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  1. Can't hep with a scope but when I battled it I installed a UV Sterilizer and haven't had any since.
  2. The ball of Chaeto in my fuge has turned into what appears to be a ball of hair algae. Is this normal?
  3. Using Hanna Phosphorous ULR and got a reading 4ppb. Using conversion table reading translate to 0.012ppm. Is this high? Thanks
  4. xabo


    Think I may have goofed up.........................dosed peroxide to treat Dino's but dosed with the lights on. Next morning majority of SPS have lost their color.
  5. xabo


    Thanks for replies...............
  6. xabo


    I was unable to attend the last meeting. I believe the guest speaker was going to speak on peroxide dosing in the aquarium. Anyone care to summarize what was said? Thanks
  7. Looks nice. How high are your lights mounted?
  8. Trying your method..........................shut the lights down and starting dosing Peroxide Friday night. Turned lights on briefly today the check progress, Dinos are gone (day 3), frags losing color as expected. Will continue treatment for the next Two (2) days and do a water change. Hope this works as this is my second attempt in the last Two (2) months. First treatment was with Dino X. Cleared up but returned.
  9. Yeah.......................my Mother-in-Law paid $5K plus install for 20KW.
  10. Depends on the size and how often it runs. Paid $1700 for a Generac 17KW plus an additional & 1500 for the install, got a good deal on it. Runs about 15-20 mins. one day a week to keep the battery charged. A tune-up runs around $20-$30 bi-yearly, which I do myself that consists of changing out the air filter, plugs and oil. Got after the Derecho. Pepco upgraded the power system and it came on once, maybe twice since I got it. Before the system upgrade we would lose power if the wind blew hard.
  11. Is there some type of correlation between Dinos and LEDs? Never had them when I was running MH's.
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