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  1. ImGoingCoastal

    Some type of clear slime in my top off container

    Wow! Learn something new every day! Any idea if Scentsy style products (wax melts) do the same? -A-a-ron
  2. ImGoingCoastal

    Looking for a tank...

    All kidding aside, I've seen a few large tanks on the Facebook marketplace. -A-a-ron
  3. ImGoingCoastal

    Looking for a tank...

    Why stop at 120? https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/for/d/complete-saltwater-aquarium/6746595738.html Get this bad boy! -A-a-ron
  4. ImGoingCoastal

    What’s the latest in inexpensive LED fixtures?

    I think they are all about the same. Though sbreeflights are supposed to be upgraded "black box" LEDs. -A-a-ron
  5. ImGoingCoastal

    What's your biggest oops?

    So last night, after a few beers, since I was hanging out downstairs I thought it would be a good idea to filter some water.... Well even more beers later I decide I was tired and went to bed. Woke up to some damp carpet since my 7.5 gallon container overflowed. Oops! Fortunately I was up late and woke up early so it was not THAT bad. I just bought a float valve to prevent this ever happening again. So this got me wondering, surely other people had some DOH! moments. Curious to see if others had moments they wish they could take back. Worst part is, I don't even have a tank yet. This is strictly for my rock. Haha. -A-a-ron
  6. ImGoingCoastal

    Deciding between Nyos and Reef Octopus

    Huh.... Didnt even know it posted a preview! -A-a-ron
  7. ImGoingCoastal

    Deciding between Nyos and Reef Octopus

    No input, just wanted to put this here. Saw this for sale in Reef2Reef in case you wanted the 160. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/nyos-quantum-160-skimmer.498071/&share_tid=498071&share_fid=1020&share_type=t -A-a-ron
  8. ImGoingCoastal

    Hello again. Back, well never really left

    Those montis are impressive!!! -A-a-ron
  9. ImGoingCoastal

    I am so bored with out my reef.

    Those were my thoughts exactly. -A-a-ron
  10. ImGoingCoastal

    Lighting review

    In my search for lighting I found what I think is a very informative write up on multiple popular lighting options. It may be biased. If it is, someone please let me know. https://aquarium-digest.com/tag/sb-reef-led/ Thought I'd share with the group to share some knowledge. -A-a-ron
  11. ImGoingCoastal

    I am so bored with out my reef.

    Sorry, just realized that's a 2.5 drive from you! Haha. Whoops. -A-a-ron
  12. ImGoingCoastal

    I am so bored with out my reef.

    The fluval 13.5 aquarium includes a light that will supposedly keep softies okay. Might even have some black Friday sales. Also could check Facebook or Craigslist for someone dumping their old tanks. If you have a car and feel like a weekend trip, this looks like a pretty good quick startup tank. https://greenville.craigslist.org/for/d/innovative-marine-nuvo-10/6739515208.html -A-a-ron
  13. ImGoingCoastal

    Need Show/Centerpiece Fish Ideas (44Gal)

    I'm a fan of dwarf anglefish but some may not mic well with reefs. A leopard wrasse would be pretty sweet! If you have the husbandry for it... A Mandarin definitely gives the wow factor. -A-a-ron
  14. ImGoingCoastal

    inkbird temp. controller

    Ironically, I just found out about these last night after I had a crappy heater blow while curing some rock. I was wondering the same thing about their functionality. Saw a couple of good reviews on them for what it's worth. -A-a-ron
  15. ImGoingCoastal

    Gyre or traditional Powerheads

    These Gyres seem interesting and aren't quite at the ecotech price point so maybe there will be one in my future. Though not having wires in the tank is a definite plus. Ugh, I cant wait to hurry up and get my tank wet! Rock is currently cooking in a Rubbermaid container in advance of this. Hopefully I can beat my cycle now! -A-a-ron