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  1. Are you testing anything specific on what grows it best or is it just team death match?
  2. what about your No3? I get the feeling that has some to do with it too. Just a theory based of some things I've read.
  3. Can we get final tank parameters from everyone that participated?
  4. I may have missed up, but are you capping the top or leaving it open. If you are capping the top, will enough light get through?
  5. You using tapatalk? I think it resizes for you.
  6. Powerhead, heater and a trashcan and you can keep your rock nice and healthy. Fish and coral... not so much. Glad you found a possible solution.
  7. I really like your rock work. Nice job.
  8. Most of the bacteria you find that's beneficial is on surfaces. That's why porous rock is much better than solid rock.
  9. I wouldnt trust the LFS unless you have tested first hand. Ive bought water from stores before I got an RODI and it had high TDS.
  10. I'll vouch for BRK. The drive is nice and the store is even nicer. Big retail space and tons of fish and a large selection of corals. Take the kids during nice weather and you can feed the koi, unless they stopped doing that.
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