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  1. Love my avast probe holder.
  2. I can put the frag return pump in the middle sump chamber and have a 6’ distance to the tank.
  3. I currently have a 180 dual return and dual retain going to a trigger systems sump. My sump has an extra input for a drain - so I want to add a small 29 frag tank to my system. I need some advice how to best do the plumbing. I’m planning to drill the 29 with a 3/4” return and 1” drain. Can I use flex hose for both or should I hard plumb with pvc? How big of a return pump should I plan for the frag tank? The frag tank will have power heads. I want to be mindful of any potential problems. What advice do you all have? What am I forgetting? What can I improve? I’d like to plan ahead and avoid any potential problems. Thanks Matt
  4. I saw this tank last week. It’s amazing how HUGE the tank looks! I also have a 180, but there’s so much more space with the external overflow. Matt
  5. How did you heal the blown jelly? Thanks Matt
  6. Made an order on Friday for $42 a box since they’re going out of business and I had a gift card to burn. They gave me a $20 refund for price match. I’ll miss DFS!!!!! Their customer service is second to none !!!
  7. Anyone know where to find ATI T5 light bulbs on sale this weekend? I need to buy 12! Thanks in advance!!!
  8. Hi everyone, I just changed my Amazon smile to Wamas. Perhaps you might consider adding WAMAS the name tile... WAMAS - The Washington DC Area Marine Aquatic Society I searched for Wamas in the charity options, but nothing came up without searching the formal name. Matt
  9. Go to the dollar store and buy a new pair of sharp scissors.
  10. Would two 230s be too week for a lps softie tank?
  11. I thought about putting one on each end of my 180. Would that be enough flow for the entire tank?
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