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  1. Well, Elite Aquatics failed to come through; they'd estimated 4-5 weeks for completion and another week for delivery but after 10 weeks, nothing had happened. Ended up disputing the charge through PayPal and got the refund notice today. A shame that so much time has been wasted but I ordered a Synergy Reef TS-44; here's hoping it arrives soon!
  2. I've been using Instant Ocean for about three years in the 75g but I do lower the alkalinity in it as well (Reef Crystal should be within .5 dKh of Instant Ocean). There is nothing wrong with either (or any other salt on the market). You can blame a lot of things for a tank in bad shape, your salt mix will never be one of them though.
  3. 1-2 years for the ones above. They start slow and then explode with growth; then you wish they grew slower like in the beginning because they're a pain to keep trimmed down. The unknown acro was 13" across when I cut it way back (kept about 1/3rd of it).
  4. Cali tort Yellow tip austera Unknown acropora
  5. Does your refractometer have a focus ring? Most have a knurled eye-piece that allows you to focus the unit. Also, the conductivity probe on the controller is just about worthless so dont rely on it.
  6. I used 3/4" aluminum square tubing that I found at Lowes.
  7. In about 24 hours, I should have a pair of "you build" Avast MR-5 Reactors ready to go. I ditched the black PVC and subbed some red to match the sump (should it ever arrive...).
  8. At a bit of a cross-roads; do I buy a small welding machine and do it myself or take it somewhere and have it buttoned up for me... 6xT5 with 3 (or 4) Kessils.
  9. Another slow day but I built a screen for the back of the canopy. Now it's time to spend a week in the Sierras!
  10. Strawberry Short Cake Tyree's Pink Lemonade Unknown
  11. Red Planet SC Orange Passion and Hawkin's Blue Echinata Vivid Rainbow Delight (has endured a number of changes and hasnt had much chance to color up) GARF Bansai Yellow tip austera
  12. I'd probably stick to shims and then cover them with a trim ring at the bottom so you can use the stand down the road if it's moved.
  13. The heaters are mounted on the left and right sides of the back panel until the sump arrives (at which point they'll be relocated). The center overflow only has the herbie plumbing and return in it. I'm not sure what you have for lighting but these fans are a touch louder than those of the Kessils; on low, they produce less noise than the Kessils. There are a lot of quiet fan options you could go with that are under 25dB (you wont hear them) if you need one.
  14. A gallon of water for a royal gramma is unlikely (probably more like 1/10th) and probably wont affect anything. As for the accumulation of heavy metals, an ICP could eliminate any doubt. I tend to believe old tank syndrome is based more on poor maintenance syndrome.
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