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  1. I bought the tank off of CG and the owner did not know if it is tempered or not.
  2. I am planning to add a HOB overflow to my 75g tank. Was wondering if they are reliable. Any other brands that you would suggest?
  3. I am looking for suggestions on DC pumps that will help me get 600GPH. I have a 30g tank with 1" outlet and 3/4" inlet. I was looking at Jebao 3000 but I was afraid that even the lowest setting might be too high. I prefer DC pumps for the control and silent operation but if there are other options, let me know. The sump is 3 feet below the stand. Thanks in advance,
  4. Sorry all. I finally realized that my level is messed up. It gives different readings when the level is measured from left-to-right vs the other way around. Bought new ones from Ace and the floor is pretty flat. Couple of shims should do the trick.
  5. I just built a stand for my 2'x2' frag tank (deep blue with bottom frame and rimless top) to be placed on. I realized that my floor is not flat. There's a ~3/4" bend between the front and back of the tank. In order to level the tank, A. Is it easy to create a level platform using concrete? I'd place lots of trash bags and then create the platform on top of my floor. Is this asking for concrete leaks in living room? B. Should I measure the angle of the floor and cut 2x4s that bend with the floor so I can place the tank on top of the 2x4 platform? I want to avoid using shims as it is unsightly and also only supports the edge of the frame. Attaching the pic of the stand here. It has a flat top for the tank to sit on and a flat base for the sump to go in.
  6. Yes. I am planning to make it visible, hence would like to keep it squared.
  7. @AlanM Yea. But I can't get straight sides (S4S) with a circular saw.
  8. @WheresTheReef Thanks a lot for the offer. I am in College Park. I will keep you posted once I make my plans.
  9. Hi, I am planning to build a basic stand with dimensions, 25x25x36" for my tank (24.5"x24.5"x12") . I do not own any wood working tools. I was wondering if there was any option other than renting tools from Home Depot. I get mixed reviews about getting my plywood and 2x4s cut to size at home depot and I was wondering what people thought of it. Please let me know. PS. I would also ideally like to get my 2x4s have square edges which isn't possible with home depot cuts. Any suggestions for places that sell 2x4s with square edges is appreciated.
  10. Thanks. Great. Sent you a message.
  11. Where can I find mangroves that are mature enough to have woody roots? Most ones I see are seedlings that have just sprouted.
  12. Hey hi, Have any of you used this LED light for fresh/saltwater? Any comments? https://www.amazon.com/ARKNOAH-Aquarium-Spectrum-Freshwater-Saltwater/dp/B07BLXWQ3L/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_2?keywords=viparspectra+aquarium+light&qid=1553471078&s=lawn-garden&sr=1-2-fkmrnull
  13. I have a quick question. Am thinking of building a stand for my 90g glass tank. Are there any websites for me to design the proper size of T slots? Was also wondering what the pricing will be for my tank along with suggestions for sources to get them fabricated in the DMV area. Thanks.
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