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  1. bbyatv

    Bruce's (bbyatv) New 150

    Ha!. It has been a while. I have been so busy with other stuff. Here is a FTS from last March. I will try to grab one that is a little newer. Thanks for asking, Bruce
  2. bbyatv


  3. I just replaced my halides a few days ago and my Austera just started poppin. I am so happy. Bruce
  4. bbyatv

    Calcium reactor flow rate not steadily.

    I have mine set up like this. So it would be on the output. But that is because I do not feed mine with a pump. I think you could put it on either line in your case. Actually, mine is set up like this so I can scrub CO2 and raise pH.
  5. bbyatv

    Calcium reactor flow rate not steadily.

    A peristaltic pump is a good idea. The needle valve will clog over time and flow will be reduced or stopped all together. Here is a link to a detailed article on how I set mine up. https://reefs.com/magazine/the-kalk-calc-combo-method-185/ Good luck, Bruce
  6. bbyatv

    Kalkwasser in ATO and 2 part? Dazed and confused

    Jason, Here is a link to an article I wrote that might assist. If you read through it, I talk about good ways to achieve stable parameters with Kalk only on a small tank. https://reefs.com/magazine/the-kalk-calc-combo-method-185.html/ Good Luck, Bruce
  7. Interesting. I really liked the ceramic impeller/bushing design. I will have to see how long they go before/if they lock up. I will report back if and when they do. Bruce
  8. I have been running 2 Tunze 6045 powerheads in my 150 for years. During that time, they have been a PIA to maintain and keep running. The impellers constantly lock up and the steel shaft they they spin on just sucks. Recently I had one fail for good when the steel shaft finally broke in half and left part of the shaft in the powerhead itself that I could not get out. Needles to say, it was done. I decided to buy another one and when I saw the price, I had sticker shock (again). While on the Amazon page, I saw other options and one of the was this Jebao PP-8 Wavemaker\Powerhead with Controller. The price was only $54.98. I was thinking this was probably cheap junk from china but after reading the reviews, they sounded okay. I decided to buy two PP-8 models and one PP-20 ($75.99) model. I received them in a couple of days and I am blown away. The quality of the construction is great. The design of the impeller is way better than the Tunze and it has a super variable controller that can change the speed, timing, and period of the impeller. The impeller design is what I am most excited about. There is not rod running through the impeller to get corroded or have junk build up on. The impeller is part of ceramic shaft that rides in two ceramic receptacles on each end. Lots easier to clean and maintain. The powerhead itself is so nice. Easy to take apart, all joints have rubber mounts. These things are so cool and so cheap. Programming the controller is super easy. I have my set for sinusoidal wave patterns at about 80% power. My tank has crazy water flow. Anyhow, I just thought I would share my new found\inexpensive solution to water movement. Bruce
  9. bbyatv

    Bruce's (bbyatv) New 150

    Plan is to let everything grow out. I do have spots for 2 or 3 new corals. Bruce
  10. bbyatv

    Bruce's (bbyatv) New 150

    I pulled a ton of coral out when i removed all of the Ricordea from the tank. The Ricordea are just so bad Spread like wild fire and damage my hard coral. They are all gone now. No Mushrooms, No Ricordea. I also pulled all the hard coral that grows super fast like orange cap etc. Thanks, Bruce
  11. bbyatv

    Bruce's (bbyatv) New 150

    I haven’t posted any tank pics for a while so here goes. Thanks for looking , Bruce
  12. bbyatv

    Dosing alk while lights are off

    "why not?" you said it yourself. You might get an alk swing? I would rather a pH swing than an alk swing. Bruce