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  1. Livestock will hopefully come in on Sunday/Monday. I've used so much pre-established stuff I'm hopeful the cycling won't take long. Glad to hear the scaling looks good, I honestly had very little sure idea except that I wanted lots of flat space for coral growing and tons of hidey holes. Shoutout to @Big Sarge 81 sold me a bunch of this rock, including all the cool branch bits
  2. Also wouldn't mind some feedback on my stocking plans, I know all the fish I'm going for are pretty hardy, and since they're a lot of little guys I don't think I'd be pushing it too much. After the initial few guys I plan on introducing one or two at a time, slowly. Next priority will probably be the goby/gobies so that my pistol can have a friend and they can do a little sand work.
  3. Operation Un-heck This Tank went off almost without a hitch! Well, one or two hitches. That thing was really heavy. But then I got to do the fun part Scape time! I may or may not be adding a really sweet centerpiece rock that's being stored at work since it also has an RFA hanging out on it, but I'm honestly digging the look as it is already. Focus was on plenty of space to grow softies, as well as plenty of hiding spots for all the gobies and friends. Also I had to make sure everything was stable, since I am planning on a shrimp/goby pair, and I don't need them knocking anything over. Thankfully all the rock I had was pretty sturdy, and I gave everything a good weight-test to make sure it was well in place and also hitting the sandbed so future sand removal doesn't collapse stuff. Now I just have to put all that water back and wait for it to settle, then we can add lights and skimmer! I was able to shove a few leftover rock pieces in one of the media baskets for extra biofiltration space. Still need to get me some good pads and maybe another sack of chemi-pure or some GFO or something...I already suspect I may be bringing over some algae from the previous setup so I want to nip that in the bud early if possible.
  4. Thanks for the feedback y'all, I think I have a yoga mat lying around that I'll happily sacrifice for the Greater Good. My rock is actually all pre-cured I guess, since about half came from another member's tank breakdown and half from the shop, where all our stuff tends to come from established tanks as well. The only rock we've actually ordered any time lately has been RealReef stuff. Perks of working for a service company! Everything else was just the live sand and the media from my existing tank that I'm upgrading from.
  5. Thanks! Also we may have a slight bump in the road so far...I've realized this tank doesn't have a mat underneath, which is Not Great for a rimless tank. Guess we're going to have a quick adventure in draining and rock juggling tomorrow so I can slip something underneath. Unless anyone has suggestions/input with rimless stuff? I've heard plenty of bad stuff about rimless tanks without pads getting all explode-y after a while.
  6. It's finally happening! After one too many fissues (fish issues) with my nano tank, I did what I tell everyone else to do and bought a bigger tank. Everything fell into place pretty nicely, so it was clearly a sign to dive in to such a project. My end goal is a tank that will satisfy my need for a salty setup (at least one...for now...) and allow me to grow out my favorite corals. So, zoas and mushrooms pretty much. Cool Stats for Nerds -Tank: Cobalt C-Vue 40g, bought used but in very nice shape. -Filtration: stock Cobalt return pumps (love the dual return already), dual InTank media baskets. Exact media setup still being figured out. -Skimmer: CADLights PLS-50 Elite II skimmer (came with the tank) -Heating: Aqueon Pro 100 (considering adding an additional 50w as backup) -Lighting: 2x Kessil 160E w/ Spectral controller. If anyone has a used 160E for sale hit me up , I still need one more -Substrate: Fiji Pink AragAlive (the classic) -Lid: I think it's the stock lid, but what matters is that it's absolutely airtight over the part where fish go, so no carpet surfing allowed. -Rocks: Lots. Stocking Plans: Already in QT -2x Ocellaris Clowns -2x Firefish (I managed to get a male/female pair in a tank at work completely by accident) -baby Yellow Coris Wrasse -Pencil Urchin (it's a tiny one with a pentagram on top) -2x Fighter Conch -Candystripe Pistol Shrimp -Emerald Crab -So, so many mushrooms and zoas Acquiring -1-2x Shrimpgoby (First pick would probably be a Wheeler's M/F pair) -Tailspot Blenny -Striped or Kamohara Fang Blenny (captive-bred for sure) -Skunk Cleaner and Peppermint Shrimp -whatever motley cleanup crew I assemble, mostly trochus/astrea and nassarius with a few scarlet hermits for good measure -Did I mention I'm trying to get tons of mushrooms and zoas? I'm already thinking about adding a really simple 'fuge in one of the filter compartments, since after the two baskets and the skimmer I'll have an empty one, and I'm always okay with growing pods. Only other fish I'm considering down the line is a mandarin, because I can't say no to pinchy mouths and pretty colors. Not in the immediate future though. The Building (T-minus zero!) Please note the tasteful Walmart tablecloth I utilized as a drip shield/salt creep deterrent. Next place I live is *not* being carpeted, that's for sure. Also shoutout to Zach for letting me borrow a pair of the company Giant Tank-Moving Suction Cup Handles, which made bringing this monster up the stairs so much easier. Yummy yummy silt! After cracking open the return pumps so I could attack them with a cleaning brush, sliding the heater into just the right spot, spending way too long fiddling with the terrible rat's nest that is my wiring, and closing my eyes...we're powered up and running! The floating cup contains one (1) naughty pistol shrimp who hid in the rocks that I cleaned out from the old tank and therefore didn't get taken to work along with all my other livestock for a couple days' vacation until the tank was cycled. He had to stay in baby jail overnight. Behold my skilled and masterful aquascaping! I'd like to thank my late-evening tiredness for the design inspiration. What will my scape actually look like? Will I get that second Kessil? How long until the fish get to finally come home? Tune in next week for another thrilling episode of Profishional Tank Time!
  7. ok good to know, thought I was missing something there
  8. What's the take on deep blue/seapora rimless? I've only ever had rimless tiny tanks (<20 gal) so I doubt those have much issue. Is it possible to drill those? We just ordered a 75 gal and it was ridiculously heavy bc of the thicker glass. Also do people see differences between all-in-one rimlesses like the Reefers vs standalone rimless tanks?
  9. I just recently realized that I never received any sort of official wamas membership card after joining last October. How do you got about getting one?
  10. Man, I forgot about this...not that I have a lot of big receipts from work anyways. I'll have to make a sign reminding our wamas customers to save those text reciepts
  11. Very interested on behalf of @MaeganWink, who I've been working with to help run tanks in her marine bio class. I'm probably most likely to be able to come up this week to get it, Wednesday works best. Feel free to PM with your availability or text 2403970506
  12. I'm looking to change up the way we display anemones at the shop, and I recall seeing an interesting display box at another shop that had six or seven compartments that allowed flow in between, and a pump that pulled water up so it ran through the boxes and then back into the tank. It was all acrylic, and I feel like it was made by eshopps. The closest regular product I can find is their newer Tanklimate box, which is very similar but not what I'm looking for. Anyone recognize what I'm talking about? I suspect it's a discontinued product at this point but I'd love to track one down. (or if anyone has suggestions for diy anemones housing)
  13. Why isn't the Majano wand called the Aip-taser? Puns improve any business strategy, thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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