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  1. I won the water change kit that you donated for our summer meeting, and just wanted to thank you for your support!
  2. Nadir at www.fishnreef.com is donating a mixed frag pack with 20 corals. Thanks so much!
  3. They totally lost me with the move.
  4. Thanks for a great time! Rockin' DJ (thanks Martin!), got to catch up with friends and somehow still found time to pick up (ahem) just a couple of fish!
  5. I've picked up birds at the airport before, but that's because the seller shipped via the airline rather than UPS or FedEx.
  6. Looking forward to this! I'm also planning to bring a pile of used equipment.
  7. Wow, I'm really surprised that TSA cleared the lunchbox - both containers had to be over 3 oz. Is there an exception for animals?
  8. If your courses are through PADI and you're looking at also doing your Advanced Open Water cert while you're there, one of your possible dives is the Underwater Videographer - that would be a great intro to using your GoPro underwater.
  9. I was just there last October (for my fifth dive trip there, I think)! Lots of color and fish, so you should have a blast. I don't know where you're staying, but try to get out to some of the restaurants in town - there's some great food at really reasonable prices. Standard just drink bottled water warning. I'm sure your instructors have already talked about it, but you'll be doing drift diving so pay attention to their instructions. Jealous!!
  10. Yikes. I had my power cut in and out all night Thursday night, then off for 13 hours yesterday (got it back at 8pm last night, finally). Bubblers in all the tanks worked, although the fish and coral I still have are pretty hardy. I live in a little corner of Arlington next to Alexandria, and my two blocks get our power from Alexandria (above ground lines). We were the only two blocks to lose power yesterday. Our board has been working to get us disconnected and moved to the Arlington power grid like the rest of my neighborhood - hopefully this latest outage will get them moving on it again.
  11. I've picked up some really cool nano fish at BRK. Recommend keeping an eye on their stock list.
  12. I've seen them in several places around the Caribbean and Florida while diving. Without our bright lights the colors are usually muted so they don't jump right out at you.
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