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  1. Thanks so much, I got lots of buckets to split things up, with lids to keep fish in, and prevent any spillage in our new car. I have a dolly to help me move with minimal disassembly or physical stress on the tank, and less lugging of 5 gallon water buckets. Thanks a lot. I like the filter floss idea, I have on hand, and will add to top of media basket.
  2. Hey, upgrading and purchasing an established 34 gallon Red Sea Max from somebody online. Going to pick up and wondering if anybody has gone through this and learned anything enlightening. Luckily the guy is about 10 min from my house. I’m taking all his contents, currently just sparse rock, sand and Fish. I’m planning to leave all sand in place along with whatever amount of water I can leave in and still manage lifting it. I will also bring buckets for all his water, since 34 isn’t too unmanageable. I don’t have anywhere to rehome the fish during transition, maybe could cram them into 10 gal with other inhabitants. not even sure what I’m looking to hear, just anything that I won’t think of until it’s too late.
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