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  1. I would avoid setting up a Kalk stirrer on your ATO at all cost. This is a very risky practice. Talk with the countless aquarists who have lost all their corals. There are better ways to do this. I would encourage you to read this article. Before you start I would read the entire article. https://reefs.com/magazine/the-kalk-calc-combo-method-185.html/ Good Luck, Bruce
  2. I would highly recommend you read this article. It discusses in detail setting up a kalk stirrer in a safe manor. Bruce
  3. My go pro has a case on it that allows me to go diving with it. I mount it to a 1/2" dia piece of PVC and just swing it around in the tank. Bruce
  4. I have run the go pro in my tank many times. Here is a video I took right before I eradicated all mushroom style corals from my tank. You can see why in the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCLJAsjHt04&feature=youtu.be Bruce
  5. Remove the rock and pressure wash it. Do not replace the pests. They took over my tank at one point and were very difficult to get rid of.
  6. I have seen many tanks with corals that pop with color not using magic lighting. It often takes time for a coral frag to mature and then color up. The tank also has to have very good, stable parameters and good lighting. Best of luck Bruce
  7. Ha!. It has been a while. I have been so busy with other stuff. Here is a FTS from last March. I will try to grab one that is a little newer. Thanks for asking, Bruce
  8. I just replaced my halides a few days ago and my Austera just started poppin. I am so happy. Bruce
  9. I have mine set up like this. So it would be on the output. But that is because I do not feed mine with a pump. I think you could put it on either line in your case. Actually, mine is set up like this so I can scrub CO2 and raise pH.
  10. A peristaltic pump is a good idea. The needle valve will clog over time and flow will be reduced or stopped all together. Here is a link to a detailed article on how I set mine up. https://reefs.com/magazine/the-kalk-calc-combo-method-185/ Good luck, Bruce
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