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  1. I think most of the black boxes are about the same. Not very programmable but will get the job done. -A-a-ron
  2. I'm so jealous! Where did you find a c-vue 40 used?! I can barely find them new now! I am a BIG fan of 40 breeders but have been really loving this Nuvo 20. Was thinking the c-vue 40 is the perfect compromise.... That is, if I don't set the 40 back up, though I likely will. -A-a-ron
  3. Have you checked your parameters? Im sure those will be helpful. -A-a-ron
  4. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https://wamas.org/forums/topic/89848-free-big-pistol-shrimp-needs-a-new-home-today/&share_tid=89848&share_fid=2873&share_type=t Free Big pistol shrimp needs a new home TODAY! Did you see this? -A-a-ron
  5. I feel like my tank looks like that towards the evening time when it's ramping down (I have a radion g3 non-pro xr30w). I'll double check my time and see what spectrum ecosmart says it is. I bought my light used and it was very affordable. I've seen a few of them hit the for sale boards anywhere from $200-300. -A-a-ron
  6. I've seen a few bow front tanks on Facebook marketplace but they're glass and no where near 400 gallons. -A-a-ron
  7. I checked for ammonia but not nitrates. There was a hint of ammonia but it barely even registered, was going to do a WC tomorrow, may even tonight but Im thinking it may already be too late... The tank is bare bottom, using rock straight from the display of my main tank... The shrimp, blenny, and Duncan that are in the QT look fine. I know that's not a perfect gauge of anything however.... -A-a-ron
  8. I'm a little desperate for an answer since I received a tailspot in the same shipment. It isn't showing any signs either..... I'm just so clueless as to what could have caused this. The fish was acting fairly normal, except for the hole in the fin. -A-a-ron
  9. Well, not good news. Came home to find the fish wedged under rocks and rapidly breathing. It's still alive but I don't know what to do to help it because other than the torn fin I don't see anything wrong (aside from the rapid breathing, which wasn't present yesterday). -A-a-ron
  10. Thanks, I was just making sure there wasn't some new disease I didn't know about.... Wish I had paid closer attention to the fish when I first released it to know if it was there originally. It got a little worse (ripped the rest of the way) but the fish is eating and swimming fine, with no panicked breathing. There isn't anything in there to bully the fish (only a tailspot and a blood shrimp from the order)... so not sure if there is any need for concern, guess I'll just keep observing. My Google searches keep bringing up horror stories from Liveaquaria that I didn't find before I placed the order. Here's hoping I am just paranoid and don't have a similar experience. -A-a-ron
  11. Ordered this guy from liveaquaria. Has a pretty decent chunk of fin missing.... I didn't inspect well when I first got em so I don't know how long it's been that way... It looks like it's just an injury. But want to make sure it isn't something I've never heard of... Hole in fin disease or something. Fortunately it's in a QT.... Thanks for any input. -A-a-ron
  12. Glad to hear you're making progress! -A-a-ron
  13. You can find some older radions for a fraction of the cost of new. That's the route I took and I must admit, they're pretty awesome! -A-a-ron
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