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  1. well, part of my problem solved. Found a Eheim heater that looks pretty new as well as a cobalt. Guess that's taken care of. Still looking for input on the epoxy. Annoying part is, I did this years ago and it just peeled off. I can't remember what I used!
  2. Thanks for the I out so far. normally I would go the uniseal route bit the fitting is mostly glued into the body so I don’t want to rip it out. There is a decent bead on the outside. I’m just looking to put in an extra bead on the inside. Maybe i I should start a thread for the rebuild with some pictures.
  3. got 2 easy questions for the WAMAS collective: 1) I want to seal a PVC fitting for an acrylic cylinder- flat thing against round thing. It needs to be water tight so thick like an epoxy that can fill the space around the surfaces. The Weldon I have is the liquid version and I know there's a thicker one but trying to avoid hunting around for it and buying way too much. Any other suggestions? I'm thinking Aquamend but other idea are welcome. 2) what's the latest and greatest for submersible heaters? Finnex? Cobalt? I have the Ehiem Jager but I remember that they went down in quality. Here are my old ones. They got some water in them and corrosion on the elements. I got 7-10 years out of them so time for replacements. Not worth the risk.
  4. If you have them, that would help. It would get to get least a FTS! And yes, pectinia frag is an available form of payment.
  5. Aquascaping is an art. I am not an artist. Anyone good at this that wants to make some money? I have lots of rock. Can get PVC, fiberglass rods, wire ties, putty, drill, etc. I just need someone with an artistic eye that can help.
  6. Thanks Laura and Alan. Knowing my space invader is out there is part of the motivation!
  7. Every summer I used to teach a WAMAS dive class and subsequent wreck diving trip to NC. I didn’t so this last couple of years due to work but I plan to resume this summer. We have also traveled as a group to other dive destinations such a Roatan.
  8. Sounds like things haven’t changed much in my short hiatus. Not even rob/zygote2k!
  9. Hey everyone, been a while since I have been active on the board as I had to dedicate a lot of time to work. I broke down my tank knowing it was better to pack it up than watch it die slowly. Work is still busy but I’m saying F-it, I want my tank again. I still have everything and could just fill it up with water and plug it in. That having been said, like everyone else here, I love upgrades. So I’m open to suggestions on the latest and greatest. Tank is a 210, 30” deep and will be SPS again. Here it is for ppl who haven’t seen it before:https://wamas.org/forums/totm/totmprev.php?prev=totm-2014-06 Below are things I have that I’m open to upgrading. Looking for suggestions. Skimmer: trusty old ASM G3- had to for over 12 years, only issue is how the pump impeller is prone to swelling and seizing up. Never did the cone thing and see that now they haveones that look more like an hourglass. Bought an Aquamax for a school tank and the build quality seemed nice. This is probably the one sure upgrade I do. Return and CL external pump: I have Darts, two in use and 2 as spares. The plumbing connections are all identical so I can easily swap out pumps if one fails. Open to reliable alternatives that are external. Would want 3 so cost will be a factor. If someone wants to buy some Darts, that would help convince me to upgrade 😀 Lighting: have MHs made a full comeback yet or are LEDs here to stay? Suggestions for LEDs that will work on a 30” deep SPS tank? No need for pretty fixtures that have remote, Bluetooth or anything crazy.. Definitely no need for simulating lightning, blizzards, eclipeses or other random weather phenomena. Just something that will connect to my apex and have dimmable channels. So, what is cool these days? One thing that’s not is this new forum UI. Hate it. 🤮. 😀
  10. What the latest? I’m looking for something for a school tank. It used to be Evergrows that didn’t cost much but worked well. I see some talk about Viparspectra. Are they good? Anything a better bargain?
  11. Wow, no one has an opinion on these lights? How about recommendations for alternatives?
  12. Hi everyone, Just did some quick research on LED fixtures for a school. Looks like people have been using the Viparspectra lights lately. That the consensus on them? I got a 120G school tank so I was looking at maybe the 300W one for the coverage. Too much?
  13. Maybe consider donating to a school or some organization?
  14. I got a Generac. I debated getting one when I bought my house and delayed- until after the deracho. I kicked myself the whole week I sat there moving the extension cord of my Honda 1KW baby generator between the freezer and tank (see why only 1KW below). Were it not for the tank, I would have found a hotel or friends place. Anyways, unless you are Xabo, an air cooled generator is about $8k-$11k installed ($2,500 for 11kw/$4,500 for 22KW + $1K for automatic xfer and then the rest for install). In for a penny, in for a pound- if you are going to drop the money then just get the 22KW so you can do AC and other stuff too. I don't know if I could do the install myself. Gotta drill a big hole through the house and I have 2 electrical panels so moving circuits around was a pain and kinda scary. Keep in mind this is air cooled so that is louder and doesn't work well in hot summer. People had problems with their air cooled generator during the deracho when temps were 90+. I ended up getting a 27KW liquid cooled unit. Quite a big step up in price but I wanted quieter and more reliability. The generator is quite a bit bigger and required a concrete pad. It has a Mitsubishi 2.7L 4 cylinder car engine- the kind that would come in a Mitsubishi Galant or something. But in the end I get both AC units, tank, refrigerators, microwave, garage door openers (how we get into house), TV, Internet and a few other things covered regardless of outside temps. Fuel and electrical panel location is something to consider. Like Tom's propane tank problem, if the fuel isn't where your electrical comes, that's an issue. My natural gas is on the other side of the house from my electrical. Needed to dig a 50' trench to run the gas line. For me, the generator is great. Weekly testing makes sure things work when needed. Auto start means if we aren't home, the tank doesn't have a problem. Just as important, I travel so a traditional generator would mean my wife has to deal with lugging it around and connecting the power to the house. My previous generator was only 1KW because that was the size/weight she could deal with. We tested her carrying around a 2KW and she didn't want to deal with it. Spend the time and money to do what is right. What's the point in buying this stuff if it isn't available or usable when you need it?
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