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  1. I got you, You’ll be the first I’ll share with
  2. Maybe lol orange Aps would be cool
  3. I have had this happen before. but they came back after only a few months, but this one is way over a year, maybe even 2-3 years.
  4. This one has been dead for a very very long time, Over 1 year easily. Just saw this today
  5. hlem

    Couple pics of my Nuvo 10.

    Keep those gsp in check tho.
  6. hlem

    Scoly ate my Nem...

    No clue. I checked the powerhead and no sign of nem parts. even if the power head got it first, it’s really convenient for all the nem bits to lay around the two nems. Im think it got ripped apart because it was eaten by both scolies, whichever happen, i just lost a nice RBTA, but two well fed scolies. lol
  7. hlem

    Scoly ate my Nem...

    The scolies arent dying, they actually are coming back, been like this for a few months. so it wasnt the nem that did it. The nems bits are still in the mouth This is what I found still ontop of the red scoly
  8. hlem

    Scoly ate my Nem...

    The nems were moving around for a few days. They were just moved to the frag tank from my DT so they haven’t settled. It was pretty close to the scoly last night as well.
  9. hlem

    Scoly ate my Nem...

    I have 2 pumps on opposite side of the tank. one is a tunze, and the other is jebao (not the gyre kind). Usually if a nem get stuck in one, it wont get suck all the way thru (this has happened to me before). You usually see most of the nem if it did.
  10. hlem

    Scoly ate my Nem...

    Yes I have pics. First thing I did going to post it when I get home from work.
  11. Literally my scoly ate my nem... turned on my frag tank light this morning, and noticed one of my nem is missing, tank is pretty open with no real hidden place for it to crawl into. Then I saw bits of tentacle near 2 of my scolies, took a closer look and saw half of what looks like an anemones foot on top of the scolies, used my tong to remove it, and what do I see more? Anemones bits inside the scolies mouth.... has anyone seen this before?
  12. Light doesnt come on til like noon. Both and plus some
  13. Well this is sad. I’ve purchased from DFS countless times... https://www.wjfw.com/stories.html?sku=20190109133917&status=viewfull
  14. hlem

    Is this a Colorado Sunburst ?

    it is if you want it to be