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  1. OK, it has been quite a while but I made a little progress the last couple of days Bought the lumber to start bracing the floor for the tank; I dont think it would have been an issue but I didnt want a spongy floor regardless. A few hours later and I was basically done with that project. Everything from the front of the couch, back, is the "fish room." More than enough space for anything I want to do (most of it will likely go unused). With the floor supported, it was time to test fill the aquarium (I've had it over a year and a half and never tested it...). A few people mentioned concerns over the stand not having a center brace so I snapped a picture of the gap between the door and the top of the stand. A hundred and some gallons later, it's doing just fine... now I just need to clean up that big ol paint booger. It holds water! Tomorrow I'll try to knock out some more plumbing and get started on the mixing station and sump stand while I wait for said sump (about three more weeks out if there aren't any delays from Elite).
  2. I saw it about 30 minutes after a got home from BRK with a new tiger pistol shrimp; seems to always happen that way.
  3. More of the exciting stuff...
  4. How do boxes this boring, cost so much money? BOOOO!
  5. Looks like our tiger pistol shrimp has croaked; it was pretty good size when we picked it up and survived 32 months here. Havent found much on the subject but 2-3 years is reportedly average for other alpheus species. Poor goby is homeless.
  6. It's impossible to judge from the picture because everyones monitors are drastically different in what they display. Couple with the settings the camera was using, it's even worse. My opinion, 10-14k shows very little yellow tint and everything above that is extremely blue and hides way too much detail in the fish and corals that dont fluoresce as much (great for anything with green in though). I tried the AB+ on the Radions and hated it. A blue sky is roughly 10,000k.
  7. So, the new power supply worked great, for a couple hours. Watched a movie, came back into the office and the pump was dead again. I suspect something is wrong with the pump itself which is causing the failure at the power supply. Ordered an Eheim 1262 to replace; should work out on the 150g as well but if the flow isnt good enough, I'll figure something out. The DC pumps are convenient but most of 'em are pretty much garbage.
  8. Had enough reward points to get the Skimz DLC dosing reservoir for $3 WINNING!
  9. So after much procrastination, the build is finally resuming. Ended up ordering a sump from Elite Aquatics that measures 48x20x16 (LxWxH) along with all of the plumbing. I forgot how much the blasted plumbing costs; barely cheaper than the darn sump! Build time looks to be 5-6 weeks on the sump but that gives me some time to get some things done in the basement. I've decided to keep the sump under the aquarium (for now) and I'm going to see about running a drain down to the basement along with a return line from the mixing station up to the sump with a switch wired in to turn it on and off to make water changes a breeze. Not the way I wanted to do it but the corals in the 75g are rapidly outgrowing the tank and I just cant push it off any longer. This will give me some much needed time to frame in the basement and get the fish room rolling how I want it. This weekend I'll cook the dry rock I have on hand and maybe even start to work on the aquascape; this will take some thought because I need to integrate the rock from the 75g for the beneficial life on it. The thought of losing the corals worries me but they'll just have to suck it up! Also ordered 160lbs of sand (mix of Fiji pink and special grade) along with six new T5s (3 Blue+, 2 AquaBlue Specials, and a Purple+). The current plan is to supplement with three Kessils but I might have to use a couple A360WEs until I can afford to grab two more A360X. Expensive day but it had to be done!
  10. Pump was exactly one month short of three years. It is a Gen1 and had performed flawlessly to that point; I only replaced the power supply (should be here tomorrow). Hopefully that is all that needs replaced
  11. Correct; in regard to T5s, I use two Blue+, an AquaBlue Special, and a Purple+. The Kessils peak at 70% intensity (might be 75) and color is set to 50%. The Kessils ramp from 0% intensity to 70% over six hours and then run back down to 0% over the next six hours (12 hour total photoperiod). The T5s are on for eight hours.
  12. Power supply on the return pump (Waveline DC6000) took a digger at some point while I was at work today. I was able to find a replacement on Amazon and I have a Rio 2100 (might be a 2500, cant remember) on duty until it arrives (way less flow but it's working). Not sure how long it was out of commission today but everything is doing fine; no harm no foul it appears. I also switched over to a short pulse (NTM actually) on the Vortechs that creates about a 2" wave. I was getting some dead spots deep inside some of the corals (previously using Reefcrest) and I'm hoping this will help drive some current further in. Had to trim one of the acros way back (long over due) but it has gotten so invasive to a neighbor (literally overgrew about 40% of it). Was hard to tear apart a colony that was about 13" across but it had to be done; I really need to get the 150g up and running because this just isn't fair to the corals. On another note, the tank is one month short of 3 years and I think one day past a year since the move.
  13. I've had a number of Rio pumps over the past 20+ years and never had an issue but that certainly doesnt mean they're trouble free. I still use a 2500+ for mixing salt water.
  14. I'm pretty sure it has been proven there is no need for additional feedings for the smaller clams. I've never done it but I havent had one much smaller than 2" either. Edit: article I stumbled across on Advanced Aquarist.
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