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  1. My friend of mine gave me a huge bucket of Colony coral skeletons but I don’t know what to really do with them or are they worth anything lol or are they just junk ?
  2. Alright I got the beer! what’s step two again ? Thanks everyone !
  3. I’m moving this weekend ! Moving my RS reefer nano 28 gallons, not to bad and only 2 mins away lol I’m not 100 percent sure on a game plan and need some help and some extra buckets. I live in falls church, on rout 50 off of 495. If anyone could help me with ideas or the actually moving, message me.
  4. The reef crest at 50 is working just right. Sometimes I hold back from increasing water flow. I feel like my fish won’t like it.
  5. This is my schedule but i can't get flow to the center of my tank
  6. This is my reefscape ... Im having trouble getting flow to the middle of my tank without blasting my torches
  7. Right now with my coral setup my MP10 doesn't seem to give me the right flow. I don't want to move my corals ( mainly torches ) so I'm thing about getting the IceCap Gyre 1K Does any one have an input on the pump? and does anyone have one lying about ? i would like to test before i buy
  8. Anyone in the area have a parmeter they can let me borrow ? Thanks
  9. I bought an MP10 last week.. I'm not a fan lol can you return pumps ?
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