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  1. These are captive bred. I was also worried about that. Through a lot of reading, I’ve figured out that the captive bred fish are more likely to be better for you that wild. This is because captive fish are sold as soon as they are big enough, which means their sex may not be determined yet. So, similar to clowns, you can get two at the same size, and they will figure out who’s male and who’s female. BUT, I had talked with Jon at BRK, and waited until he placed an order that included a bunch of these fish so I could go pick out the two with the biggest size difference. I’d say it worked out well!
  2. I know - this thread is worthless without pics. I tried for about 30 minutes last night, but the light, angle, and fish weren't agreeing with taking a good picture. I bought my Orchid Dottybacks from Blue Ribbon Koi about 6 months ago. They came in really healthy, and they were able to get a bunch in so there was already a size difference between the two fish. (like clownfish, you need one larger than the other, however, for Dottybacks, the bigger is the male). I did not QT them, I took a PaulB approach - tossed them in the tank and fed a bunch. They both went through spats of ich and some other topical thing on them (cysts maybe?), and got beat up a little from my female clown. I kept feeding heavy throughout - a healthy fish can fend off many sicknesses. I feed my own homemade blend of fish food. I also really like to feed masago - can't hardly get any more nutritious than an egg! The last few days, I noticed the smaller (female) one looking quite rotund and hanging around one particular hole in the rocks. Last night while I was feeding, I looked in the hole, and there's an egg ball about the size of a shooter marble in there! Woot!! I guess that means I must be doing something right if I have fish spawning, right?!?! No, I do not have plans at this time to even attempt to raise any fish, just think it's fun to have a successful habitat and breeding going on in my tank!
  3. A similar experiment was carried out several months ago.
  4. Do you plan on having a spare pump? Putting costs aside, I'd rather go with two slightly smaller pumps than one large. I'm thinking about redundancies and the inevitable when something breaks. When the closed loop pump eventually dies, or if you need to take it offline for service, having two pumps will allow you to at least keep a little bit of water movement going. Having a single pump will mean you're basically down all flow (besides return) until you get it back up again.
  5. Wood will likely be the cheapest, aluminum next, and steel the most expensive - also the same order for ease of workability of the materials.
  6. 22 gallon tank, plus water, sand, etc will weigh over 220 lbs (8 lbs per gallon of water = 176 lbs). I had a 10 gallon tank on a dresser top as a kid - and over time, that little bit of weight even messed up and sagged the dresser top.
  7. Yeah, looks like that, but it’s SUPER small on mine. Largest I’ve seen is 1/3 the size of a pea. Closest coral are some zoas about 3” away. There really isn’t much near this coral.
  8. Hmm. Maybe they are mesenterial filaments: https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/296533-white-curly-stuff-on-acan/ one guy seems to think its a it’s a sign of warfare, but idk. Mine has had them for a while in several different placements (some very far from other corals), and they expand more during feeding.
  9. Nope. Definitely not a sponge. It really looks like mesenterial filaments, but they aren’t coming from a mouth of this coral. Can these filaments come from in-between? Some kind of sex organ?
  10. Nope. It’s definitely soft. I poked at it with a tweezers. Felt soft like guts.
  11. Am I the only one that has a ridiculously hard time getting a pic from my phone to a post? Argh!!!!
  12. This has started developing over the past few months. Not exactly sure if it’s normal, good, or a nasty. Coral is a favia, and I’m talking about the white fleshy thing inbetween the polyps. It is more pronounced when I feed, goes back to almost nothing during the day. During feeding, it almost looks like the “guts” of a mushroom coral. Is this his part of the favia? Is it a hitchhiker that has finally grown up a bit?
  13. I have that Jeabo (I think) on a 30 gallon cube - it's not too little flow. My pump is supposed to up to 600 gph, and I think I have it tuned down about 50%. The "lowest" setting is literally zero flow, so I'm not sure if we're talking different things, but mine is fully adjustable 0-100%. It's not the best "name" DC pump, but it's been a solid performer for me.
  14. I think I’m looking at getting a peristaltic pump for my kalk bin system (reservoir, pump, timer). My aqualifter isn’t very consistent. I saw on amazon some cheap pumps that are pretty bare bones. I have power supplies I can wire up to it, but any idea if any of them are worth the $15 even? I have to pump the water up about 4 feet. If not, what’s a halfway decent single head unit I could get? I don’t need bells or whistles (I have a timer I’ll be using) - I just want it to pump relatively consistent and not backflow when it’s not pumping. Is anyone trying to get rid of one for cheap? Other ideas?
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