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  1. ok good to know, thought I was missing something there
  2. What's the take on deep blue/seapora rimless? I've only ever had rimless tiny tanks (<20 gal) so I doubt those have much issue. Is it possible to drill those? We just ordered a 75 gal and it was ridiculously heavy bc of the thicker glass. Also do people see differences between all-in-one rimlesses like the Reefers vs standalone rimless tanks?
  3. I just recently realized that I never received any sort of official wamas membership card after joining last October. How do you got about getting one?
  4. Man, I forgot about this...not that I have a lot of big receipts from work anyways. I'll have to make a sign reminding our wamas customers to save those text reciepts
  5. Very interested on behalf of @MaeganWink, who I've been working with to help run tanks in her marine bio class. I'm probably most likely to be able to come up this week to get it, Wednesday works best. Feel free to PM with your availability or text 2403970506
  6. I'm looking to change up the way we display anemones at the shop, and I recall seeing an interesting display box at another shop that had six or seven compartments that allowed flow in between, and a pump that pulled water up so it ran through the boxes and then back into the tank. It was all acrylic, and I feel like it was made by eshopps. The closest regular product I can find is their newer Tanklimate box, which is very similar but not what I'm looking for. Anyone recognize what I'm talking about? I suspect it's a discontinued product at this point but I'd love to track one down. (or if anyone has suggestions for diy anemones housing)
  7. Why isn't the Majano wand called the Aip-taser? Puns improve any business strategy, thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  8. ...and his sidekick, the Amazing Vanishing Pistol Shrimp! So here's my situation. I've recently set up my first actual SW tank, a 13.5 EVO, and after holding him in QT at my store, just brought home my first proper inhabitants, a wheeler's goby and red-banded pistol pair. They settled in great and I was thrilled. And now I'm being a very worried fish mom, since I haven't seen either of them since this morning. I know the shrimps are super shy (I watched him shuffle into a little burrow immediately after he was released), but Mr. Wheely was hanging out fairly in the open for the last couple of days. He did eat a bit and was behaving normally. I've spent all day watching the tank, and the only sign of life I've seen is of my peppermint shrimp. I just recently dug through the tank, carefully lifting all my rocks (there's only a few of them so far) and even dragging my fingers through the sand a bit. The "lid" is an improvised piece of glass that doesn't quite fit flat thanks to my light mount, so I feared he'd done the goby thing and jumped out, but I've checked all around the exterior of the tank, and in the back chambers, and still nothing. I've seen nothing close to evidence of a death, unless my tiny cleanup crew is somehow ruthlessly efficient, and I'm sure the tank was cycled and pretty stable before I introduced the little guy. I dunno, I guess I could use some reassurance that I'm just worrying too much and the little guy will probably pop out in a day or two. I bet he's wedged himself in the rocks (this is what I get for picking a ton of nice pukani/tukani stuff), the sneaky little son of a gun. Anyone else had a similar issue with a shrimp/goby/both?
  9. We do have a couple birds nest frags, so there's a suspect..
  10. Might be a bit of an unusual issue, but I think something (or someone) is disagreeing with me at work. Meaning I've been periodically getting what feels almost like tiny ant bites on my hands, and I can't for the life of me pinpoint the cause. I'm almost certain it's something saltwater-related, since they only seem to appear after work, but I haven't been able to find a specific thing it correlates to. My best theory is that it's a coral or similar thing, but apart from just handling frags I don't do much that puts me in stinging range without gloves on (I hate bristleworms lol). Other than the infamous palys, are there other particularly stingy corals that are common? Has anyone else run into something like this? It's definitely not saltwater allergies or something, since the bites/stings/blisters are small and very sporadic. They itch a good bit but don't get inflamed; I'd post a picture but they're honestly hard to see without really good light. Sometimes it's just one, sometimes it's a cluster of them. My fingers would appreciate any advice!
  11. exact footprint is 48 long x 24 deep x 21 tall, I think as of now we're trying to sell it as a package deal though.
  12. So I finally fired up my Fluval EVO 13 and...the light is making a horrible high pitched noise. Also it doesn't seem to cover the full surface area, and since I'm planning on getting a shrimpgoby I want to take no chances with carpet surfers, even through a small gap. Now I'm thinking about just getting a new lid for it and finding a clamp-on or mounted light (Kessil A80s are the dream but at my budget I'll take what I can get). Does anyone know a good glass or acrylic worker in the area? I'm in Manassas but willing to travel, of course. I'm hoping it shouldn't be too expensive, since I'd probably just need a single piece lid (unless y'all have other suggestions).
  13. All good. Was there a resource you used for getting it all together?
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