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  1. lowsingle

    My Coral Rehabilitation Project

    Nice work! I have a blue hippo tang that has hlle that I can't seem to help, are you interested in the challenge? You can have him for free.....I would just be happy to see him look better Darren
  2. lowsingle

    Open on MLK day?

    Just wondering if you are open today? Darren
  3. lowsingle

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    Thanks Origami, whatever you changed worked. Thanks for all of the work you do for us, you rock! Darren
  4. lowsingle

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    When I go to purchase it says I already have one and cannot purchase another one, yet I have lost access to all of the member forums. The original subscription expiration notice came before the system upgrade. thanks for the help, Darren
  5. lowsingle

    Forum Problems? Report Here.

    My membership has expired, but the link I received to renew doesn't work, do you have an updated procedure to renew? Darren
  6. lowsingle

    Feather Duster dying/dead?

    I have several in my tank for years.....it is not unusual for one to hide for some time....also, they shed their crown every so often and when they do they often retract for some time~ like a few weeks. My recommendation is leave them alone and keep feeding phytoplankton if you have it just watch your nitrate and phosphate levels. FYI, I don't feed mine phytoplankton and they do just fine living off of my regular feelings of my fish (I have a heavy bioload). Darren
  7. lowsingle

    My corals collection

    Killer collection! Darren
  8. lowsingle

    Fish fight advice

    I have 2 twin spot gobies who have been best buds for 6 months, but yesterday the larger one started to attack the smaller one, shredding his top fins....any idea what happened? I haven't seen the smaller one for a few hours and it looked really stressed, any advice ? Should I separate them? Are they just mating? I have no idea..... Thanks, Darren
  9. lowsingle

    Feeding Time

    Nice scolys! Darren
  10. lowsingle

    Aqua Illumination LEDs

    I have 4 AI 26's on my 3 foot deep dimension tank and I really like them. Much more control than the kessil that I use as my refugium light, but they are slightly more expensive. I like controlling the lights from my iPad.....I have had my lights for 2.5 years and am still happy with them Darren
  11. lowsingle


    I will be stopping in..... Darren
  12. lowsingle

    20 gallons Dendro garden

    Nice! Dendros are one of my favorite corals. Thanks for sharing Darren
  13. lowsingle

    A few aptasia... my options..

    Get bergia nudibranchs, people sell them all the time because they eat all of their aiptasia. Also, use a toothbrush to scrub them off....it works great. Darren
  14. lowsingle

    Need advice on cutting a leather

    Thanks all, I have free corals in the swap forum if you want something Darren
  15. I have a neon green leather that has grown to almost a basketball size and needs trimming. I was thinking of cutting it at the base to remove a large portion of it.....has anyone done this and what did you use to cut it? Thanks for the advice, Darren Ps. Anyone want the cut piece?