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    Nanos, gobies, blennies and oddballs. Currently LFS employee w/ Capital Aquarium

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  1. MeganTheProfishional

    Hand irritation?

    We do have a couple birds nest frags, so there's a suspect..
  2. MeganTheProfishional

    Hand irritation?

    Might be a bit of an unusual issue, but I think something (or someone) is disagreeing with me at work. Meaning I've been periodically getting what feels almost like tiny ant bites on my hands, and I can't for the life of me pinpoint the cause. I'm almost certain it's something saltwater-related, since they only seem to appear after work, but I haven't been able to find a specific thing it correlates to. My best theory is that it's a coral or similar thing, but apart from just handling frags I don't do much that puts me in stinging range without gloves on (I hate bristleworms lol). Other than the infamous palys, are there other particularly stingy corals that are common? Has anyone else run into something like this? It's definitely not saltwater allergies or something, since the bites/stings/blisters are small and very sporadic. They itch a good bit but don't get inflamed; I'd post a picture but they're honestly hard to see without really good light. Sometimes it's just one, sometimes it's a cluster of them. My fingers would appreciate any advice!
  3. MeganTheProfishional


    exact footprint is 48 long x 24 deep x 21 tall, I think as of now we're trying to sell it as a package deal though.
  4. So I finally fired up my Fluval EVO 13 and...the light is making a horrible high pitched noise. Also it doesn't seem to cover the full surface area, and since I'm planning on getting a shrimpgoby I want to take no chances with carpet surfers, even through a small gap. Now I'm thinking about just getting a new lid for it and finding a clamp-on or mounted light (Kessil A80s are the dream but at my budget I'll take what I can get). Does anyone know a good glass or acrylic worker in the area? I'm in Manassas but willing to travel, of course. I'm hoping it shouldn't be too expensive, since I'd probably just need a single piece lid (unless y'all have other suggestions).
  5. MeganTheProfishional

    Fluval EVO 13.5 filter mods?

    All good. Was there a resource you used for getting it all together?
  6. MeganTheProfishional

    Fluval EVO 13.5 filter mods?

    @VTBig053 thanks! Would you be able to provide some pics?
  7. MeganTheProfishional

    Fluval EVO 13.5 filter mods?

    I'm fixing to set up my first saltwater nano, a used Evo I picked up at the shop. It has the stock pump, hood and light but no other filter stuff. Thinking of just improvising some live rock rubble and filter floss in the back middle compartment, and heater in the same section as the pump. I'd like to get it set up ASAP, so if anyone has mod suggestions, DIY ones are preferred. I have decent access to parts, and I've seen egg crates mentioned a lot, which I have a few of. Also, while I'm at it, are there good upgrades to the stock pump that are appropriate (and cost-friendly) for this size? I've tested the one I have, and it seems to work ok, but it doesn't seem to have the world's strongest flow. And possibly a good nano-skimmer that would work if I needed it?
  8. MeganTheProfishional

    Marine Science Saltwater Tanks at Liberty High School

    Love the update! Glad that rainford's came out of his shell. If you have any mystery corals I'm sure the folks here can ID. I know the two that I brought back originally were some variety of clove + the GSP, and if I remember right I also brought some frogspawn and mushrooms, and maybe some Kenya Tree?
  9. MeganTheProfishional

    Hello y'all!

    Now that I'm finally getting into the saltwater side of things, I figured I better join up here. My name is Megan, and some folks might recognize me or my bad fish puns from (formerly) Centreville Aquarium or now Capital Aquarium. I haven't gotten to keep my own saltwater tanks yet, mostly due to budget, but I've been tanking vicariously for a couple of years through my jobs in the business. My biggest interest in the near future is nanos and nano oddballs, although a someday goal is to get into keeping the big fun predators like puffers and triggers (If my UN doesn't give it away, puffs are some of my all-time favorites). I still have a lot to learn, especially about SW inverts and hardware, so I'm looking forward to diving in to events and meetings soon.