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  1. NOVA/DC AREA FALL CORAL SALE: For the rest of the month of October (10/21-10/29), all corals at Reef eScape are buy two get 10% off, plus an extra 5% for every additional coral purchased (for up to a whopping 40% OFF per coral for 8 or more!) While supplies last!
  2. Coming to Reef eScape: Gem Tangs, for an amazing $2,499 retail! Pre-order price is $1,999 (50% deposit required). Order while supplies last! Gem tangs typically retail for $5,000 or more, so this is your opportunity to own one of these rare and beautiful fish without breaking the bank. Call or email us to place an order: (703) 261-6996, or olivia@reefescape.net
  3. We've got tons of gorgeous new corals in stock, including ORA frags and pieces hand-picked by Dr. Mac himself! Get them while supplies last!
  4. Working with Dr. Mac and Pacific East Aquaculture, Reef eScape has just received a huge shipment of awesome maricultured corals! Get them while supplies last!
  5. We have an email newsletter that goes out weekly (sort of); if you would like to be signed up for it you can PM us with your email address. We frequently have smaller sales and discounts available for our newsletter subscribers, so take all the time you need setting up your tank!
  6. In addition to marking down a bunch of our frags, we're having a big coral sale! Until August 26th, all corals are either Buy One Get One 50% Off*, or Buy Two Get One Free*! (*of equal or lesser value) In addition, select colonies of Blue Ridge Coral and Briareum are $7.50/lb (some up to 2 feet across!!) Offers cannot be combined and are available while supplies last. Stop by during our new retail hours in the next week to pick up some awesome pieces of coral for your tank! You can check out some of our available corals here:
  7. When doing the ice trick, you have to make sure that you're touching the foot of the anemone, or else it will just retract. Try pointing a powerhead at the base. Most anemones will move if the flow is too high for them (not too high, though, or you'll risk stressing the anemone to death). You can also try taking the rock out and hanging the anemones upside-down over a bucket of tank water. Sometimes anemones are just stubborn, though. If it really won't let go, you can try breaking the rock around it, but in the end you might be unable to remove it without damaging it. Definitely don't pick at it unless it's very loosely attached, or you risk really injuring it. Those are all the tricks I know, best of luck! -Ollie
  8. If you haven't seen our facebook or newsletter, Reef eScape will now be open for extended hours during the week. Our new retail hours are 1pm-6:30pm Wednesday thru Friday, and 10am-5:30pm Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully this will be more convenient for our customers who are busy on the weekends, or need a quick pick-me-up during the week. Please note that our website (http://www.reefescape.net) has not yet been updated to reflect these new hours due to technical issues.
  9. Reef eScape is now offering (for a limited time) reef cleaner packs! Each pack contains inverts to control detritus and nuisance algae, and are over 20% off individual values. Basic Cleaner Pack (for 35-55 gallon tanks) - $35 12 Red Tip Hermit Crabs 10 Astrea Snails 10 Nassarius Snails 3 Turbo Snails Premium Cleaner Pack (for 35-55 gallon tanks) - $70 12 Red Tip Hermit Crabs 10 Astrea Snails 10 Nassarius Snails 3 Turbo Snails 3 Emerald Crabs 2 Peppermint Shrimp Ultra Cleaner Pack (for 60-90 gallon tanks) - $110 20 Red Tip Hermit Crabs 20 Astrea Snails 15 Nassarius Snails 6 Turbo Snails 5 Emerald Crabs 3 Peppermint Shrimp Available while supplies last!
  10. Quarantine is finally over, which means we have tons of new fish in stock! PLUS * Get a pack of Rod's Food (up to $10 value) FREE when you spend $30 on livestock! * Receive 1 free Rod’s drink koozie with a purchase of Rod's Food of $19.99 or less. * 2 free koozies with a Rod’s purchase of $20 or more * Discount liverock is back! Select cured rock is now only $1 per pound! Both specials while supplies last! (Rod's promotion ends 2/15/2016)
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