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  1. King, When did you get the water from us? If you don't know exactly when, just an about would help. We keep records of just about everything and this could help. Was this last month or a year ago? We were moving our water system today as part of our expansion, but before we did we tested the water in both the RO/DI vats and the salt vat and they both came back at 0.00 Phosphate on our Milwaukee colorometer. The 1st and 2nd stage DI carts were in fact exhausted and in need of replacement as water was getting past them at a TDS of 2... but still coming our after stages 3 and 4 of DI at a TDS of zero. I'd still welcome you to visit with your test kits and we could do some tests side by side. Even bring your other water samples to help compare. It seems we are coming to an agreement that something may be off with your original test results. Would you consider going back to your original post and editing it? Someone might read just the 1st post of this thread and not the detail of our later conversation and get the impression we are selling some really terrible water. Thanks again! Phil
  2. First, I'd like to thank you for the positive comment about the staff at our store. Our #1 goal is to help people be successful with their aquarium and that starts with good staff, health animals and helpful info. About our water: I believe our RO/DI system is the most advanced in the area. We purchased the 3,000 Gallon Per Day (yes that is three thousand GPD) RO/DI that was the workhorse for water at DC MACNA 2015, and added a Granular Activated Carbon stage, booster pump to account for our poor water pressure in our building, and 2 additional stages of DI Water passes through: 1.5 cubic feet of granular carbon 1 micron 20 inch "Big Boy" sediment filter 1 micron 20 inch "Big Boy" carbon Block pressure booster pump 3,000 GPD membrane Then 4 20" cartridge stages of DI (Mixed Bed Deionization resin) Water is made in minimum batches of about 75 gallons to prevent TDS creep and maximize DI resin life a TDS meter is permanently in place and checked weekly to measure the total dissolved solids between stage 2 and 3 of the DI and the cartridges are changed when we see any detectable TDS in the water. The meter is on display and you are welcome to check it any time you are in the store buying water. Water is regularly checked with our Milwakee Low range (0.00 to 2.50 ppm ) professional phosphate photometer We frequently send water samples off to TRITON to confirm our own tests and get numbers for parameters we can not test for. Having said all that, nobody is perfect, and anything is possible. We all know that bad batches of salt making it to market and something could have slipped passed our processes. I appreciate you pointing out that the numbers could have been corrupted by something in the bucket and/or time from it leaving our store. We like to use every opportunity to learn, and I think this is one. I'm curious when you were in, and if you have any of that water still left? Perhaps we could run our tests and yours side by side on the same water sample and compare the results? Please email me at Phil@reefescape.net or give us a call at the store. (703)261-6996 or on my cell phone (703)943-6631 THANKS again for bringing this to our attention. Oh, and there are some new at-home RO/DI systems that are both inexpensive and can be put just about anywhere... even under a small bathroom sink. Let us show you some options next time you are in. Phil
  3. Grav

    Now Hiring

    We have openings for a full time aquarist and a part time retail and husbandry position. For more info Email Phil : Phil@reefescape.net
  4. Grav


    Right now, Yes. However we intend to soon replace this and other programs with a single customer loyalty program that will give discounts, specials and other incentives based on your shopping habits at our store.
  5. You can see the whole interview, including a top-down and behind the scenes look at the equipment here: https://www.facebook.com/ReefeScape/ Also, we will be expanding our retail / open to the public hours to 5 days. Starting next week we will be open for walk-in customers Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!! Phil
  6. You can see my full live interview at the Smithsonian NMNH including a behind the scenes look at the aquarium and filtration room on our facebook page.
  7. Sam had been our summer employee for several years, but after graduation and before reporting for duty, he is taking a long hike this summer. We had someone new lined up, but they didn't work out. We are looking for someone to work between 24 and 40 hours all summer. Part time during the school year (if you are local) or even full time permanent, if that is what you are looking for. Work during breaks and next summer for those that go away in September. Benefits include learning lots about the aquarium business, an employee discount and more. Email Phil@reefescape.net include a resume, and background about your aquarium hobby experience (tell me about your home aquarium.)
  8. I was very impressed by the amount of hands on work Wade and Bret did, and their knowledge of the system, animals etc. The experience was interesting and fun. We had realistic expectations going in, and both happy with the screen time we got (I think it was better than average.) We may post some behind the scenes on the facebook page, and I understand there is a "long cut" version that may never air on TV, but we may be able to get a copy and post ourselves.
  9. It isn't a reef tank, but tune in to Animal Planet tonight at 10:00 to see NBA Wiz John Wall get a fish tank. Don't blink or you will miss seeing the Reef eScape team in action. See the Reef eScape facebook page for a preview.
  10. It isn't a reef tank, but tune in to Animal Planet tonight at 10:00 to see NBA Wiz John Wall get a fish tank. Don't blink or you will miss seeing the Reef eScape team in action. See the Reef eScape facebook page for a preview.
  11. Grav

    Used LEDs

    Sorry for the slow response. We've been on the set of "Tanked" filming a local installation and are a bit behind schedule. Send me an email Phil@reefescape.net and I will take a pic of the 60 tomorrow. We only have one "open box" radion right now, but we may be retiring some G2 units in a month or so. I think their is still one Hydra 26s used... and I can check that tomorrow.
  12. Grav

    Used LEDs

    We still have Kessils, AIs, Radion and more LEDs available at discounted prices. discounted Skimmers, water circulation pumps and more also available. Just a few used tanks from MACNA still around. There is a 24x24 cube with a white stand and some JBJ and IM stuff tanks and stand. Come see 1st hand or shoot us an email. Also a nice coral selection, and wide range of fish coming out of QT for this weekend. We will keep to our normal business hours but this is another busy weekend. We will be busy with a "VIP" installation on Friday and Saturday... this one will be on TV someday :o) Phil@reefescape.net
  13. AlgaGen should be adding a local store to their dealer list soon... ya know, with those live algae and pod dispensers. :o)
  14. I didn't even get a Rod's shirt... I think they were all gone by Saturday afternoon. While we are on the Rod's topic, as always, we have Rods food available for sale and there is a special on the large size of Rod's original... buy one and get a drink coozie with samples of 3 other foods.
  15. Thank you all for the feedback. We are still recovering and organizing... and getting caught back up on taking care of our service customers. If you got a Rod's Food coupon at the show, and either planned to pick up after the event, or forgot to pick it up at the show, we have your food at the store. Used equipment will include: Kessil AI Maxspect JBJ Innovative Marine More.
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