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Found 9 results

  1. What Is The Right PAR For Vibrant Coral Coloration and Growth? NEW VIDEO! Reef Aquarium Lighting Guide
  2. What would anybody consider this lighting to be? I feel like it's about 12,000K. It's come up sometimes, trying to explain to someone what I'm looking for, but would like to try to be sure Im not giving the wrong idea. This is pretty much the lighting appearance Ive been hoping to get in my tank, but is starting to seem impossible with anything but the super expensive LEDs, which is why my plan is to just go back to T5s. *those are radion gen 4. I can't afford that range of fixtures
  3. Out of curiosity, do corals generally tend to grow slower when under heavy "display" actinics? I know there are so many other variables, but in a general sense, assuming other variables are equal, corals are under those very heavy actinic lighting(towards the 20,000k levels)do they grow slower than when under much more balanced white daylighting(closer to 10,000k)?
  4. I have a new worry about all these almost-beyond-belief colorful corals. I just got a frag of tropic thunder that arrived today, which in pictures is on the level of most of those insanely amazing corals, like cornbreds stuff(maybe it IS a cornbred?), but in regular reef lighting it's VERY unimpressive! In fact, It's less colorful than most "plain" looking corals. Shining actinic moonlight on it, I'm getting the colors to come out, which makes me wonder if that's how all these corals are, that are so colorful and bright that it looks like they're under a blacklight. Are they standard, and less than standard looking corals in some cases, most of the time, and only actually impressive looking when the tank is under non-normal viewing conditions (night time/moonlight actinics, or just while being shown off)? It's pretty obvious that at least most of the pictures Ive seen, if not all, are under heavy actinics, but that definitely doesn't necessarily mean they wouldn't still be amazing otherwise, but is that why I only see actinic flooded pics?
  5. my LED fixture overheats and turns off regularly,(even now in the winter when it's cooler all around. I think it shuts off when it hits 120F, until it gets back down to 100F), and probably turns off at LEAST once an hour for 10-20+ minutes at a time in the summer, and I don't even have the LED strength turned up above I believe 60, so I really need a fan beyond the built in crappy ones. Can anyone suggest any good fans that will make a big enough difference to keep it running nonstop? I plan on turning the LEDS all the way upto to 100 soon. I really can't afford super pricey ones, and would really prefer them not to be loud like a room fan.
  6. Does anyone know if it's ok to use red light to view pinecone/flashlight/nocturnal fish? I feel like Iv seen something in the past that said unlike most animals, the red light thing doesn't work for/isn't good for at least for pinecones and flashlights. I know it works for deepwater fish, so maybe I'm wrong, but i can't find that info, or similar information now. I'd really like to find out to watch to see if it's eating after dark. Pinecones give off red light as they age, so searching for pinecone fish and "red light"/"red" brings up almost every article ever written about them lol
  7. As many of you know, our primary business is centered around installation, maintenance, moving, and breakdown of tank setups. Several people have come in asking for used equipment lately (particularly lights.) This week we broke down several local tanks and have three used light units for sale. Please PM for pricing. All used items are sold on a first-come first-serve basis and are sold as-is. I would recommend replacing all of the bulbs on these units (if you order the bulbs through us we can work out a deal for you.) 72" 12-Bulb T5 Current-USA (Includes 7 39w Used UVL bulbs) 48" 4-Bulb T5 Coralife (Includes 4 54w Used TrueLumen bulbs) (Missing the ballast for the integrated LED Moonlights) 48" 4-Bulb PC AquaticLife (Includes 4 65w Used AquaticLife bulbs) (Built in Controller, Includes integrated LED Moonlights)
  8. I recently bought a bunch of bulbs for over my tank. The order included 2 x 48" ATI B+ T5s, 2 x 250w Radiums, and a 150x Phoenix 14K DE bulb. I had a very special shipping request and a guy named Crash at www.soslightbulbs.com was awesome. He took great care of me. And beside that, they have the best prices on these bulbs that I was able to find at the time. I would encourage anyone still running halides to check this site out when you need to replace them. http://www.soslightbulbs.com/ Bruce
  9. From the album: Acrylic and 90 gallon tanks

    Shop light for refugium
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