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  1. Yup. Was about to send you that post. But make sure the pump isn’t strong enough to pump water all the way up and out of the tube.
  2. Yes the tubing coming out of the T should be the highest point. So when the pump stop, it will suck air instead of water from the reactor.
  3. Install a T connector. ATO to T. One end of T goes to reactor. The other end points up, of course add some tubing to that end and hang up high above the reactor. I do that with the output side of the reactor as well.
  4. 5/11 dang 3 months, this thing is a slow grower
  5. I have some. Let me know
  6. I was thinking of the same for the variation. Aside from the concerns. How is under-gravel filtration compare to just standard DSB? I've never used under-gravel anything before. even when i had fresh water.
  7. Yes youre right. How come this isnt implemented more? Actually, this was the first time I've seen it in action at that store. Seems to work very well since all his tanks are heavily stocked.
  8. How I set up mine Kalk is this. Check evap daily (on the low side of the year). pump that much water into the Kalk reactor. and have a regular ATO in as well. This way the amount of Kalk is always the same no matter the evap. I also dose 2 parts on the side.
  9. So I was in cali last week. checked out this LFS. The owner had a very interesting saltwater system set up. The DT would drain into a sump/tank, with the return being at the bottom, under the sand bed. WAter isnt going up/down through baffles, and No skimmer, just everything gets pushed through the 3-4" sand/gravel bed. all this fish seems very healthy. He's said he's been running this style set up for 30 years with very little loss. I did not see any dead fish in any of his systems. He uses this for his coral systems too. No skimmer anywhere. Anyone done this before? Potential issues?
  10. Will this be an issue soon? This is my first Goni ever, so not sure if this will be an issue with the duncan below it Anyone got any idea? or should I move one.
  11. I have a friend with both in his tank. got them both as super small juvi. ~1". havent seen the tank in a year or so, but he had everything, mainly sps, some LPS and some zoas.
  12. I’ve had my L1 replaced twice in the last 3-4 years. It would stop running all of sudden. When I open to clean, the impeller would not come out easily. I had to yank it out hard. It melted and kinda fused with the casing. Both times it was the same. it seems like your sump have to be completely clean. Nothing but water should be pumped out. Else stuff would get stuck and eventually grind up the impeller. So far this 3rd one has been running about 10 months, cleaned it once already and everything inside looks clean still.
  13. Lots of nice stuff buddy. Looking good
  14. This is accurate! Hasnt change color since i brought it home.
  15. Cool. Can’t wait for mine to do something. Been a month and it just barely encrusting the glue.
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