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  1. I use reef crystals and tropic Marin and I have been happy with both. Darren
  2. I ran a hybrid method with good success. It really helped me get the tank back into shape, but I no longer need to use it as my tank has aged. Carbon dosing is a great way to build up you biological filter, just be careful not to let your nutrients get too low. I didn't use any of the advanced dosing stuff, just the basic four part setup.. If you are looking for a reactor I have a nice one I used I could sell you. I got my reactor from piper.... Darren
  3. Is the tank still available? Is this the tank at your restaurant? Do you have a stand for the tank? Darren
  4. Then why have the carbon blocks if it is left to di resin? is it to protect the ro membrane? I thought the carbon block captured the chloramine, but you are saying that it only breaks it down.... Thanks for the insights though....it sounds like a slight bump in tds is expected which was new to me..... thanks, Darren
  5. I was getting 105 tds in from my plumbing line and after the blocks and carbon filters I was getting 109 tds to the ro membrane. After the ro membrane I get ~ 15 and my di resin takes care of the rest. I thought I would see some drop as I was hoping the carbon would take out stuff, not add it. Darren
  6. So I added a tds measurement between my input water and after my 2 carbon blocks and found that the tds went up slightly after the blocks. I attributed this to the carbon blocks needing to be better rinsed, but after 1 hour and 20 minutes of washing the tds was still higher than the input....any idea what is going on? thanks, Darren
  7. I purchased a baby gold flake angel (a gorgeous fish) but he ate every type of coral I had....I had to tear apart the tank to get him out....I will not try again. Darren
  8. I would recommend testing for nitrate and phosphate using the inexpensive salifert tests. They are probably the easiest tests to take and their accuracy is sufficient. The reason being, if your N and P are low I would use a different strategy Thani if they are high. Also, phosphate is way more important to manage from my experience.....especially for new tanks like yours. Darren
  9. Nice work! I have a blue hippo tang that has hlle that I can't seem to help, are you interested in the challenge? You can have him for free.....I would just be happy to see him look better Darren
  10. Just wondering if you are open today? Darren
  11. Thanks Origami, whatever you changed worked. Thanks for all of the work you do for us, you rock! Darren
  12. When I go to purchase it says I already have one and cannot purchase another one, yet I have lost access to all of the member forums. The original subscription expiration notice came before the system upgrade. thanks for the help, Darren
  13. My membership has expired, but the link I received to renew doesn't work, do you have an updated procedure to renew? Darren
  14. I have several in my tank for years.....it is not unusual for one to hide for some time....also, they shed their crown every so often and when they do they often retract for some time~ like a few weeks. My recommendation is leave them alone and keep feeding phytoplankton if you have it just watch your nitrate and phosphate levels. FYI, I don't feed mine phytoplankton and they do just fine living off of my regular feelings of my fish (I have a heavy bioload). Darren
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