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  1. At LRS Foods we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the most talented and experienced breeders in the marine hobby. We have used their feedback and suggestions to improve our foods so they can be optimal for both hobbyists and breeders. Our Fertility Frenzy® broodstock conditioning diet has been credited with over a dozen captive breeding successes. The good news is that even the standard LRS blends contain the same fresh, diverse seafood ingredients as the "Who's Your Daddy" blend so your fish can thrive too. The freshness and diversity of our ingredients results in a nutritional profile unmatched by any other food in our hobby. In 2017 Todd Gardner announced to the world that he had successfully captive bred yet another marine fish. This time it was the Rainfordia opercularis, which is an uber rare and hardly ever seen fish in the aquarium trade. There were previously only a handful in the US, so when we were fortunate enough to house a pair of these exotic fish we were extremely thankful. You can read all about these fish and how they were conditioned on LRS foods here: https://reefs.com/magazine/captive-culture-of-the-flathead-perch-208/ It is an amazing and humbling honor to care for fish which have been captive bred using our foods. They have settled in nicely, are eating LRS Chunky blend and seem to be inseparable. I shot this quick video tonight of them hanging out in their little cave. If you have inquires about purchasing one of these rare beauties for your aquarium please contact: fluiddynamicsint@gmail.com
  2. I always have my eyes out for new food related products that offer legitimate benefits to an aquarium. When I find something up and coming that looks interesting I reach out to the manufacturer and end users to learn more. Recently the Benereef coral food has been getting rave reviews by reefers that I trust, including some with the most prominent tanks on social media. So far the reception to the launch has been great. You can learn more at Benepetsfoods.com "In the most recent news, Benepets has partnered with none other than Mr. Larry DuPont to get Benereef distributed by LRS (Larry’s Reef Services), so expect to see jars of Benereef in your local store very soon! The two foods, LRS Reef Frenzy and Benereef, seem like a match made in heaven- when I mix the two and feed my fish with it, they go absolutely crazy for the meal." This article was just published on Reefs.com and explains more: https://reefs.com/2018/09/24/macna-2018-las-vegas-benepets/ Tank fed LRS and Benereef foods: Store countertop displays for Benereef
  3. Moorish Idols are often a difficult fish to have success with in the home aquarium. Finding a specimen which is healthy and eating can difficult, and that still doesn't often guarantee long term success. Certain species of butterflyfish can also refuse to eat conventional prepared foods offered to them. Over the years the LRS Fish Frenzy® blend has evolved into what has become a "go to" food for store owners and hobbyists when it comes to feeding finicky eaters. Here are just a few reasons why: Ultra-fresh, chemical free seafood is healthier and elicits a strong feeding response LIVE blackworms and fish eggs are added just before final packaging Nutrient dense, biosecure, farm raised polychaete worms are added as well All LRS food blends contain laboratory tested active cultures of probiotics Whole ingredients such as clams, oysters, PE Mysis shrimp means complete and diverse nutrition, especially when combined with the hand peeled shrimp, perch, squid, etc. If you are thinking about purchasing an expensive, rare or difficult fish for your home aquarium you may wish to pick up a pack of LRS food to help with your success. There are dozens of testimonials on theLRSFoods.com website, as well as more videos which demonstrate our proven track record.
  4. Congrats and thanks for the support!! Glad your fish are happy with their diet.
  5. I went to the local fish store yesterday to shoot a video explaining our Fish Egg product as well as record some feeding demonstrations. LRS Fish Eggs offer the following benefits: The freshest fish eggs in the industry with the shortest time from harvest to delivery to consumer Highest protein & fat content of any eggs I've found commercially available Proven over the past 2 years to get finicky feeders eating faster than many other frozen foods Nutritional information and lab test results posted on the LRSFoods.com website No artificial dyes or chemicals added Mix LRS eggs in with standard LRS "Frenzy" foods for an amazing combo with boosted nutrition for your fish The staff at LRS receives fresh caught fish packed on ice and then quickly extracts the fish egg sacks from the belly. The eggs are promptly vacuum sealed to maintain freshness before storing at -24F in the deep freeze. With 23% protein content and an incredible fatty acid profile it is no wonder aquaculture folks have labeled LRS Fish Eggs "the most perfect broodstock conditioning supplement." These eggs are almost a slam dunk for finicky eaters as well and should be in every aquarist's freezer to help get new arrivals eating right away. You can see the youtube video here:
  6. Congrats and thanks for the support!
  7. LRS has been proud to sponsor Brandon Rutherford's classroom reef project for a few years now. These third grade students are doing amazing things! In this podcast we learned about how the kids captive bred 500 clownfish in their classroom and sold them to a prominent wholesaler! They grew the live feeds and everything, which is so awesome. To listen go here: http://reeffrenzyradio.com/podcasts/ If you would like to visit his website to learn more or DONATE used or new equipment you may have lying around here is the link: http://mrrutherfordisawesome.weebly.com/reef-system.html It is really inspiring to see the dedication and hard work Brandon has put in to keep this project going and growing!
  8. Well it was almost 80 degrees here in North Carolina today so it seems like a great time to share a video I created last year about pre-portioning food to condition your fish to eat pellets from an auto-feeder when you go on vacation. There are a couple tips in here as well as an explanation of a few other foods we distribute. (EDIT: Since this video was produced we are well past 500 dealers worldwide and currently out of Coral Frenzy food samples.)
  9. Morgan is it possible he has two freezers? While on the phone with me Rick was shuffling through the freezer giving me an exact count of what he had of each blend. I could hear frozen flat packs of food slapping against one another as he was rattling off the totals of what he had. I can call him back today to clarify what he really has if desired. I'm not local so I have to go off of what my retailer tells me.
  10. The fresh and diverse nutritional profile of LRS "Frenzy Foods" has a great reputation of getting fish to breed in captivity. With ingredients such as fresh fish eggs, live black worms, and farm raised polychaete worms we also help get new arrivals eating and acclimating faster! Our friends from Vossen Aquatics sent us this video of this Copperband Butterflyfish pair eating LRS food.
  11. I just spoke to Rick at 8:50 PM on Monday March 26th and he did an inventory while on the phone with me. He has Reef Frenzy, Herbivore, Chunky and Nano in his freezer. He also placed another order to restock since he was out of Fish Frenzy®. Sorry for the confusion but he is very supportive of LRS and continues to offer it for his customers.
  12. ​Thanks for the feedback! We are always open to suggestions for future guests or topics.
  13. Episode 12 of the "Live with Larry" podcast is posted! In this episode I sat down with my good friend Nuri Fisher who is President of Piscine Energetics. We discussed how PE Mysis shrimp became an invasive species in Canada and the sustainable methods his company uses to harvest them. We covered A LOT of info about mysis shrimp including nutrition and preparation tips for feeding. In addition to being the only specialty food maker using PE Mysis in our blends, we are also a wholesale distributor for his entire line of frozen and pellet foods. You can listen online or download the podcast in iTunes or GooglePlay by going here: http://reeffrenzyradio.com/podcasts/ In addition we launched a website where folks can order HD printed shirts featuring a photo of our mandarin. All proceeds from the sale of goods helps fund donations to classroom reef tanks around the country. We have caps on there as well. Visit : http://LRSswag.com Thanks as always for supporting LRS!
  14. Thanks for the support and I am glad you guys are pleased!
  15. I uploaded a new podcast this morning! My wife is in Australia for 9 days visiting our friends who own a reef store "Down Under." They were guests on the podcast so we discussed some interesting differences between how the hobby works over there verses here. Enjoy: http://reeffrenzyradio.com
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