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  1. Thank you again for supporting the club - I won another nano pack at today's meeting. Fish will be VERY happy!
  2. Platinum Sponsor FishnReef.com is donating a mixed frag pack of 20 corals! $250 value. Thank you!
  3. Platinum Sponsor Dr Mac's Pacific East Aquaculture is donating Galexea frags for the raffle. $29.99 value. Ten chances to win. Thanks Dr. Mac!
  4. Thank you so much for your support of the club! I won one of the nano packs today at our Spring meeting, and know that (as always) it will be a hit with my fish. Thank you!
  5. Sorry that we won't see you! Check out the "Upcoming Events" in the top right corner of the forum to see what's going on. The next club meeting will be Frag Fest on July 21.
  6. Welcome, and looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! (Well, technically today I guess.) I think you'll find that we're a friendly bunch, and since we build in plenty of time to socialize I'm sure you'll have ample opportunities to meet other members and talk reefing. (The good news is we wear name tags so you can connect faces with folks you may have "met" on the forum.) We have a great speaker lined up, and there will be three sponsoring vendors as well as several members with tables selling coral and/or dry goods so you can see some of what's available in our area (let me just say I think we're very lucky). Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions!
  7. I won the water change kit that you donated for our summer meeting, and just wanted to thank you for your support!
  8. Nadir at www.fishnreef.com is donating a mixed frag pack with 20 corals. Thanks so much!
  9. They totally lost me with the move.
  10. Thanks for a great time! Rockin' DJ (thanks Martin!), got to catch up with friends and somehow still found time to pick up (ahem) just a couple of fish!
  11. I've picked up birds at the airport before, but that's because the seller shipped via the airline rather than UPS or FedEx.
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