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  1. Hi Everyone, Thought i would post/connect with a small video update of my tank. The hobby definitely has its challenges but it also can be quite rewarding when things are going well. Thanks to all the members out there that have assisted and connected with. Richie
  2. I will go look. I would need some assistance in seeing how I can install. I’ve been thinking of getting one.
  3. Has anyone installed a filter roller and is it worth it? I’m bad with socks. Thoughts? Pictures of your set up. richie
  4. Yes, I have done some research, Hydrogen Peroxide is definitely not an option with this algae. ;( I'm going to get a fox face again and see what it will do.... I'm definitely at my wits end with the stuff.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I have done the research and have been using the Mexican Turbo snails to combat this over the past year. Not sure where I picked it up. I'm just getting tired of the cycle between the snails, algae gone, snails die, algae comes back, and I put more snails back in the tank. Its nuts. I will try the fox face, I just saw that article on that one. Never tried it. I will probably have to fish my yellow tang out in order to put another fish into the tank. Richie
  6. ​Hey Everyone, ​Hope everyone is doing well. Ive been having an issue with this algae and have done a lot of research. Everything I do .. and it keeps coming back. ​Anyone out there dealing with this? ​Hit me up.. ​Richie
  7. John, I was in over the weekend and needed to load up on frozen food. First thing i asked for was LRS. Thanks!
  8. I havent measured with a par meter... Thanks, I will look that up.
  9. Hey Everyone, Hope everyone is having a good week. Just curious if there are any lighting experts out there that want to assist. I have 4 Radions XRpro30 about 10 inches off the top of the water, in a 24 inch deep tank. Please see Richies 240 gallon build if you want to see it.. I feel like i have never been able to get the right lighting for growth. I havent invested a lot into big pieces of sps but i do have lps in the tank.. the sps i have never seem to have taken off. I do dos.. ALK 8.9, CAL 430, Mag 1320ish.... I have recently purchased some 10dollar frags and have positioned them around the tank, but they are not looking as good as the LFS. I downloaded the ECO tech sps/lps lighting scheme and have it set at 35% because i did manage to fry away a piece of sps.. Let me know if this makes sense, Richie
  10. Can you tell me the official name for those anemones? I want one....
  11. WOW! Just seeing this thread..Nice build!! I want to see this one in person. when you are ready for visitors. Richie
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