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  1. johnnybv

    CO2 Tubing

    Paul, Im always changing things around, pushing back hard again on the SPS. Tom is RODI tubing OK from the co2 bottle?
  2. johnnybv

    CO2 Tubing

    What tubing are you guys using for your calcium reactors for the CO2?
  3. johnnybv

    APEX Help

    Never mind, Figured it out.
  4. johnnybv

    APEX Help

    This is a hard thing for me to post as I have been an aquacontroller user since the inception, but now with the (simple) fusion of Fusion I am having a problem. I linked my Apex to fusion on my PC but now I am trying to get it on my phone, and it is asking me for a token again and I can not seem to figure out how to get another token so I can access fusion from my phone and PC. There must be something Im missing.
  5. Clams are flying out of here!! Looks like I found something that we all have been missing! Still have plenty left though!
  6. Great prices for this size and quality! $75 - $100
  7. Beautiful Maximas, around 3"+, Golds, Blues, Greens, black and whites all incredible colors! Here are a few, I can only post 1.98 MB
  8. johnnybv


    Sounds like a great product, I think this guy got a hold of his bottle a little late. Fortunately I have not tried it! I would love a test subject so if someone has them and would like to use it as prescribed on the bottle and write up the results each day I would donate the bottle and keep your name confidential! Send me a PM or email at john@blueribbonkoi.com
  9. Winter is Coming and the fire is on! We have hundreds and hundreds of corals that need to get to a warm home! All corals $75 and Less BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!! Corals over $75 - 25% off!! Lots of frags and colonies in stock!! This is today only so don't miss out!!! We are open 10-5 today. Come in and meet out new staff, Songer and Tung. Thanks, John
  10. johnnybv

    Best way to put pictures up??

    Thanks, google photos didn't cooperate, so Ill look at flicker. thanks
  11. johnnybv

    Aussie Acropora in last week!

    Thats all I can get up, but you get the idea, they are nice good sized colonies. I plan to start fragging them in a week or so. John
  12. johnnybv

    Aussie Acropora in last week!

    OK will try to add more...
  13. Trying google photos, doesn't look like it works, but I will see what happens when I post it. These are all colonies, no editing taken under 20K radium halides. Still need to settle in for full color to come out but acro people know what to expect!