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  1. This is awesome! I’ve been looking for a mushroom box, bristle worm trap, and pod condo. Where’s a good place to look for designs? I heard there’s a couple repos out there. Are you able to print with one of the reef safe plastics? Thanks Matt
  2. Cleared inbox... please try again.
  3. I’d like to place an order. Are you hearing good or bad things about them?
  4. Love my avast probe holder.
  5. I can put the frag return pump in the middle sump chamber and have a 6’ distance to the tank.
  6. I currently have a 180 dual return and dual retain going to a trigger systems sump. My sump has an extra input for a drain - so I want to add a small 29 frag tank to my system. I need some advice how to best do the plumbing. I’m planning to drill the 29 with a 3/4” return and 1” drain. Can I use flex hose for both or should I hard plumb with pvc? How big of a return pump should I plan for the frag tank? The frag tank will have power heads. I want to be mindful of any potential problems. What advice do you all have? What am I forgetting? What can I improve? I’d like to plan ahead and avoid any potential problems. Thanks Matt
  7. I saw this tank last week. It’s amazing how HUGE the tank looks! I also have a 180, but there’s so much more space with the external overflow. Matt
  8. How did you heal the blown jelly? Thanks Matt
  9. Made an order on Friday for $42 a box since they’re going out of business and I had a gift card to burn. They gave me a $20 refund for price match. I’ll miss DFS!!!!! Their customer service is second to none !!!
  10. Anyone know where to find ATI T5 light bulbs on sale this weekend? I need to buy 12! Thanks in advance!!!
  11. Hi everyone, I just changed my Amazon smile to Wamas. Perhaps you might consider adding WAMAS the name tile... WAMAS - The Washington DC Area Marine Aquatic Society I searched for Wamas in the charity options, but nothing came up without searching the formal name. Matt
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