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  1. I have a 165 gallon display. I’m using two mp40s and two wavs. Using the wavs since I have an apex and found a good deal on them. Money not an issue I like the mp40s. Mine are placed higher and hit the glass and blow forward down. Rock work with plenty of empty space in the back. I don’t know what I’ll do when I start growing larger colonies and probably redesign. Considerations: I have gentle flow in the day something around 10% different pulses, I do a hard tidal swell and varying strength to something like 75% max pulsing varied settings at night for a couple hours.
  2. +1 for salifert. I tried Hanna thinking the process would be easier, it wasn’t.
  3. 20k halides without t5. My glass is dirty though.
  4. Depends on who you ask. 10-14k is yellowish. My 20k halides don’t wash out color and is a light blue. When they’re off t5 blue plus does as a deep blue. Ive used blue plus mixed with coral plus to get a nice mix not too dark as well. I don’t like a total “black light” effect.
  5. Haha sorry forgot to tell you she was on an early schedule feeding pellets around 9am and lights off by 3pm in the frag system. Glad to see her in a good home!
  6. I have marinepure blocks. They’ve been in my system for a year abd full of nitrifying bacteria. Not sure if they will fit in your system, 8”x8”x4” (Edited. No sales in General forum.)
  7. Either way you do it, you could always throw the one you have in the sump for a few days after adding the new fish.
  8. If you could get a larger clown would be best thing, especially she would change to a male. Move the coral around, changing up the environment, or put in the sump for a day or so to adjust.
  9. Wouldn’t worry about it too much. Unless you see it from the end of the fins on multiple fins and not just nips.
  10. I’m predicting less zoas and more acros!! haha Looks great. Love watching as tanks change over time giving inspiration and ideas.
  11. I’ve been happy with a pair of BRS cutters purchased. Only had them for six months but rise and dried several times and no rust yet.
  12. Hi Francis,

    I'm interested in your RODI if it's still available. Couldn't pm you, probably your inbox is full.

    Thank you,


  13. I was at the CMAS meeting. They had a meeting the other weekend and split up several Aussie colonies they ordered. $20 chunks. They do it yearly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I have a couple frags left over from the colony posted and a really nice frag of an Aussie blue and white table. Others I just picked up from a fragfest, growing out.
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