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  1. Looks amazing! I know you switched up lighting along the way. What are you currently using? -A-a-ron
  2. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=33124 Found this while perusing the interwebs. I'm likely going to pick one up after I move my tank at the end of this month. $22 to potentially save my hardwood/carpet/etc seems like a great peace of mind investment. Anyone have any experience with this one? -A-a-ron
  3. Here's hoping I have that problem!!! -A-a-ron
  4. Wow! Those look amazing! Thanks! How long have you had them? -A-a-ron
  5. Seeding my tank with little 1-2" frags and it got me dreaming of what it could become. So wanted to see rags to riches.... What coral have you acquired and turned into a large colony? -A-a-ron
  6. Fintastic in Frederick is hands down my favorite shop. Though it's a bit far from Baltimore. Pacific East Aquaculture is about a 2 hour trip from B-more, haven't been there but always heard good things about it. I really wanted to like House of Tropics because I used to live around the corner before I got into reef keeping. Unfortunately, it was a complete disappointment to me. They do have a vast selection but I feel that quantity comes at quality as I saw a lot of sick/dead fish. -A-a-ron
  7. Trimma Gobies? Like this? https://reefapp.net/en/lex/details/trimma-macrophthalmum -A-a-ron
  8. Well if the TOTM winner uses it. Why not! You don't do anything to the reef crystals? Just use as is and dose with ESV? -A-a-ron
  9. So I know a ton of people bought Reef Crystals when they went on sale, I am one of them. I bought it thinking "it's an upgraded Instant Ocean" right? Well I started researching after my purchase and found that reef crystals runs really high in the alk Dept. I've read that people lower it with acid. I'd rather not do that step. I have been pretty happy with my regular instant ocean (though my magnesium seems a bit high). So I'm considering getting another box of IO or possibly going to RSCP (a highly recommended salt mix from my research). After all that research though, I couldn't discern what I was wondering. I guess my question is can you use reef crystals as is and achieve better results than regular IO? Thanks in advance! Aaron -A-a-ron
  10. In your first post the Cobalt tank is lined out. Did you change tanks again? -A-a-ron
  11. Where did you get the parts for your light assembly? I was considering doing something like that myself instead of buying the aquaticlife fixture. -A-a-ron
  12. Scrolling through some old threads and came across this. Any updates? -A-a-ron
  13. How is it leaning? Higher in the back? Higher in the front? Like someone else asked, is this on carpet against a wall? If so, you might have the tank on the wooden strip they use to attach carpet too. Might want to pull it a few inches from the wall. -A-a-ron
  14. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but the RSR 170 is a bit small for a Coral Beauty isn't it?.... -A-a-ron
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