with garlic benefits and you’ll have reading material for months. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4150197/ Double blind randomized controlled study to look at garlic affecting athlerosclerosis. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0091743509003181
  10. If it works as good as you have it advertised - I'll take a dozen of them!
  11. What kind of a clownfish is it? Ocellaris and Perculas are generally OK with adding a new mate (just make sure it's plenty smaller). Nasty clowns like tomato's, maroons, etc are notoriously difficult to pair, and can actually kill many potential suitors before liking their new mate. There's always a possibility though, no matter which species of clown you have, that she'll not like the guy you pick for her. If you really want that second clown in there, go for it. But, she doesn't NEED to have a mate in there if you're not liking the risk of aggression.
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