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  1. Can I ask you which one did you use?
  2. I am not sure if I can get CP through a vet's prescription. Do you still recommend using non-lab grade CP?
  3. I cannot really figure this out. I believe Cupramine does not have expiration date. I know my test kit is good because I tested with the controlled sample and got the valid results. I do not think it is brooklynella as I do not see any "films" and I also do not have any clownfish. I have a QT, but it is far from the Display tank and I haven't done much with it since the outbreak. My fishes are doing ok, I have noticed some teared/ripped fins on some of my fish and I do not believe it is caused by the aggression. Where can I get CP from? I am afraid copper isn't working as it is hard to believe that I am seeing this many white spots after going 5 weeks. Any other suggestions? I am really running out of ideas. thanks, Steven
  4. Hello, I recently had outbreak of ich/velvet in my FO display tank. I QT all my fish for at least 1 month, so I am not sure how they got in there. I dose Cupramine directly to the display tank. I test copper level everyday using the salifert CU kit to make sure the copper level is at 0.5mg/L. I just hit 30 days mark since CU level is at 0.5mg/L and I still see white spots on some fish and few of my fishes are still flashing/scratching. I also added PraziPro two times during this time. Most of my fishes are doing well. I lost a fish (seems like secondary bacterial infection) 3 weeks after adding cupramine. I have not lost any other fish. I am not sure what to do anymore. Should I continue with the treatment? thanks,
  5. What test kit are you using? I have cupramine in my tank. I have shallow sandbed and a piece of rock in the tank. Mine does not seem like it is absorbing cupramine that much. I test daily and the level is at .5mg/L.
  6. I also think he looks like a flagfin than goldflake. He doesn't really have a color of goldflake and has face of flagfin angelfish. Have you seen a goldflake angelfish in person?
  7. Possible. It is hard to judge by the pic. However, looks like a flagfin angel to me.
  8. I got BRS branch rock before and I wasn't very impressed with them. Do you have any experience with Carib Sea branch rock?
  9. I am looking for some branch rock, but can't seem to find them. I do not care if they are live or dead as long as they are good looking branches. Does any LFS carries them? Any experience with online vendors? thanks!
  10. I think you need some wrasses in your tank. How about some flasher or fairy wrasses?
  11. It really depends. How big is your tank? How aggressive is the fire fish? You need to determine if they are just trying to establish pecking order or one is trying to kill the other one. If few chasings here and there, I would just leave them in the tank. If one is chasing the other one all day, then I would remove the aggressive one for week or so then try it again.
  12. I do not trust UPS anymore. I had far better luck with Fedex in this area.
  13. Jebao products have some reliability issues. I have two return pumps stop working. I can't say for wave makers.
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