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I just built a stand for my 2'x2' frag tank (deep blue with bottom frame and rimless top) to be placed on. I realized that my floor is not flat. There's a ~3/4" bend between the front and back of the tank. 

In order to level the tank, 

A. Is it easy to create a level platform using concrete? I'd place lots of trash bags and then create the platform on top of my floor. Is this asking for concrete leaks in living room? 

B. Should I measure the angle of the floor and cut 2x4s that bend with the floor so I can place the tank on top of the 2x4 platform? 


I want to avoid using shims as it is unsightly and also only supports the edge of the frame. Attaching the pic of the stand here. It has a flat top for the tank to sit on and a flat base for the sump to go in.


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I wouldn't mess around with concrete.  You're going to have a hard time making a well-shaped form that's level on top and thick enough not to crack.


3/4" slope over a 24" span is a lot of slope!  Is there something going on with the floor you need to fix?  Is it something simple like a carpet tack strip at the base of the wall?


If you can't level the floor and don't want to use shims or leveling feet, I would just tear the base of the stand apart and redo it with the right slope built in.


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How is it leaning? Higher in the back? Higher in the front?

Like someone else asked, is this on carpet against a wall? If so, you might have the tank on the wooden strip they use to attach carpet too. Might want to pull it a few inches from the wall.


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